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Knuckles III [Job]

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1Knuckles III [Job] Empty Knuckles III [Job] on 28/01/18, 10:58 pm

Old Proflie

Job Details:

Job Name: Unexpected Consequences Pt. II/III [Chain]
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 7,000 Huang, 100 XP
Job Prerequisites: Unexpected Consequences Pt. I/III [Chain]
Job Overview:
Some of the caravans that have been moving the weaker beasts have been raided by a nearby group of bandits. It seems they have recently suffered great losses, and their attacks were made in order to obtain now-rare species so that they may sell them on the market for a high price. You've been requested to defend against such an attack. Halfway through the route to the mountainous area, you find yourself under attack by a small squad of bandits…
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Black Crow Swordsman x2
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Black Crow Swordsman use short swords to impart D-Tier damage to their opponents.

Enemy Name: Black Crow Knight
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Black Crow Knight uses a longsword to impart C-Tier damage, and wields a wooden round shield.
Knight Blade: A Black Crow Knight swings his blade in a downward strike, imparting C-Tier damage to their opponent.
Shield the Blow: A Black Crow Knight catches a blow from an opponent and slides it to the side, defending against C-Tier damage from a single attack.

Last he had heard from the caravan of beast tamers were that they had been safe, and able to make it to the mountainous range. Given that him, and Knuckles had saw them through the Western Front allowing such safe passage. But that was before the rumored attacks of bandits surfaced. When, and how didn’t matter as some of the earlier journey takers had been impacted and basically raided while transporting the weaker batch of the beasts. Word has gotten around the city, and Taavetti, wasn’t going to have it seem like his job wasn’t accomplished or complete. He starts something, and he finishes it. Even if he is lazy, even if he doesn’t have the motivation. Mom didn’t raise no bitch, in the terms of how he thought about what has become of the caravan shipments of the weak beast. Just another day where he would first need to find the other man he knows as Knuckles, and then find the caravan. Given how he met Knuckles, he may, or may not have gotten first wind of these incidents. First thing first out of all this was completing a morning routine, than heading to the caravan whereabouts to assist them.
In fact it was still morning and he hadn’t even gotten up entirely from his bed yet. Sitting there thinking of what to make of the new situation, and what he could possibly do against bandits given his current level of abilities. The matter at hand wasn’t entirely going to be thought out well for him, and he could only get up and head to the restroom to release his ballows. ‘ I should find out more about Reim’s economy, maybe Knuckles can tell me alittle bit more about it. Gaining knowledge now is like molasses. ‘ He would say adjusting his waist line, and exiting the bathroom. Returning to collect his tunic off the bed.

Off in the bar he would collect a tankard of mead for the road. Saving dialogue to with the barkeep, and his driver for later time. Leaving by one of the horses used for the carriage, it took about 30 minutes to an hour to finally reach, Reim. He was really out there in the Western Front. However that wasn’t what brought him to Reim early this morning, besides gaining knowledge of the land. Dashing through the gates, and around corners with a medium flow of people, until he came across the Caravan once more. A few exchange of words, and Taavetti found himself back on the job, and possibly accomping Knuckles once more if he was there beforehand. If not he would find him later, to get in a few words not long before departure.

Word Count: 454/1k

2Knuckles III [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles III [Job] on 10/02/18, 03:48 pm

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Getting things in order Knuckles was once again he had been ordered to escort such a boring convoy of people. He had done a job like this before when he wasn't in the Military and more as a merc than anything, now it seemed he was rather getting ordered to do more things like this, what a boring ass way to spend the day. Knuckles was wearing his uniform, of course, his sword and shield on his left arm and his yo-yo on his back with the handle accessible to his right or left hand.  The sword was in the slot in shield where he could draw it at a moments notice.  Knuckles would be riding once more on top of the center cart giving him a good sense of what was going on around him at all times,  before they set out Knuckles looked around to get a head count and get a mental image saved of what everyone he was traveling with would look like to ensure he didn't kill any of them if fighting broke out. Knuckles was able to see a few men who survived the last one he was one as well as a familiar face who he had the pleasure of fighting with once, and working with twice now. Taavetti the man himself and all his expensive ass clothing.  Knux waved over at the man wonder just what he was going to be doing, getting the way or helping, there was no telling with others he fought with besides Ganbo.   Either way, If Taavetti would approach he would talk to him otherwise he would sit back on the cart and wait for the convoy to move out and hope he could kill someone on this trip. 

WC  295


3Knuckles III [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles III [Job] on 11/02/18, 11:46 am

Old Proflie

He had been walking around the lot beforehand. Obvious he wasn’t going to find Knuckles, anytime soon he shared little conversations with the passing people, getting some information since he was in fact a foreigner. Some didn’t even speak to him. Such unwelcoming people they were, seeing his skin just put disgust upon their brows. Nothing to lose however as he didn’t give two thoughts on their opinions. Strolling on forward, and pushing some out his way politely of course, the red hair that he came to know was in his sight. Seeing a familiar face was relaxing, and relieved him of having to worry about others whom had either returned, or was new.

Nice meeting you again, Knuckles. It hasn’t been too long since we’ve met. What brings you back to working with this caravan of beast tamers? “ Taavetti, would just start in on conversation. He wasn’t one to beat around the bush in asking questions, as he was a prince literally. Whenever he asked something that thing was told to him, but that much could be different since he was not exactly letting his history be known. Taavetti, didn’t hold himself like a prince for the majority of his time in the temple either, so one would find it hard to actually make that out of him by his actions. Given if Knuckles, reply he would continue on “ I know you’ve been here longer than me, maybe we can meet outside of the job scenery and go for drinks? Or since you live here. Show me the Coliseum? ” Crossing his arms, and taking a nice relaxed stance.

Given if dialogue between the two has ended by now, the caravan would make haste in departing. Taavetti found himself on top of one of the large carriages. Containing one to two beasts that were severely injured from previous attacks.  It had been close to sun down, and they found themselves halfway to their goal after 2 hours of traveling. Now would be the best option to have more conversation with Knuckles, but up ahead torches were lit, and it looked as if a blockage had been prepared in advance. “ What is this ridiculousness “ He muttered. Not giving the command to stop wasn’t his position as he was hired help, so they got closer into the line of an potential enemy awaiting them. He’d wait to see Knuckles reaction, as he wasn’t one for head on engagements against unknown personal.

WC: 872/1k | S: 120/120

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
As the white-haired male approached Knuckles, the look of discomfort would be noticeably worn on his face. This wouldn't be because of the man approaching but rather the attitude he had for this job, all these assignments better have been noticed bu the higher ups and promotion had better follow soon, he only joined the damn Unity Crops so he could work with high ranking officals in the goverement and start planting seeds with them, making his name more knwon through out the council as well as showing his power to those in power showing what great poeteinal e he had, this way when he activated his plan or had to adjust his plan he had tools to do so with.   "Not at all, as far as me being back here well Military orders again, they want us to show more presence to the community, especially on escort thing such as thing from business from our Country. Something about winning the hearts of the people so they trust us and know they can look to us when trouble arises or something, some political things. Knuckles shrugged his shoulders as he looked around seeing things were nearly ready to head out. "Still trying to get some coin? You seemed to be able to handle your self in the Coliseum, I can show you there after we are done with this. " He jumped down and placed an elbow on the man's shoulder as he leaned in a whispered. "I just hope we get some action on this trip" He then removed his elbow from the male and gave him a tap on the shoulder, he took a step back before backflipping back onto the cart. He clapped his hands a few times before he began to yell out. "Alright alright, let's get things moving okay? I got some weapon to go look at and some training to get done!" Of course everyone started to move to their stations.  

Later up the road, the convoy came to a roadblock,  there were a few wagons blocking the way with some flags flying with the crest of the Black Crows. These guys were a small thief gang who targeted easy traders on the roads and loved to hit convoys like these, they could take all the goods, capture the people, and the beast, sell the people and beast and trade the goods.  They had rarely attacked anything they thought they couldn't handle this time they thought wrong. The road black was about 30 meters from the first cart, knuckles were on the third carts, with 2 more behind him.  Without even thinking about it his body ran to the edge of the cart and pushed off landing in front of the first cart, pushing off with all his strength as he began to run, his body became a blurring image to most, there were three targets there two with  short swords and one with a long sword, Knuckles wanted the long sword fella for himself, and if the others didn't act fast he would take them all out.  In a second or two Knuckles was already there before the man could even draw his longsword Knuckles had open palmed him dead center in his chest cracking a few ribs from the impact and bruising the others, the man's body hurled backwards as the dirt lifted into the air, the other two men drew their blade but were too shaken to even move.   Taking advantage of them not moving Knuckles would inhale taking a large breath before letting out the eardrum-shattering roar of his race. The sound of the roar was intense causing the men to reach for their ears, the pain was so intense they were further stunned unable to move due to the pain in their ears and the fear in their hearts.  

WC 659+ 295=954
Stamina 330/330


Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.

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5Knuckles III [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles III [Job] on 15/02/18, 01:10 am

Old Proflie

His question went unanswered, but responses were sure in effect. Knuckles, moved in action to the blockage, and it seemed like he immediately knew who held us (the caravan of beast tamers) up. Taavetti, wasn’t going to rush, and do nothing dumb. Missing out on actions, and fighting he wasn’t entirely prone too like others such as Knuckles is, which he has notice since meeting him. Even earlier the awkward shoulder pull in has place some discomfort inside him, along with the way he explained ‘getting some action’ which had so many vague meanings. For once, Taavetti just walked to the lead of the carts following behind in suit to Knuckles, but far in distance from him as there was a speed gap. Quite astonishing how the fanalis gladiator moved while only facing the man with a longsword. All this while Taavetti, himself was coming to assistance breathing hard, and sniffing with a little of his nose running.

Barely even a second, more like a blink with some snot dripping from his nose. HIs companion had taken down one of the three armed men who created the blockage. The two left were stunned, and it left Taavetti quite surprised again. Second time hearing the loud fanalis roar, and it left him stunned in awe. Not taking too long, because his enemies were wide open, and he took the chance to reach into his nostrils. Taavetti, was a silent fighter so flicking his dried mucus passed Knuckles was his move which caused an explosion of C-tier damage between the two reminding soldiers with a small blast radius.

Since they hadn’t no way of defending being stunned, they had received full extend of the explosion. Much to his joy. Dusting off his hands, and going to clear the path to allow the tamers to continue onward. Patting Knuckles, on the back as congratulations in their beating of the enemy, before returning to his station back riding on the cart in the middle.

WC: 1.2k/1k | S: 100/120
Ability Used:

Tier: C-tier
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Taavetti is required to take a hard snuffle opening pores in his nose. A special clear oil runs out his nose drying, and coats his mucus making them dried, and explosive.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 2
Cost: 20 Stamina | 10 Sustain

    Taavetti digs dried mucus out of his nose and flicks it 5 meters at the opponent. The snot explodes on impact point creating C-tier explosive damage, and blast radius of 3 meters.

6Knuckles III [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles III [Job] on 15/02/18, 06:00 pm

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
As he inhaled once more after letting his roar out, he watched as an explosion came out of nowhere, he rose his hand up ready to deal with whatever caused the explosion, only to later see the remaining two guards had been taken out as well as some of the blockage. Knuckles was rather shocked when he felt the hand on his back as in a good job type of deal, either way, they seemed to have done the job. Knuckles looked around to checked if the men they fought were dead. Seeing as they were not he looked over to Taavetti and spoke to him directly. "Go on the head with the convoy I'm going to clear the stuff out the road and make sure these guys make a change in life. He would start to lift the broken wagons out of the way allowing the convoy to pass through with no issues, and leave them in his friend's capable hands. Once the caravan was gone and escorted, Knuckles would smile. He'd take his short sword from his back and slice all three black crow's head off. Once he was done killing them he would place them in one of the wagons and find something to light it on fire with, luckily they had an oil lamp with them. After burning them, Knuckles would run at A tier speeds back to the carts, and walk on the side of the middle cart until they reached the end safely, he was a bit disappointed in the fight, but he had fun. Once all was said and done, he'd link up with Taavaetti after they got back to Reim to show him the Colosseum as promised.

WC 293+954=1247

Stamina 330/330



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