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Simple diplomacy Job Solo

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1Simple diplomacy Job Solo Empty Simple diplomacy Job Solo on 11/10/15, 06:32 pm

Cyrus Argentum

Cyrus Argentum
Job Description:
Job Name: Simple Diplomacy: Part I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Your assistance is requested; they need you to go to The Crown and help work out a trading program with a small fishing village near Balbadd. All that the village chief wants in return for loads of fish is a guarantee that his village will get military support in the future.

Cyrus was walking through the city of Balbadd it had been three days and still no word for any of his family. Walking down an empty street he found a large ornate building with a large golden gate in front of it. Figuring it was a dungeon he ran towards it. Hoping that he would find his family, he was horribly disappointed when he found a man slowly walking away with a disheartened look on his face. “What’s wrong” he asked gently if somewhat apathetically. “Well I was hoping to ask the minister if we could establish better trade relations between our village and the government.“ so this is a government building not a dungeon, damn. He thought to himself. Reluctantly he decided to help. “How can we mend relations with your village?” “Please go inside and help us. Argue on our behalf” he said weakly “We want military protection from the bandits and pirates that come to our islands to eat our fish and destroy our village. If we can’t get access to the fish then we will all starve.” Help a village… the orange haired traveller figured, that’s what something mom would want me to do. I’m sure that I can find a way to help them. “Lets go, I’m sure I can think of something!” he took the old man by the arm and walked with him to the crown. Inside was just as lavish and ornate as the outside decorated with portraits of all the rulers up to now, which although few in number since Balbadd is such a new country, the portraits looked like they would be in the imperial palace in Kou or even Heliohapt nations admired for their distinctive art. Cyrus and the old man walked in to the office of the minister. She sat on the far end of the table calmly she shifted in her seat in preparation to talk to these newcomers. “Who is this that you brought with you Said?” “His name is Cyrus, Ma’am and he will be helping me argue for more military protection on our island village.” “…Well then,” she looked at Cyrus “tell me why do these people need our protection?” The orange haired vagabond got up “its clear that these people need fish to survive.” The coast of Balbadd is teaming with fish that can be sold everywhere. If you lose one village that’s not that big of a deal there are many villages and islands to the south of Balbadd who could supply you with fish.” He pointed to Said ”however what about the pirates that have repeatedly tried to harm his poor man’s village.” If you relent on them what is stopping them from trying to attack another village before long there will be only a few sources of fish left that don’t belong to pirates and many of the citizens might feel resentful and defect or even out of desperation join the pirates.” He leaned in “you wouldn’t want that on your conscience would you?” the minister got up. “you’re right in saying that we have to protect the citizens and our natural resources but our army is quite small and we can’t afford to spread them all throughout the islands” “One show of strength should to the trick I think” “fine she said the you can deal with this ruffians with the help of a few of our elite squad.” As annoyed as he was, to get himself involved in such a stupid mess he knew that this was the right thing to do “alright you’ve got a deal” he said smiling.



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