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Mysteries in the Sand [Plot/Private]

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1Mysteries in the Sand [Plot/Private] Empty Mysteries in the Sand [Plot/Private] on 07/12/15, 09:41 pm

It was without warning that the creatures began attacking, almost unnoticed at first. One by one, the slaves disappeared, but the very nature of slaves was that one life was easily replaced. It was not until the slave foremen began disappearing that anybody of importance took note. When more and more of them disappeared, the Priests began whispering, mentions of curses beginning to filter through the barely rebuilt Temple, stories of how the many dead raised in this Temple had made it a cursed and terrible place. And then the priests began to perish, the creatures sneaking in under the cover of darkness to slaughter the holy men one at a time. But this was not the greatest worry the Pharaoh had developed, no, he had an even greater worry in regards to one of their holiest locations. Every day, it seemed the Pyramid that encased the Temple sank further and further into the desert sands. While a small amount of settling was to be expected, the sinking was beyond noticeable.

In the short span of only a month, the entrance of the Temple had disappeared completely, trapping the fanatical Priests deep in the belly of the pyramid. It was this that forced the Pharaoh to send word far and wide, asking for assistance with creatures that were destroying the fabric of their religion little by little. Between the pleas of the Pharaoh and the glimmer in the distance of a mysterious tower, adventurers were beginning to make their way to the unfriendly heat of the Desert of Forgotten Souls.

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