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The Incident [Closed Plot]

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The Incident [Closed Plot] 26805_1_2

This war brought a lot on controversy to the table, controversy one side may have wanted much more than the other. In the wake of a dungeon, Gao Yuan Zu and his people needed dirt on Yoshiro Zu to garner more manpower and support for their faction. To win a war, you needed everything you could attain that had the potential to make your enemies lose momentum and trust in their leader. In this particular case, Gao Yuan Zu required secrets from Yoshiro Zu that he was keeping away from the public that not many were aware of and could make his supporters lose faith in him. This is where Trently came into the fray.

Hooded, cloaked in dark blue robes, he traveled onward into the territory of Yoshiro Zu. The young warrior had barely a chance to be noticed as long as he played it cool and not confrontational with anyone. Trently planned to just talk with some of the guards in the city and attain information from them, even the smallest of info. After his battle with his now late father, Kasai Yanaihara, he was curious to see if whether or not Yoshiro Zu was truly worthy to stay as emperor of Kou or not. This war was fueled by the outrage of the people and the leaders of them who sought the power of the throne. If dirt got out on them that they were very flawed leaders, all of Kou would have trouble continuing following them. Gao Yuan Zu is insensitive and Yoshiro Zu, on the other hand, is just far too sensitive, there needs to be a person of balance in the middle who is just right, a Goldilocks.

For a while a now, Trently has been two timing his faction to get information on them and Yoshiro Zu. Waltzing around the borders of a particular city in Kou, Trently began eavesdropping on soldiers talking to one another. They were conversing about the war and the plain folk that Yoshiro Zu had given plots of land back to since he rose to the throne. They were glad that Yoshiro Zu did what he did but then the soldiers had started to mention plains folk that tried to attack a few months ago, a group of them numbering thousands. However, that is then when a higher up soldier would intercept the conversation and correct the two men. He said that the plains folk should not have been handled with violence and that the general who was in charge of the border there was punished as a result.

"Those plains folk should not have been handled with violence and the general in charge of the border at the time was punished cause they failed to obey the emperor, Gao Yoshiro Zu. Rumors from a few subordinates underneath the general who was in control of this region say that the plains folk were not even attacking but simply attempting to cross the country into the mountains to make a better life for themselves."

Explained the high up Yoshiro soldier, getting back to work once his break ended. Having listened in on their little talk all the way through and gotten everything he could out of them, Trently was just about done here. All Trently needed left to do was get some food and go about his way, leaving the territory of Yoshiro Zu, returning to a Gao Yuan camp.


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