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Overview: Heliohapt is a grand kingdom, situated within the Desert of Forgotten Souls. The capital itself is a magnificent city, carved from metals of silvers, golds, and bronze. As a whole the people cling to the ways of the ancients, and favor neither magic nor brute strength, but think of both as equals.

Motives: The great Pharaoh Ramses Massri VII has recently died and the new ruler is an impostor masquerading as his son, the prince who has the blood of the desert people and the Imuchakk flowing through his veins. At this time, the imposter and his Vizier, Gilbert, are simply trying to build up good will with the people and recover from the damage done to the city.

Culture: Those of Heliohapt believe in the powers of the Ancient Gods. Ra, the god of the Sun. Anubis, the King of Hell and the Netherealm. Many of their day-to-day processes involve praying to these gods and worshiping them as a whole. The Pharaoh is the leader of the kingdom, and is considered a descendant of said deities. Whenever one passes away he is wrapped in fine garbs, also known as the process of mummification. They are placed into Sarcophagi and buried within the Black Pyramid where they can forever be worshiped.

Entrance: If one wishes to join the ranks of Heliohapt, all they have to do is enter the city and side with all of the peoples' views. If one were to renounce their Heliohaptian citizenship, however, they would be considered as traitors. Any of those who betrayed the country in such a manner would be considered a criminal. Depending on how well known they were at the time they renounced citizenship, there is a possibility for their faces to be known (C-Tier), and an attempt to catch them on sight and imprison them (B-Tier) or assassinate them (A-Tier) wouldn’t be out of place.

Traits: Those born into the bloodline of the Heliohapt people typically have dark skin. The styles of weaponry in normal circulation in the area are those such as Shamshirs and Kurpans, making fighting styles revolving around those types of weapons commonplace in Heliohapt. Characters usually have Egyptian-Esque names.

History: Heliohapt dates back about 600 years, having been one of the first countries to have formed during the rise of civilization, alongside Kou.

It was created by a single charismatic man, Ramses Massri. He was part of a large group of men and women that found their way of life in the The Desert of Forgotten Souls. Many people loved him and, in those times, the authority figures of the group feared his rising popularity. In an attempt to remove him from their sight, Ramses was outcast, thrown into a wasteland of sand and blazing heat.

On the brink of starvation, ready to die, a light shone upon the man before the opportunity to pass away presented itself. He saw the image of two figures, which had risen him up from his near-death experience. They rejuvenated him, brought him back to good health. And from there they taught him how to lead the his people.

These "Gods" would go on to build the basic structures of Heliohapt, hence why they are worshiped so much to this day.

Ramses created his own civilization along with his brothers and sisters, and to this day it flourishes with his descendants.

Heliohapt News

For the news and other going-ons of Heliohapt, follow this link.


The Pharaoh - (Imposter) Ramses Nikedaius Massri II

A young hopeful man, the imposter is guided by the hand of a powerful Magician Vizier named Gilbert. His focus is on bringing hope to the people he rules, and to repay his Vizier Gilbert for all that has been done for him. He is very protective of his ‘subjects’, wanting to prove his abilities. Though he has only been on the seat for a short time, he is known for making appearances in the public and being admired as a friendly ruler. Having not yet been tested, it is unknown how he would react to various provocations.

The Pharaoh's Hand

The Pharaoh's Hand is also known as the Vizier. He is his adviser, often consulting the leader in making important decisions. Currently the position is closed, as a strange man with a white top hat and other outlandish clothes has taken the position. This man’s name is Gilbert, and some of the High Priests have reserved feelings about the foreign man having so much sway over their young Pharaoh.

The High Priests

Garai, High Priest of Ra in the Grand Central Temple who leads the council of priests. Akhenaten, High Priest of Anubis in the Grand Central Temple who works towards maintaining daily peace. Khaldun, High Priest of Ra in the Southern Temple provides a great deal of suggestions and discourse while the High Priests make decisions on how to handle various matters. Musin, High Priest of Ra in the Northern Temple maintains the military of the city. Seth, High Priest of Anubis in the Northern Temple watches over the markets and their trade. Keep in mind that these priests can be easily overruled by their Pharaoh. Most of the priests do not like the Advisory, as he is not from Heliohapt and looks strange, but they all revere the Pharaoh and will listen to his words.


In order for someone from Heliohapt to advance to Ω-Tier, they would have to spend a week in the Desert of Forgotten Souls, and from there find their way back to Heliohapt. They are blinded and dropped off in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but sand and dangerous creatures around them. To some the task might seem simple, but it is far from so.

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