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Selling to the Marketplace

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1Selling to the Marketplace Empty Selling to the Marketplace on 17/07/18, 03:09 pm

Selling Merari's starter wand (D-tier) to the market for 5k huang. I'd appreciate the huang going to this account!


Selling to the Marketplace IV3yWJK
Name: Komori
Tier: D-Tier
Material: Light Titanium (it has relatively low density); nylon/steel strings
Appearance: The Komori is a lyre-like instrument with a long neck. The body of Komori is 25 cm wide and 35 cm long. It has golden strings made from steel, and through the body there are golden highlights. The neck of Komori is a hollow flute that’s 15 cm long. At the top there is a hole to blow into, along with holes along the neck that are to be plugged when played. When used, Komori is to be held with the end of the flute pointing skywards while the golden “teeth” near the strings are pointing to the earth. The user can pluck Komori’s strings or use the flute part. When Komori is to be held like a staff, the user can hold it by the neck with the body of Komori pointing skywards.


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2Selling to the Marketplace Empty Re: Selling to the Marketplace on 18/07/18, 07:52 am

Priced at 5k :3


Selling to the Marketplace GONhvwv
Selling to the Marketplace Pbucket
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