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Overview: Currently the most powerful and influential of all countries, Kou was previously known to conquer land after land with Reim being the last of their conquests. Their history led to the civilization making numerous enemies. Due to it's armies being strong enough to destroy any opposition, they have never had much in the form of opposition. Recently, Emperor Yoshiro Zu, son of Gao Yuan Zu, has taken power after defeating his father and intends to change the world’s view of his great Empire.

Motives: Kou's one and only motive is complete world unity. While Gao Zu and each of his subordinates were known to do whatever it took to make their country reign over the globe, Yoshiro Zu intends to take a more peaceful, unifying approach. Kou is currently focused on stabilizing their relationship with Reim while repairing damages done to their own country and begin to change the country to a more peaceful place.

Culture: Those of Kou do not believe in gods, but instead tradition. Tea-ceremonies, dragon-dances, respectful decorum; all of these things a part of their culture. From time to time they will hold festivities, but they are far from "happy" and joyful. The city itself is under high security and still follows the act of military conscription, taking any male over the age of 17 into their army's ranks by force.

Entrance: If one wishes to join the ranks of Kou they must first do battle with one of the army's soldiers. If they successfully best the latter, or at least show that they are capable of holding their own in a fight, then they must then pledge their life and loyalty to the Emperor. It is only then that they can fully become a part of the Kou Empire. Depending on how well known a member of the Kou Empire is, if they attempt to cut ties with the country they may face banishment (C-Tier), wanted-criminal status (B-Tier) or be sentenced as a high-priority target for assassinations (A-Tier).

Traits: Those born in Kou typically have Chinese-Styled names and wear clothes from Oriental China and Japan. Typically they are great battle strategists, and the weapons most common in their warehouses are bows, naginatas and katanas.

History: The Kou Empire was the first man-made civilization formed around 600 years ago, followed up by the Pharaoh’s land in Heliohapt.

Dao Shi Zu was the first Emperor, having commanded legions of soldiers in bloody conflicts to gain dominance and power. Ever since then the Kou nation has been slowly expanding, solidifying their grasp on the continent. Most recently, they have made a gambit to take over Reim, which was just barely successful.

They continue to have skirmishes with the Nomad’s to their west, in an attempt to gain a better foothold. While the Nomad’s have put up a steady defense that does not seem like it will break any time soon, it is said that Kou has not yet truly committed to an attack. The Emperor’s aggressive and distrustful nature has created several schisms with nobles who often attempt to curry favor and throw others in disfavor, which fermented enough anger to create a rebellion by one of the Emperor’s relative’s, Talix Niraj. This rebellion ended in failure, and the instigators and affiliates suffered a heavy backlash due to this. This has caused fear of rebellion in the people, who work ever so hard to not cause the eyes of their Emperor to distrust them.

Until recently, it was led by Gao Yuan Zu, a distant descendant of the original Emperor. Strong and quite angry, Gao Yuan Zu was a cold and heartless ruler. He believed in doing anything to better his country as a whole, even if that meant turning on his own people. He asserted his title as that of ‘The True Emperor’.

When Yoshiro took control after defeating his father, he vowed to unify the world through peace, not force. In those efforts, he has ordered a complete withdraw of Kou military forces from Reim and the Great Plains, instead stationing the troops along the border to prevent retaliation for his father's misdeeds. He has also made strides over the past few months to pay reparations to both Reim and the tribes of the Great Plains, hoping to repair the damage done to Kou's reputation.

However, Yoshiro's governance has upset the proud people of Kou greatly. A civil war has broke out, led by a man claiming to be Gao Yuan Zu. Eye witnesses testify that he isn't an imposter. Currently the country is divided, split between those who support the new emperor and those who support the old emperor.

Kou News

For the news and other going-ons of Kou, follow this link.


Emperor Yoshiro Zu

Kinder than his father and intent on restoring the honor of his family and country, Yoshiro leads through a firm, but fair hand. Wishing to eradicate the fear instilled by generations of terror, Yoshiro has vowed to never attempt to unify through fear and death and now extends the olive branch to any country willing to take it. His biggest struggle will come with the tribes of the Great Plains, where his father carved a bloody path, demanding loyalty and homage from a people that were not his own.


These men and women are all warriors, raised and groomed to be as much from the moment of their birth onward. They are the Emperor's closest advisers and family, sworn to devote their entire lives to serving him.


In order for a Kou Citizen to reach Ω-Tier, they must first become a Commander. They don't necessarily have to be related to the Emperor, but they must have gained his trust and fought for him in battle at least once.

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