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Revenge games [Job/Zub]

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1Revenge games [Job/Zub] Empty Revenge games [Job/Zub] on 12/04/19, 01:16 am

Job Details:
Job Name: Setting Revenge**
Job Rank: B Rank
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Reward: Standard B Rank rewards and extra Chain rewards
Job Prerequisites: Be Lagi or Zubaidah
Job Overview: At long last, Lagi and Zubaidah have broken down the wall that was set forth before them and opened the route to their target. Confronting past fears and overcoming them with the help of sage advice, Zubaidah duels her unveiled antagonist of Teleres in single combat - but whoever said that there will not be any consequences.

Enemy Name:Teleres
Enemy Tier: A tier
Damage Required to Defeat: A tier
Description: A cold and calculating man who holds his hand firmly clasped around all of the connections within the Kou underground, no information escapes this net without him wishing it to do so. He has begun to crush signs of resistance from other organisations similar to his own with disinterest, utilising his ability to manipulate any group to his own agenda that led to him instigating the events which that caused Zubaidah and Lagi to track him down, in the most part due to him attempting to destroy the Dark Hand’s grasp over the Kou black market. In the past, it was he who was the one responsible for inciting the rebellion that killed her family in order to prevent any rebellion from Parthevia that may ruin trading partnerships over there, however it is evident that this is merely a cover for some much more sinister purpose - for he has no trading partners in Parthevia.

  • Tactical stealth-Using his magic dagger Teleres enters stealth[ becoming invisible but won't attack until he's made himself visible again.
  • Substitution-Teleres uses his magic knife to cause three training dummies to become disguised to sound, look, and smell like him, though they can't attack and will be destroyed after taking B-tier damage.
  • Dagger Dance-Teleres quickly spins in a complete circle while slashing with his knife, cutting anything around him and dealing A-tier damage.
  • Two-step-Teleres takes two steps with his right foot in different directions to tak different strikes, making two B-tier stabs at his enemies from the positions for a total of A-tier stabbing damage.

With her efforts so focused, it was no surprise that Zubaidah had finally made it into the deepest part of her enemies hideout. Even if Lagi was not there to aid her it was something she herself had to get done. Though the scene before her would truly set surprise in anyone's mind after they have come this far along their journey.

The door lead to an office of sorts, at least that's what it seemed like with the tables against the walls with messy documents and scrolls plastered around them. Lining the uniformed walls were silk curtains and ornaments of gold and jade that all seemed to draw focus to the board above the largest desk that was surrounded with wooden training dummies. Covered with multiples maps in a mosaic almost creating the layout of a path not quite possible through geography. There was even multiple colored pins and symbols marked on the maps. Literally markers for important locations, for their plans or maybe for observations.

The only thing out of place was the missing space which Teleres should've occupied at the second desk on the right of the wall underneath a banner with a field of verdant green with the heraldry of a plain serpent, with seemingly two eyes stacked one another.

At Teleres' desk was still a saucer with four burning candles and even a dinner plate ontop of some papers. The spoon still inside the soup that glistened under the candlelight. In the invisible air, something began to dance and flicker around creating a distraction for anyone who would look over, steam that was coming from the bowl that sat at the empty desk. A warm meal, work that was in progress, and the fact that their plan had gone well so far even to break through their wall it seemed odd and counterintuitive for the place to be empty.

There was a small shift in the air around the room that wouldn't be noticeable at first, but then it happened again, and again, but then suddenly when it happened once more the bright wicker of the tallest candle was snuffed suddenly, allowing more darkness into the room.

Nothing was wrong, at least not in any way that might've been thought at first. Teleres had not escaped, nor had he ever left the room but with the commotion outside it only seemed smart to allow Zub in and see what she would do first while he was out of sight, though he would have to act soon no matter what may come.

"Anything to say before I introduce myself?"
The words seemingly coming from nowhere but falling on echoes and finally in eerie dissonance in the dame's own ears.

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2Revenge games [Job/Zub] Empty Re: Revenge games [Job/Zub] on 14/04/19, 07:53 am

The purple-haired woman twisted her cranberry lips into a fierce grimace as a detestable voice offended her ears. That crimson-stained man had only uttered his first words to Zubaidah, yet she had no intention of letting him utter any others. An azure halberd found itself in its usual position while a scarlet fauchard was pointed towards a new direction as Zubaidah announced a challenge to that crimson-stained man,

    ‘I am averse to exchanging words with scum; I will make exception for ringing a death toll. You held power over the underworld of eastern Kou, yet you moved to the Parthevian centre. You had no reason to. You had nothing to gain from it. You had nobody to give you chance for it.

    A pair of black wings fluttered in the chill air around that man.

    ‘You are the sole reason for me losing my family. For parents losing their children. For friends losing their neighbours. You created so much needless suffering in the capital of Parthevia, yet set further pains still upon the western Kounese plains. I am wont to giving chances to criminals; I will make exception to those who care not for embracing reform.

     A black bird settled down upon the warm shoulder of that woman.

    ‘I have talked more than I have need towards scum. This facility of yours shall be a graveyard to one of us. I have no need to tell you which one of us it shall be. Instead, prepare: this blade will be the scythe that delivers you to the demons below.

    A white bird looked on in sorrow at the clash that commenced between that man and that woman.


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In the darkness, or rather the invisible veil he sat within he would listen to the girl and what she had to say to him. In his own head, he could only find it amusing as he would almost chuckle, biting into his lip as if to stifle himself before taking a breath. While he had almost broken his desired mood with laughter he had found her words honest to the point it was a little endearing, only in the way he could appreciate, however.

"I only do what is needed, when you look three steps ahead why concern yourself with what is left behind?" He posed the ready to fight the woman while his whims made him toy with her a little as his game would continue for just a second. "Though why am I asking you when you came exactly where I wanted."

His voice sounded like it was a bit closer like he was no longer watching from far away and then suddenly in her ear, no it seemed as if he was walking up on her. Then within a moment, he was, his stealth dismissed as he twirled his dagger in his fingers moving forward with soft clicking steps that echoed as time seemed to almost slow for a second as he had suddenly appeared so close to her. "Let us dance like two quarreling adults shall!"

As he got within striking distance he began to move to take a two-stephis arm quickly slashing down to try and cut in at Zub's leg where the artery lay. Whether she would clash it or not he took another step taking another slash at her chest before moving back into his guard.

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The purple-haired woman pursed her cranberry lips with complete distaste as an unplaceable voice sounded out to her ears. She gave no heed to his grating words but, instead, attempted to make out the originating location of his voice, readying her twin spears for their next meal. With his unmistakable voice gradually closing towards her, she knew her thirsty spears would soon have chance to drink blood, or at the least to taste steel.

    Their first course arrived with a surprise attack towards Zubaidah’s right thigh, with the veil of invisibility being cast from her opponent’s body. Teleres’ first strike would meet with the azure shaft of her first halberd through a scaled [Henam Guard], while her stiletto heels would glow bright as vast surges of magoi activated [Moonlight Shine] to release a blinding light, before continuing with a [Fluid Evasion] to leap backwards by three metres.

    Not losing vital time for recovery, she would thrust her azure halberd into a sizeable slit between the stone floor while keeping her scarlet fauchard raised towards Teleres. As she did so, she would unlatch her pitch talisman, throwing it with a chant of [Foreboding Weight] at Teleres.

Zubaidah’s Abilities:

Henam Guard

Tier: D tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Defensive

Range: Close

Requirements/Drawbacks: The character must be using a polearm, such as a sort of spear. The character must be able to brace for the impact of an incoming attack and so must be in the stance before that, at least one post beforehand.

Scaling: B Tier

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 1 post

Cost: 30 stamina


    The character holds their polearm diagonally, the blade pointing down towards their weak leg. This allows the character to protect themselves from blows in line with the lower limbs of their weak side, while protecting the upper torso on their prominent side including the head, lowering the damage taken be one tier. This, however, has the unfortunate consequence of leaving the lower limbs of their prominent side vulnerable, as well as the upper torso of the weak side.

Fluid Evasion

Tier: B Tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Defensive

Range: Short

Requirements/Drawbacks: The character must have space to perform this ability.

Scaling: Dodge/Increases tier of damage able to be avoided for every additional 10 stamina.

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 3 posts

Cost: 30 stamina


    The character deftly whirls away from an attack with light feet as if dancing, moving up to three metres in any direction, allowing them to spin around the back of an opponent or merely dodge an incoming hit. If any ‘Guard’ ability is used before this, this ability’s cost is reduced by 10 stamina.

Name: Luna Heels

Tier: B-Tier

Type: Magic Weapon

Magic Type: Pierce Magic

Appearance: A pair of long, dark blue boots that goes slightly past the knee. They are made of elastic and lined inside with cotton fabric for comfort. Each boot is separated into two pieces for flexibility. They have a joint at the knee-cap to allow the user to bend their legs. When activated, a 150cm stiletto forms on the bottom of the shoe. The magic circle is carved into the knee guard. Feeding magoi into the heels causes the engraving to glow a pale blue.


  • [ Moonlight Shine ] The stiletto gathers light waves and particles around in a spiraling fashion before releasing the light in a 13m diameter flash from the user's boots. Deals C-Tier damage and causes anyone caught in the flash (excluding the user) to see large, bright spots that interfere with their vision for two posts. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain

  • [ Midnight Flight ] The stilettos may use the energy of the light around them as propulsion to fly at B-Tier speeds. Requires further sustainment to keep flying after the initial activation. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain


Name: Burdening Seal

Tier: D

Type: Item [Talisman]

Magic Type: Strength Magic

Appearance: A seemingly simple paper talisman with a magic formula written out in black ink. The talisman in only 30cm tall and 10cm wide with the thickness of normal paper.


  • Foreboding Weight - Feeding magoi into the talisman causes its surface to become coated in strength magic. The magic keeps the talisman fairly rigid making it easier to throw and allows the paper to stick to any surface it touches next without need for adhesive. Once the talisman has been activated and thrown or placed onto a target, gravity magic will expand and cause an increase in their pull towards the earth. This effect lower the target's speed attribute horizontally by one tier, two tiers if ascending, and increases it by one tier if falling. The effect lasts three posts after which the talisman falls away harmlessly. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.


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5Revenge games [Job/Zub] Empty Re: Revenge games [Job/Zub] on 20/04/19, 02:15 am

Her guard was successful with the loud clash of weaponry it seemed like their movements were as fluid as water. While she had guarded against the first strike her decision to use her shine before evaded would give Teleres enough time to land the second strike, though he would hit this would allow her attack to work the light throwing him off guard for a moment as she was able to move away after taking damage.

Not paying much attention to Zub at the moment he quickly retreated to where the dummies were, his knife briefly glowing as he hid behind within the group of them as suddenly in a flash of light there was four of him in total as he used substitution. One of them moved forward rather quickly letting the tag hit him. "Even if you hit one of us how do you know which one is real?" They all said in unison as they would all shuffle suddenly, the one who was tagged moving slower than the others. He stood in the front with one behind him and two on his other side.

They all stood there smirking at her, they didn't strike and they didn't move forward rather it seemed like they were all lifeless except for the occasional chuckle one of them would let out. "Come, on, let's go." Each word was spoken by a different Teleres as they spun the knives in their hand.

It seemed he was intent on using a lot of confusion and running tactics with her, would he actually fight her one on one without tricks? Though with the events she had been through and everything he had been pulling it from behind the scenes till now definitely hinted at otherwise. Though for the quadruplet Teleres in front of her the most taunting thing would be his smirk,, his eyes almost hazy and noncaring but the confident and almost surefire look on his face as if he didn't even need to think about this fight at the moment that would be persistent that none of him would let her be free from his mask of a goading, wretched jester.

Combat Details: Zub took B-tier damage to her chest. HIt Teleres with C-tier damage.

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The burning wound staining the purple-haired woman’s lilac dress did not seem to bother Zubaidah, despite the sticky crimson which started to drip onto the stone floor. Her white skin was now marred with the vivid red that indicates only bad fortunes, but the woman merely bit down upon her cranberry lips and continued onwards. She tossed her azure halberd into empty air, as she drew down her fuchsia mask upon her furrowed brows. The black clasp hidden beneath her hair began to glow with the tell-tale sign of magoi surging into a magical item, invoking [Call of the Asura]as she envisioned a purple-haired woman to emerge into the room. And there she stood - a second Zubaidah.

    Using her scarlet fauchard, Zubaidah sprung to her feet with renewed vigour, her sister-in-arms holding her azure halberd. While her clone swiped at the first opposing copy from the right-hand side, Zubaidah heaved her blade into the nearest copy before pouncing towards the next with an added fury unleashed by shooting out a rage-induced [Clear Out] to target the other two copies. The subsequent fires were released towards the left of the copies, so that the only possible venue for escape would be for Teleres to dodge towards the right. Pursuing that venue of escape, Zubaidah would position herself to the right and prepare to strike him with a scaled [Abrupt Thrust] while her clone advanced from the left if he were to back into the path of the flames.

Zubaidah’s Abilities:

Abrupt Thrust

Tier: A tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Offensive

Range: Short

Requirements/Drawbacks: The character must be using a polearm, such as some sort of spear. The character must be able to see the target, and focus on the vital point they are aiming for.

Scaling: Hits

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 1 post

Cost: 10 stamina


    The character draws their polearm back quickly, before jabbing forwards, leaning into the blow with their full weight, aiming for the rib area to deal D tier damage. This attack is used to penetrate through armour by exerting as much force as they can onto a small area.

Name: Head of Command

Tier: B-tier

Type: Magic tool

Magic Type: Asura Magic [Life+Heat+Ice]

Appearance: The head of command is a lilac and fuschsia mask which covers the eyes of the user. The helmet is around 40 cm around but seems to chance to fit the wearers head. On the back of the mask, there is a black clasp on the back. A magic circle glows on the clasp of the mask when in use.



  • Call of the Asura-  By paying 10 magoi | 5 to sustain the user uses the helm to craft an Asura construct no taller or longer than 3m. This construct moves as fast as a dog and is capable of doing B-tier damage with it’s strikes and lasts 4 posts and has the Asura magic passive.  Must stay within 20m of the user.

  • Through its Eyes: When The user is not in combat by paying 10 magoi |5 to sustain they may look through the eyes of the construct, but in turn, they can’t move or act unless to exit the state. Can be done up to 3 posts

Name: Dual Solitude

Tier: A-tier

Type: Magic Halberd

Magic Type: Asura Magic [Heat + Ice + Life]

Appearance: The Halberd is 3m long with the polearm being 4cm thick in diameter the blade itself being 36cm long and 10cm wide in total. The weapon seems to be made of red metal, with blue gems adorning on the middle of the blade connecting to part of the handle. The magic circle is on the blade.



  • Clear out- Paying 10 magoi | 5 to sustain the user can fill their blade with Asura magic, creating forth a volatile blast of energy that spreads out 3m wide and 8m forward from the impact point of the weapon, if swung in the air the blast will travel out damaging the target with an explosion of varying temperature change.


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The movements of the battle unfolded on seconds but it always felt like minutes as a warrior would get ready to trade blow for blow. For Teleres he would step and see a disaster as his substitutes were destroyed soon enough by the activities of the now helmed warrior and her clone. His own steps almost fumbled for a moment as he would question himself onto what he would take for his next action.

It was always a bit irritating when someone's plans fall through, but as he saw her setting up her own he remembered who he was and became sure of himself that he would be able to outsmart her and take her out with his own tactics. He regained his movements and gripped his weapon letting the rest of his clones fall through as he suddenly kicked himself into a dash. With a few quick steps, he began to twist on his heels. He threw himself into a dagger dance which at first seemed to be whirling towards Zub, but then in a moment his direction began to move towards the clone with the intent to get rid of her double, and what came next was even more surprising.

The sound of weapon tearing flesh and weapon striking became the only important thing as a fatal blow had been struck. Zubaidah had caught her weapon on Teleres as he tried to maneuver around her and hit her clone. As the thrust had hit him in a vital spot the damage to the area was intense as he started to suffer from internal bleeding. With his eyes on the clone they slowly started to shift towards her with a look of dashed arrogance, and pain as he seemingly struggled to accept defeat.

"It can't end like this, you, you're below me." His words were only broken up by coughs of blood as he would push himself further onto the weapon. "I can defeat you, it doesn't matter if I'm dying even!" He cried out in agony pushing himself as he impaled himself, dropping his own weapon. "DAMNNN YOUUU!"

It seemed like it would be an attack but his blood covered hand would just limply slap against her shoulder as he suddenly spewed out plenty of blood, his weak and fading gaze locked on her face as he gave one last message. "When you die, I'll be waiting." Then silence as his entire frame went weak, it would seemly like minutes as his muscles would lose their strength and all tension would leave Telere's face. With the calm silence of death lingering over his mangled body he seemed at peace, even if it brought the eerie silence to what had just been a field of battle, and was no waiting to be looted.

Combat Details: Teleres' attack missed, Zubaidah killed him with A-tier damage

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