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Game for the El Nagi: Heatback Gorilla Titans [B - Repeatable]

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Job Name: Game for the El Nagi: Heatback Gorilla Titans [B - Repeatable]
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Overview: Some merchants that work for Shylock Cuzol, a successful tycoon in Reim that is also a part of the Provincial Council, took a wrong turn in the forest and were attacked by a group of wild animals. The cargo was taken by these animals, which are none other than Heatback Titan Gorillas. Shylock won’t tell you what is in those crates, but they are very important to him and he would pay you a hefty fee for them to be returned. However, Gorilla Titans are rather aggressive at this time of year, and they don’t take kindly to strangers that run into their territory. The El Nagi specialist will provide you with a map of the proving grounds as well as King Lagi providing you with men to retrieve the cargo after handling the dirty work.

Enemy Name: Heatback Gorilla Titans x3
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Abilities: They move at 20 m/s and deal passive damage equivalent to their tier. They are 5 meters in size.

~Smashing Ground - The user smashes the ground with B-tier strength to cause a shockwave in a 5 meter radius that deals C-tier damage and pushes those effected away by 15 meters.
~Raised Body Heat - The body heat of the Heatback Gorilla is flame quality, you could practically cook food on its stomach if you wanted to. Physically touching the Heatback Gorilla deals C-tier damage by way of second-degree burns.

~Rolling Donkey Kong - The gorilla rolls into a ball and rolls into a specific direction at 20 m/s up to 15 meters away, inflicting B-tier damage in second degree burns if hit.

~Flaming Omuga Blow - The gorilla raises its body heat and blows the heat from its mouth. The gorilla blows out hot air for two posts, and becomes out of breath and immobile for one post afterwards. The hot air travels at 20 m/s up to 20 meters away and does C-tier damage.

~ Titan's nova- The gorilla uses its incredible strength to do a powerful heated punch with b rank strength at 20 m/s. The punch can break bones on contact and cause second degree burns

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