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Rima's Mediocre Art Shop

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1Rima's Mediocre Art Shop Empty Rima's Mediocre Art Shop on 16/11/16, 11:25 am

Rima Fahim

Rima Fahim
Rima's Mediocre Art Shop Desdemonawithcandle_2_80

Hey everybody~ I'm just opening open an art shop to maybe make a little extra huang here and there. My art is pretty bad, but I'm still doing my best to get better! Be warned when ordering from me though..there is a chance it will look considerably worse in comparison to my previous piece. Mainly because I'm constantly trying new techniques and tricks, and I usually mess it up completely. However, if this doesn't worry you at all..feel free to order from me!

    Art Packages:
  • Character Headshot-7,000 Huang
  • Weapon Design-12,000 Huang
  • Headshot+Weapon Design-16,000 Huang(Combo Discount!)

    Commission Slots:
    (Important: I only accept two people at a time!)

  • Open
  • Open

(Estimated time to complete art can vary from a day to even as long as a week. It mainly depends on how motivated I am.)

Character Headshot Example~:
Rima's Mediocre Art Shop PVdexVy

Weapon Design Example~:
Rima's Mediocre Art Shop OWtwwYp


Rima's Mediocre Art Shop BgH0fcQ
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