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Advanced Systems - Armour

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The Armour System

The armour system is built around three distinct armour classifications supported by a social class and specialist tier, spread across multiple limb sections.
Armour provides the wearer with limited protection against attacks they recieve on area's that are armoured at the cost of penalties in regards to movement and stamina.

Armour is built by npc craftsman and profession crafters and must be repaired after damage is received based on repair profession perks after threads, it has received damaged in.

A unique line constructed by tailors, this line of Armour doesn’t provide any protection but can be used for more social effects. For example, you may be wearing a tabard to display your faction but also to help prevent the effects of a beating sun in an event thread on your heavy armour.
This is primarily made by Tailors.

Light Armour :
Light Armour is cloth or hide related equipment, it covers from just general clothing to uncured furs or gambeson depending on the tier of the armor. Lightweight compared to the other armours it provides minor protection to bludgeoning forces. However, Slashing and Piercing Weapons will carve through it like butter. It is primarily created by Tailors and/or Leatherworkers.

Its benefit is that it can be worn under medium and/or heavy armour. Cloth Armours are generally constructed to aid with environmental effects in limited regions for protection against the heat and desert in Heliohapt for example.

Medium Armour:
Medium Armour consists of chainmail, scalemail and cured and reinforced hide armours. Providing moderate protection against bludgeoning trauma and varying protection against slashing and piercing trauma depending on its material and construction. Depending on the material of its construction, it is either made by Blacksmiths or Leatherworkers.

When wearing a substantial amount of Medium Armour, it will begin to increase their stamina expenditure, minor movement speed reduction and moderate reduction to flight speeds and swim speeds.

Heavy Armour:
Heavy Armour is generally made from metals or other extremely strong material. Generally, forged or crafted by smiths. Heavy Armour while providing the most protection is more vulnerable to bludgeoning trauma. While it holds up against slashing and piercing trauma.

Its downfall, however, comes from its weight. Characters wearing Heavy Armour will find themselves expending stamina at a faster rate, some reduction to their movement speed and severe reduction to flight speed and swim speeds.
In addition, Heavy Armour Helmets are the only helmets that can provide a Visor while they limit vision they will protect you against face shots.

Omega Tier Armour:
Omega Tier Armours - vary in protection but they have other sometimes more socially relevant effects. These Armours attract attention and are generally only rewards from limited quest chains either dropping into certain limb slots or being unique trinkets.


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Advanced Systems - Armour FzLRloM

Advanced Systems - Armour M3EcjaC

Advanced Systems - Armour EJwxJwk

Advanced Systems - Armour QVc3tC1


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Armour Weight Thresholds:
Negligibly Encumbered:
-1 Tier of Flight Speed

Minorly Encumbered
-1 Tier of Flight Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-1 Tier of Swim Speed (Minimum D Tier)

Moderately Encumbered
-1 Tier Land Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-2 Tier Swim Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-1 Tier Flight Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-1 Additional Stamina Per Technique Used

-2 Tier of Land Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-3 Tier of Swim Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-2 Tier of Flight Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-2 Additional Stamina per Technique Used

Heavily Encumbered
-3 Tier of Land Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-4 Tier of Swim Speed (Minimum D Tier for 3 Consecutive Posts)
-3 Tier of Flight Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-3 Additional Stamina Per Technique Used

Overly Encumbered
-3 Tier of Land Speed (Minimum D Tier)
-4 Tier of Swim Speed (Nil Swim)
-4 Tier of Flight Speed (Nil Flight)
-4 Additional Stamina Per Technique Used

Imuchakk Only:
The Imuchakk’s naturally strong hide provides them the equivilent protection to that of Medium Armour with improved protection against all natural forms of damage (meaning their hide takes less damage from these forms.
Any membranes are still completely vulnerable to damage, eg. eyes etc.
Omega Tier Threshold - add one gradient increase as per standard format for armour value.

Body Manipulator Only:
Body Manipulators improve their skins strength as they improve in skill. Unlike any of class or race, they can naturally regenerate their natural armour through use of techniques.
Body Manipulator Armour acts as a resistant medium armour. However, a Body Manipulator can regenerate their damage “reinforced skin” through techniques.
This does not act as a borg - thin membranes such as eyes and eyelids are still completely vulnerable and strong forces still deal some internal damage.
Imuchakk with Body Manipulator do not gain the Omega tier increase to their hide strength.

Armour Relevant Technique Effects
Armour Breakers - Techniques with Armour Breaking effects causes additional damage to Armour on a creature and/or character.

Armour Penetration - Armour Penetration allows damage to penetrate deeper into armour layers allowing for deeper layers of armour to be damaged


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Relevant Modifications to promote an interactive armour system:

Item/Equipment Modifications:
I would suggest removing ability damage as a higher form of damage, this higher level of equipment damage would be dealt by Equipment Breaking techniques which would be limited to direct or amount attack types. This would mean players would have to strategicly use equipment breaking techniques as they would be techniques specialised in dealing item damage rather than damage to the player (only D tier possibly)

Furthermore, to allow increased detail and options for weapon users, I would suggest different class weapons can make use of different damage types (Slashing, Piercing and Bludgeoning) the values of which/max is affected by the class of weapon. Different damage types would see benefit in terms of combat, for example a piercing weapon is generally better underwater etc.

Magic in this case would always deal a flat damage in the case of striking. Armour breaks would be modified to its modified value and normal would be "true". Obviously, people could look at combining effects such as a Ice and Fire magician casting on someone at the same time to cause a chill shock to equipment to cause it further damage.

Body Manipulators, Body manipulators would deal relevant damage through modifying their body to deal bludgeoning, slashing or piercing and how they focus strikes.

Bare fists will always only deal bludgeoning damage.


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Minutes from Discussion - Changes to system prototype to come:

Thank you to Jaja, Trently and Eight that entered the discussion in multiple methods, be it voice or text chat.

-After discussion, the item integrity system should be moved to fit the common standard the player base uses - this includes modifying the point integrity of the armour system alongside that of the item and equipment system to be on a rank based formula.

As such I will be posting an adjustment Item/Equipment System to fit a formula for player ease of use, alongside suggested changes for how we could bring in equipment breaking techniques and gimmick equipment.

-Item/Equipment Changes, to support this and create better strategic choice of weapons for the melee classes, I will also include a additional optional change we can consider which will include melee weapon damage types and how each class - each class will have its unique feature.

-Discussion Point - I will be working on two options for the system, one with be a three segment system (Lower Body, Upper Body and Head) each segment will still have the layering system.
There will also be a full type system like is above with some changes relating to above topics and possibly pricing changes.

-Discussion Point - Profession's and the Armour System, I am still within the view that we should massively boost the ability of crafting profession's within the player base. As such I will be pushing ahead with the idea that armour should require repair by a crafter for a cheaper cost.

This also makes it meaningful to decide to take your Armour set into a thread due to the risk of taking damage to it and then its additional cost of repair. This however will allow crafters to earn money long term and have a worthwhile choice as a profession that isn't more than a one shot wonder.

Discussion Point - Cloth - regarding cloth armour I will continue work on it and see what we can come up with possibilities for its options. However, I do want to keep it relatively weak in regards to integrity but have interesting effects primarily in RP.

Discussion - AoE - We went into Area of effect abilities and the system as such if AoE changes aren't made in regards to their interaction with objects, items and limbs. We will give armour a resistance to AoE's and block AoE's from equipment breakers.


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