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Bloody Knuckles (Solo Job)

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Raion was walking through the halls of the every popular casino, notorious in Balbadd for it's games, and gambling. But Raion was not here for the sort of games, he had quite a job to perform now under certain circumstances. Raion had agreed to take part in the bloody knuckles tournament, a underground fighting tournament. That was quite viscous and brutal, it was made to find out who were the true fighters in the world without having to be in the Arena in Reim.

Although Raion practiced his martial arts heavily, he never expressed in taking interest in these kind of events because some matches were forced to go to the death which Raion didn't agree with. But tonight he found himself right in the middle of it.

He made his way down stairs to meet with a certain man named Tonbo. Tonbo was a gambler a heavy gambler. He was wealthy man to some people, he made a fortune in these 'games'. People in the underground called Tonbo many things, but Raion knew him as one thing only a degenerate low life. Tonbo was also a slave holder, who traded and used slaves for his fights something Rai picked up on. But because Raion couldn't get the slaves under Tonbo's grasp out with pure force, he was forced to make a deal with him. Raion fights in the Bloody Knuckles matches, and wins the slaves freedom. Raion was forced to meet with the offer, because of his morals.

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Tonbo was inside sitting on a stool surrounded by two females, and a couple of guards who were always beside him. Raion was dressed in a sleeveless blue gi, and white sash around his waist with black pants and black training shoes. Jingu Bang was held behind him by his sash. He made his way to Tonbo's table, only to see Tonbo's evil grin when they made eye contact.

"Hmmmm so my champ is finally here! Raion Okmai!" he said outloud getting the people around him to look at Raion. His guards sized him up, and didn't think much of him. Some of the other fighters weren't to impressed either, but none of this mattered to Rai he only had one goal winning his matches and getting those slaves free.

Tonbo pressed a hand on Raion's shoulder. "Heya kid some of the folks here aren't thinking to much of ya. But ive seen what you can do, so remember the deal you hold yours and i'll hold mine." Tonbo's words were only met by Raion's fierce eyes that pierced his own. "You better Tonbo, or these guards of yours will do very little to protect you from me." Rai responded while heading into the mat for the matches, when called by the announcer.

Raion walked into the ring to meet his first opponent Orion. Orion had fast movements showing off by striking the air a couple of times to please the audience. He had obvious training in Kong Fu, he wasn't your everyday bandit or thug looking for a fight Orion seemed to know what he was doing. Raion noticed he was unarmed though, so he removed Jingu Bang from his sash, and placed it on the side of the ring.

While Orion was busy showing off, bouncing on the balls of his toes and striking. Raion was simply stretching his arms out, then his body, and lastly his legs. When finally the bell rang to start the fight, Orion dashed in aiming for a jab he was fast Raion had to admit, but Rai was faster. With a fast movement, Raion dashed forward aiming his right foot, to meet Orion's skull. It was like a gust of strong wind, passed by and Orion was on the floor knocked out cold. Raion performed one of his signature moves Tonbo No Kaze.

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The crowd was quite at first having no idea how to take that win, some were saying it was simply marvelous and others were saying it was trickery. But the majority of the crows erupted in cheers from seeing such a awesome display. Tonbo even looked surprised, because deep down he had no intention of Raion winning these matches, but Rai just may have proved him wrong in a matter of seconds.

Raion stretched his hand out, and shook his foot some getting ready for the next opponent. "Oi! If they all are gonna be this easy, You guys mine as well give me the money now!" Raion said out loud teasing. Getting some laughs from the crowd, he definitely becoming a crowd favorite. Tonbo wasn't laughing though, he whispered to the announcer. "Send in Jazz let this idiot get sliced to pieces!"

After a minute of waiting, Raion was met with his next opponent Jazz. A capable swordsmen from the looks of it, he had a short in hand. When he stepped in Jazz started to perform a wicked flurry of strikes with his sword. To which Rai looked bored when observing him. "Wassup with everyone trying to show off here, It looks nice but can you do it in a fight though?" Raion said to him walking closer. Jazz looking pissed off, started a pretty fast dash towards Rai.

Rai smirked "Yes make it easier for me." he said smirking. With a flick from his right leg, faster then any eye in the room can follow. Raion performed a powerful kick from a distance. There was a slight distortion in the air, but Jazz failed to notice it but even if he did it was already to late. His chest collided with a fast and strong shockwave that sent him flying back. Raion attempted to end it there but Jazz wasn't that easy to take down.

Raion aimed a swift kick to his head, which Jazz responded with a well timed dodge. And wanted to counter with a up ward strike to Raion's face. But Raion caught his arm in a lock, and used his strength plus the momentum to swing Jazz over and perform a powerful slam throw to the ground. The crowd cheered for such a awesome display in the martial arts.

Raion gripped Jazz's sword away from him, stripping him from his weapon. But Jazz wasn't done just yet, Raion quite surprised by this guys determination. Jazz attempted another dash this time weaponless, Raion used his sword and performed a series of swift shallow strikes, cutting him but nothing serious. Leaving Jazz stunned, Then using the blunt side of his short sword and swatting Jazz's head knocking him out cold.

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Raion was feeling good and real confident now, he only had one more match left. But he wasn't even really focused on it, it was obvious to Tonbo who seemed angrier then ever now. Tonbo grabbed the announcer by his tie, and told him to send in Cain. Which the announcer quickly agreed.

Raion walked to his staff Ruyi Jingu Bang, he didn't even make use of it yet. There was no need to, plus Raion liked to test himself without using his weapon all the time. Cain walked into the ring, Cain was different it looked like he came right out of a war scene. He was big, muscular, and intimidating. He had these large bronze colored brass knuckles on that engulfed his whole fist with sparks of lightning stemming out. Plus unlike the other two he had no plans of showing off, he was in the ring for business. Raion smirked and got prepared to fight, but as soon as the bell rung. Cain punched the ground hard, having it break apart much to Raion's surprise. Lightning was jolted through the ground in attempt to stun him, But Rai jumped in the air not before grabbing Jingu Bang. And sent a powerful swing towards him releasing a sharp blade of wind which collided with Cain's Brass knuckles.

Raion landed on the ground, "Oh man your better then the other two!" he said in a shout. He was running to a blind side, aiming to hit Cain with his staff. He landed one blow on his ribs, but Cain grabbed the staff ripping it from Rai's hands. Leaving Rai weaponless, then sending a right hook to his face. But Raion was able to counter effortlessly, swaying to the side and guiding his strike using his own strength and momentum against him. Raion was able to toss him over, and slam him on his back causing some major damage. But Cain's assault never ceased. While laying on the ground to attempted to strike Raion. "You don't stop do you!" Raion said he dodged the blow. "Stop trying to stun me!" he said jokingly. Leaving Cain a little time to stand up, his two massive arms were met with two frightening fast and precise strikes to his nerves stunning them, and damaging them. Leaving Cain immobile, Raion finished him off quickly aiming a extremely powerful blow to his stomach. The strike had a powerful speed, and power and made a immense shockwave before his fist even reached him. Then the final blow hit, causing the ring to be destroyed leaving Cain unconscious. "Sparrow Rising" Rai whispered to himself, as Cain fell knee first to the ground.

Raion grabbed his staff, and walked towards Tonbo the crowd still cheering. Raion smirked towards a sulking Tonbo. "Now for your part of the deal!"

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