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[ WIP ] [ Kokketsu ] Matrum Canibus

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1 [ WIP ] [ Kokketsu ] Matrum Canibus on 10/06/17, 02:53 pm

Name: Kokketsu: Matrum Canibus
Tier: B
Type: Parasite | Symbiote
Species: Kokketsu
Appearance: Kokketsu takes form of black ooze; it can vary from size to size due to it not being a solid. However, it is rarely seen in this form due to it almost always being inside of it's host. However, there are plenty of signs that it is inside of someone. For example: The host will sometimes have black veins appear from under their skin, occasional wriggling from under the skin, etc.

This unique sub-strain of Kokketsu takes on a beastly appearance inside the mind and dreams of the user. It manifests the raw strength and convictions of it's host. The persona of the symbiotic blood will also reflect in it's outer appearance as well. Matrum Canibus takes the form of a large demonic canine with a strong feminine voice.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Abyssal Carapace
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Kokketsu: Matrum Canibus
Trait Description: While active, the Kokketsu can envelop the over the host and bore into their skin to create a full body protective armor.
Trait Effect:

  • In this state, the parasite will continuously absorb a half pint of blood from the host per post it is activated for a total of 3 posts. The host has a total of 4.5 pints of blood and the Kokketsu will deactivate after the host has 3 pints of blood left. The absorption will begin in the first post.

  • The armor will grant the host immunity to damage C Tier or lower. A and B Tier damage will deal two tiers less than their actual tier. The armor will numb the host to any pain received for the duration it is active. The host is still vulnerable to extremely high or low temperatures and electricity and will still receive damage from such.

  • After the Kokketsu deactivates, the host will experience moderate fatigue and pain from any damage sustained will gradually return unless completely healed. This trait may only activate once per thread.

Trait Name: Protective Instincts
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Kokketsu: Matrum Canibus
Trait Description: When the host is in danger, the Kokketsu will do everything it can do protect their vessel in order to preserve themselves.
Trait Effect:

    Allows the symbiote / parasite to register armor based abilities.


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