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Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja]

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The yellow hues of morning overtook the dreary blues, lending light to the purple-haired girl who was travelling along a dusty path nestled within the Jade Mountains. Her footsteps were light upon the uneven ground, weaving in and out of the rock-strewn slope, yet her brows were heavy upon her forehead, furrowed deep in thought. There was a distant look in her eyes, as though she were not observing the mountain which surrounded her, but one would be fooled by her uncanny ability to swerve around the dangers which littered this pass.

    Zubaidah had not intended to take such a path, but report of the rival armies’ clashing on her planned route forced her to tread elsewhere. She was not fond of either side, nor their reasonings for taking up arms, and wished to remain separate from their petty squabble - she had witnessed the results that had arisen from their inability to see past their own desires. It had disrupted and reaped the lives of so many who had wished to just live as they had before, without fear.

    The grey of rain-clouds overtook the golden hue decorating the sky, moving Zubaidah’s thoughts towards seeking shelter, such a dreary occurrence dissuading her from dwelling on even drearier matters. Hurrying onwards, she found refuge in an abandoned farmhouse, left by the owners when war had arrived at its doorstep. With no other way to pass the time, Zubaidah set about to her usual routine of strenuous exercise and practice in flexibility, stretching her muscles past her limit in an attempt to reach past the levels of that despicable, handsome, Jynx. She had observed his agile and smooth movements, using his style as a base for her to act upon, tracing his ability and overlaying her one unique form into it as she practised.

    As she trained in this flowing art, Zubaidah heard the sound of footsteps approaching the battered door into the now-occupied farmhouse. Upon the expected follow-up of a polite knocking at the door, she reached to open it, revealing an unknown man wrapped in a dark cloak, just as Zubaidah had covered herself in a heather mantle, to ward off the rain. Tilting her head, quizzically, she asked,

    ‘Good morning, Sir, how can I help you?’

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Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja] Xaj4qc7
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نزهة طويلة للملك

The words she said had been the sweetest he had heard for weeks.So he knew that in this world he had to be in the right place. Sunlight projected rays onto the back of Jahangir's crown, casting a shadow between Zubaidah and himself.

"Good Morning?" Jahan thought, still in a daze. He had been running for days. Having had marched through several skirmishes, killed many men, and done so much of what he felt was wrong, but what did that all mean to him? The scars that striped him bore a reality that could only evolve him.

Or shouldn't they? The World King couldn't apprehend the changes that had already began going on his psyche, and that was good. He was only focused on the one thing ahead of him.

"Good Morning Belle"Jahanghir smiled and he shone that same golden warmth which radiated from his nature.

"I am the wandering Emperor Jahangir Nikator-" Jahanghir stopped losing consciousness suddenly. After the months on the run he had finally lost stamina. For another time, his vulnerability would be in the hands of a new woman. Though as Zubadaih might be shocked to have an incapacitated King at her door, did she really want to help him?

The only thing the could help the young World King was rest, a bath and a voice to compare to his.


Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja] Gemoryvessel
Djinn: Gremory
Theme: Strength/Gravity
Appearance:An artifact, one of the dungeons traps which Jahanghir placed upon his head that faithful day.A band of a metal substance uknown to this world. Jahanghirs crown is black with a soft hue of heliotrope.Within the inner bandign of the crown in the Torran language reads.
"Long live The King"


Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja] Rvsp8q10
Name: BLKCLAW {Billie.Jean.Glove}
Type:  Clawed Gauntlet
Material: Gold, Iron , Diamond, Obsidian , Iridescent Snake
Appearance: a golden,black and red gauntlet that  extends up Jahangir entire left arm. The gauntlet is made with several sharp plates around the joints. Carved with careful detail and artistry the gauntlet has several ornate designs. The inner chamber is a a glove made of iridescent snake skin and diamond. The the hand of the gauntlet is polished a blood-like crimson and obsidian.The Gauntlet is  113 cm in length, and clawed to the tips.

Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja] Latest?cb=20091205210748
Name: Aurangzeb - Ornament of the Throne
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Fighting Cloth
Magic Type: Ultimate Ninja Magic (Poison)
Appearance: Black and Gold Regal half fighting cape, made of a mysterious and durable material. The length of the cape is 107 centimeters and covers the users left arm, the cape remains strapped on to the users torso by golden knotted chords. The material of the cape is very thin and malleable similar to silk.


  • Cloak of Concealment - When fed magoi, the cloth will shimmer for a brief moment before cloaking the user and their objects in an aura of perfect invisibility where no smell or sound escapes the person(s) being coated. The effects of this cloth can be granted to a total of four other people or creatures upon touch of the user so long as they maintain being within 1 meter of the user during the duration of the sustain. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja] Latest?cb=20161002174734
Name: The Sword of Damokles
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Magic Longsword
Magic Type: Light
Appearance: A golden and ornamental longsword about 150 cms long. The hilt of the Damokles is complex flowery and ornamental. The entirety of the blade sparkles with lovely golden particles as it does before it attacks.

    That Which May Glisten - When feeding magoi through this weapon it cause it to shine brightly creating an intense light which will burn the retinas of anything viewing it within 1 meter; with the exception of the caster who is holding the blade. The function inflicts B tier damage. Cost: 10 cast | 5 sustain


Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja] Az4vRkm
Name: Melodies
Tier: D
Species:Melodias Parodiso
Appearance: They are small birds being between 2-3 inches in size. The Melodies have beautiful golden and sun kissed feathers and their beaks are small and sharped with several holes in them which form a flute.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name:Flute Beak
Trait Tier:D
Trait Requirement:Melodias Paradiso
Trait Description:The Melodies are a bird with extraordinary vocal prowess. Their beaks are wind instruments formed by nature. This is their primary defense mechanism. The birds are able to sing birdsongs that may attract, repel, disorientate, or lull other organisms to sleep. Together they have a large vocal range
Trait Effect:
*are able to register status inflicting vocal abilities


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Upon hearing his introduction, Zubaidah troubled herself with keeping a bemused look hidden, instead replacing her exasperation at his flattery and pomp with a smile. It faltered upon hearing his name, of ‘Nikator’, but any questions that may have arisen from that were put aside with his untimely want for rest which she answered with a deft catch of his body, before laying him down in a stack of hay.
While she certainly had her doubts in him, she was in no position to warrant tossing him back into the rain, she had borrowed this farmhouse for her own needs, but was not of the mind to tend to this man in any way either. And so she started to practice again.

    As her feet danced among the leaves and wind, tapping out a complex rhythm, Zubaidah noticed a sign of awakening from that strange visitor of hers. Slowing to a halt, she finished her routine and strode across to his side, ‘So, Sir, how do you feel after your refreshing sleep? I trust you are well.’

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Jahanghirs eyes fluttered with life suddenly, and the first sight he would absorb was the grace of Zubadaih's movements. He had seen women dance before but there was an ephemeral energy within the atmosphere of the poorly lit shack. It captured Jahan's attention and he found himself unable to much but trace the woman's movements, and as she moved he found value in her expression. Though as quickly as the light had returned to the world king, she had finished her routine.

"Hn" Jahangir muttered as the woman turned towards him striding to his side.

"So, Sir, how do you feel after your refreshing sleep? I trust you are well."

Jahan smiled at the women while rising to his feet, "Waking to a performance has made me feel like a king even in a barn. I think I'll be ok."

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The confidant response of the awakening emperor caused a smile filled with nostalgia to appear upon her face, memories of the arrogant patron of hers she had so devoted herself to arising to the surface. In spite of this, she saw through that cheap gaudiness and found a man with a genuinely powerful stature, deciding he would be of use to her in the future - the close future.

    That was not to say that she would treat him as if his claim of being the World King was true, it just meant she would not dispose of abandon him until she had found use of him and used him well; in such a way, she returned to training without a word. There would certainly be a time, and had she known how that man would help her, she perhaps would have treated him with a greater respect than at this present.

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Invariable Support for a Young Emperor [Zub/Jaja] Xaj4qc7
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