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aint my first rodeo...

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1aint my first rodeo... Empty aint my first rodeo... on 07/11/18, 10:02 pm


welp. uh...
honestly, i feel really really bad doing thing. kinda feelin a tad selfish too, haha...

yeah, i'm going. again.

i just wanted to put this message out here b/c i didn't want to leave y'all guys in the dark n stuff. simply, i've come to the conclusion that i reaaaaally hate prioritizing magi over other things which unfortunately i have a habit of doing so im just gonna poof so i can actually prioritize the things i actually enjoy. that isnt to say i dont enjoy magi but uh... i-i kinda wanna rp on other sites too but magi is glueeee

Tripped Up

plus, i was willing to join for really only one reason - my characters. but i just... uwu, i'm having a ton of difficulty with them and quite frankly i just can't stick around when my charries are being difficult w/ me as well.

so bye.



god i feel like the most unreliable person ever. (i totally am)

look, i have other reasons too but im not sure how the f im supposed to word them????? they're not like... depressing reasons, i.e, magi is hell to me and i can't stay like it was last time. i just... don't know how to word shit at all so i just... aieee?

fuck me and my inability to explain shit q_q

im a pitifully sad kitty.
pitifully sad meow.


also i love these emojis and i really gotta go before i scramble myself ten thousand times over.

byeeeeeee time 2 write about cats dying all around me b/c mind is a lil shit fest and i have literally no idea whta im saying also help me im bein---- MPFHURGEWIOSJC

Surprised Bye

( tldr bye from site bc i wanna chase after cats )


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