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Upon Arriving [Private/Plot]

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1 Upon Arriving [Private/Plot] on 29/06/16, 01:07 pm

Altan Bey

“Finally…” The red haired girl stepped down from the wagon while adjusting her belonging and was amazed by the country that she just arrived at. She never thought that Kou Empire would be this big. Altan could feel her heart beating very fast, possibly because she would need to spend time to live in such a huge country after being used to live in the wilderness because of her clan’s culture. But she knew she must not sway, she needed to survive and do what she had to do. She recalled the moment from half a year ago before she travelled to the land of Kou, where their young chief called her to the chief hut and gave her a mission. At first she was surprised when Rashyim explained about it to her, but thinking that it might be a great opportunity to explore new places, she thought that it might not be bad. She wouldn’t lie but the mission could be rather dangerous, the young chief wanted her to pay a visit to Kou and study its geography. Not only that but it would be better if she could get the layout of important cities in Kou, probably the chief planned to do something with it and deep inside, she knew about it but she tried to not think about it.

Altan would then start to walk into the gate of the he country in front of her while gripping her cloth bag tightly, wondering how she could start to study the geography and layout of this country. It would take a long time to be abl to do it, but luckily for her, not only her being assigned to this mission so she wouldn’t be the only one who would take the burden. She sighed and wondered what kind of life that she would have in this country.

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