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The land of Kou(Travel)

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1The land of Kou(Travel) Empty The land of Kou(Travel) on 01/09/16, 02:04 pm


Magnos was awoken as his head knocked against the wood of the barrel as he noticed the ship was moving faster "PIRATES!!!!" he heard from above he slowly continued to wait as the people above began battling Magnos meditated deciding what his actions would be. After a moments notice he decided the crew was capable of dealing with the man, quickly slaying the men as the ship began to slow Magnos hear a new man scream "LAND AHOY!" the man said as they stopped Magnos knew they had docked.The men came again putting him on the stone docks of Kou as Magnos would emerge and begin instantly running deep inside of Kous district.

(Travel from Open seas TO Kou)

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