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Rima's Revamped Ability II [WIP]

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1 Rima's Revamped Ability II [WIP] on 07/08/17, 04:07 am

Rima Fahim

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Life - The user must hover their catalyst directly over the target.
Scaling: Damage: The tier of damage dealt will increase by one for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 10 magoi | 5 magoi

    Give a visual description of the ability and include any effects, how large its area of effect is, the duration or how long it lingers, and any other important information. If it is a spell, mention what magic type/s are used!


Traits Points: 3/6
Shards of Solomon: x2
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