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Abal Aadab Bag of MONEY

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Abal Aadab Bag of MONEY Natalia.(Idolmaster).full.1383787
Name: Abal Aadab
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Half Human half Fanalis
Tier: D
Specialization: Dex
Age + Birthdate: 13 9/21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: bixsexual (prefers Fanalis)
Personality: Abal is a very sneaky type of person. She never has "friends". She likes to use people more then befriend them. She is not anti-social at all however, when she talks to people she usually lies to get what she wants. She can act nice, but deep inside she has other thoughts. During a fight she usually likes to hide while the others fight. She thinks that she does not need to fight when others are there. There are rare times when she does help from a long range distance but she needs to get money as a reward. She never shows her true emotions and always hides it. When she is in an open area, like on the streets, she steals and lies. When she is in the bar, she is usually quiet because she does not talks with anyone. She is very lonely and would not be looking for a long time relationship She tries to sneak into the strippers club but it she had to be the appropriate age. Sometimes with fanalis, she flirts a lot because they are her preference. She likes alleys because they are where she usually sleeps. She likes different types of animals, even the disgusting ones, but if they do hurt her she will fight back. She also has a very leader like personalty because she does not want to be controlled by anyone anymore.
Likes: Money: "With money, you can buy anything in the world" Abal has a love for money since she escaped her slave plantation. She believes money is the key to happiness.
Seducing: Abal likes seducing others ins order to get her way. She thinks that it is the best way to get what you want.
Dancing: When she was a child, she loved to dance. It was always her hobby, and she still enjoys it today.
Dislikes: Slave owners: She hates slave owners. To her, they are a disease that keeps spreading.
Whips: When she sees whips, she remembers her time as a slave. She has horrible memories, of her getting beaten and working.
Aspirations: Abal has to goals in life; one is to end slavery and the other is to be the richest person in the world. Abal believes that money is everything so being the richest in the world solves her problems. Maybe if she wanted to she can conquer a dungeon but she really does not care about that a lot. Then this also relates to ending slavery. Abal wants to start another rebellion but at the same time she wants stronger warriors. However, she does not want to go the peaceful way. "Those jerks only deserve death."
Phobias/fears: Whips: Abal also fear whips. When she was 11, it was the first time Noe actually used a whip on Abal. Abal was always pampered by Noe. But then Noe realized that Abal is now ready to work, so since then the girl worked but then she complained. Noe used the whip so many times that it gave permanent damage to her tissues on her back.
True Happiness: She believes that happiness was the one thing that brought he to slavery. She thought that being happy always lead her to losing the one thing that makes her happy. Her family, freedom, her dignity was all lost from slavery and they were the components which made her happy.
Face-Claim: Natalia.(Idolmaster)
Hair Color: Dark Green
Eye Color: Blue with a mixture of green eyes
Height: 137.16cm
Weight: 43.0913
Appearance: Abal looks like a very innocent girl so people mistake her as just a girl. She has dark black hair, with aqua like eyes. However, sometimes she be very threatening. Sometimes she likes to wear a cute dress to act innocence as shown in the picture. However, sometimes she like to wear a black suit with heels and a mask to cover her face. She is usually not very covered as she likes to show some skin but not so much skin that makes her look like a stripper. At times she can looks subtle but it depends what her job is.
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits: N/A
History: Abal was born in a nice family with her older brother, Adam. She was born in Balbadd. One day her family was walking around the streets. At the time, Abal was still 3 months old while her brother was only 3. There were people who were trying to get little kids as slaves. They were going to kill the parents but they needed to have people to take care of the baby for a while. They were still slaves and they were traded off from different places around Heliophat and Balbadd. Then they came to this one person name Noe. Noe acted very nice to kids, however he was always very harsh to the parents. If the parents ever told there children of what Noe does to them, he wold kill of the children. So while Noe acted nice to the children, he would make the parents do slave work. Then when he did not need the parents he killed them, however he told the children that they died of natural causes. This peaked up Adam's curiosity so he spies on Noe to find out what really happened. Adam went back to Abal, telling her what really happened, however she did not believe him. Then the next day, Adam was also killed by Noe but Abal was told the same lie. Then from age 4-12 Abal worked as a slave. Then when she got older and smarter, she learns how to read and write. Then she read a report from when her parents and brother died and they were perfectly healthy. Then another slave, Jack, gave her information on the deaths and what really happened. At first, she did not believe it was true but it all made sense. Then Abal started a rebellion against Noe and his slave operation. Then the slaves were free and then Abal killed Noe in cold blood. After that, Abal joins a thievery squad with four others. However, in the end, Abal killed them all. Now Abal does not kill some much but she stills like picketing for money to make life easier. Now she has the regret that maybe if she listened to her brother, they would have not died.
Role-Play Sample:
Val walks on a dirt path leading to a small village. He feels the nice, cool breeze against his body. He stretches his arms back and yawns. He is so tired from his journey to the village he grew up in, Velhas. He thought he needed a break from world peace so he thought about coming back home. Everyone will be surprised Val thought. He continues walking up the path until he senses something. He smells a burning and and can see smoke coming from the village. Oh Crap Val rushes up the path trying to get to the village in time. As he gets close and closer, he can hear the sounds of people screaming. He could see people running around in a crazy manner. He walks closer and closer to see burned bodies. He is in horror as he watches the fire destroying everything he loved and he can do nothing to stop it.

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  • Primary - Dexterity
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -


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Point Blank:
Abal Aadab Bag of MONEY A_medieval_crossbow_w_shooting_animation_3d_model_blend_e4388a98-7232-4871-b68f-3ca273a3b54d

Name: Point Blank
Tier: D
Type: Crossbow
Material: wood
Appearance: The crossbow is 0.6096m with a nice wooden funish. It is very new, but very basic.
Ammunition Material: wood with steal tip
Ammunition Appearance: The arrow is about 0.1524m



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