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An "Adoring" Fan[Azrael]

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Over the past two years many warriors had come and go from the coliseum. Isn't uncommon for travelling fighters to want to test their mettle in front of the grand crowds to gain fame or fortune. Some stay on as resident gladiators but most either fail or move on. Thus it is no surprise that some of the up and rising stars would unexpectedly vanish from the limelight as they continued on with their adventures or decided to quit while they were ahead. No one ever questions it when a young new fighter drops off of the radar, especially since someone to replace them is seemingly always just around the corner. Pity too, perhaps if it were questioned then a myriad of murders could have been prevented.

Zafar Mushtaq had resided in Reim for the past two calendar cycles without ever once fighting in the coliseum despite going there almost every day. The red haired human had no interest in having his face and name known throughout the city, nor did he have need of a fat coin purse. To be honest, the former assassin didn't even find most of the battles he spectated to be entertaining in the slightest either. The reason why he spectated so many bouts was simple. Like an eccentric noble perusing a whore houses collection of delicacies with picky tastes, Zafar was there to "scout" out the most appealing prey. A perverse and self indulgent mind drove him to constantly watch for those who fit the following description. Young, strong, and full of potential.

The difficulty in finding one who met such standards as far as Zafar's eye was concerned could not be understated. But this only played in his favor as it prevented him from killing off too many people too often. Alas, this also meant that his thirst for blood would be pushed to its limits between kills. It was a delicate balance that would probably fall apart soon. It being a miracle that he had kept it up for two years in the first place, it was only a matter of time before the assassin overstepped his bounds and ruined the safety of his "hunting ground" forcing him to leave Reim. Zafar was all too aware of this, but he couldn't help himself. This was what he lived for. Besides, a new ripe fruit had caught his eye. The warrior had recently defeated his opponent with her own weapon and participated in a team battle alongside an Imuchakk woman.

Having decided on making Azrael his next target, Zafar casually exited the coliseum following the fanalis man's latest fight. As he had done many times before, Zafar quickly made his way to an alley nearby where he would take to the rooftops and circle around the large structure to the exit and entrance for fighters. Laying prone on the rooftop with gleaming yellow eyes, Zafar cast his perverse gaze outward, looking for Azrael. The twisted killer wouldn't simply ambush Azrael like a fool however. He kept his killing intent suppressed and simply watched for now, intending to stalk the young man wherever he would go after the coliseum.


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