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The Magi Awakens [Closed]

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At this time of year the Jade Dragon Mountains were topped with small dabs of snow here and there. The wind blew quite heavily at this altitude, where the Temple of the Magi was currently located.

Far within the Temple itself, sitting in a shrine was a woman. Her brown locks of hair rested behind her shoulder as she rested. Her eyes may have been closed, but she was far from asleep.

The shrine itself was lit with at least a hundred different candles, keeping the area illuminated and warm at the same time. The young female hummed quietly to herself as her willow staff rested in her hands, laying across her lap.

For the day she had been meditating without a single nuisance, however all of that was about to change.

As fast as a heartbeat the candles all blinked out as a surge of wind rushed within the shrine. The woman's eyes flashed open as she lit the candles once more, but she was at a loss of breath.

Normally Sanarya would only be disturbed by her friends around the mountain, but this presence was something much less kind and playful. It was malevolent, dark and unruly. The girl could feel the dark energies which had come from the surge of wind, and so she swiftly exited the entire Temple.

She stood atop the highest peak of the mountain range, looking off towards the West. And then, her staff fell to the stone by her feet.

"It can't be..." She gasped, now breathing even more heavily than before. "I must warn them!" She exclaimed, grabbing up the wooden object as she flew off towards the direction she was facing.

The last remaining Magi had sensed something; something which she believed to never have been possible during this era.

There was another like her.

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