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"Ascension, Rise to Godhood" Aspiring writers welcomed!!

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"Ascension, Rise to Godhood" Aspiring writers welcomed!! Guild-ad_zpsbfb66ed7

Many wars have been fought on this world, a world which is the origin for all of creation. In a world where many different sentient beings exist, each with their own beliefs and reason for existing, war is inevitable. Those who fought for malignant deities, against mankind nearly drove the mortal world to the point of extinction. This was until one being successfully defied the odds imposed by the gods essentially turning the gods against one another. It conquered their destructive forces and claimed dominance over the world. The being became known to all as the Emperor. This creature ruled over the world and kept it in a state of relative peace for several millenniums. Though the creature was strict with rules, it treated all within its world fairly.

A new being was forged by resentful deities for the express purpose of defeating the Emperor, so that its creators may begin reclaiming the worlds that they created. After a heated battle, the Emperor once again stood victorious. It banished the god's demonic champion before eventually dying from wounds endured.

The Emperor placed its power into many different items and distributed them among guardians; trusted generals in his army. This was done in hopes that it would one day return and reclaim them. The people respected the emperors decision and for a while the majority of the world remained at peace. His generals were removed from the flow of time and sent into a deep slumber. As time passed, their one time leader, the Emperor faded into legend. They awoke several lifetimes later, when one guardian was killed and her most sacred item stolen. Many feared the very thing the evidence suggested, that the being responsible for killing the Emperor was responsible.

Word spread among the people and when certain individuals with faith in the legends caught wind of the rumors they sprung into action. The items are sought after by many who wish to take the Emperor's place. Many with noble ideas in mind, and others who hunger for power. One thing is for certain. If any one being manages to get all of the Emperor's items they will become a force that even the gods will be forced to view with a sense of reverence.

"Ascension, Rise to Godhood" is the original Duel Play Role Play (DPRP) writing game and now it's hosted in at The DPRP style puts a writer's creativity to the test and even helps them build up their creativity. This RP is for the HARDCORE RPer and most imaginative Creative Writer.

Ariella Negri

Ariella Negri
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"Ascension, Rise to Godhood" Aspiring writers welcomed!! Ari%20Sigs_zpsn7c2bhju

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We don't actually have a section for buttons, but we do have a subforum where you can provide an explanation of your RP and a link to your site.

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