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Caelus Valeria VS. Silver Fox

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1Caelus Valeria VS. Silver Fox Empty Caelus Valeria VS. Silver Fox on 23/06/18, 05:27 pm

Caelus Valeria

Caelus Valeria

Caelus Valeria VS. Silver Fox Mai-kof13-stance
Enemy Name: Silver Fox
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier to defeat
Description/background: Formerly trained as an assassin in Balbadd, the Silver Fox decided to leave that life behind and began to travel the world. Having heard of Reim's legendary Coliseum, she decided to see it for herself. The Silver Fox was in luck too, a historic match was about to occur, the undefeated Decimus had been challenged by the King of Reim himself. After seeing the strongest warriors Reim had to offer clash head-to-head, the Silver Fox vowed that she would one day defeat Decimus herself. With two wins under her belt so far, she is working her way up to obtain that dream.

Abilities: The Silver Fox wields an collapsible fan that deals C-Tier damage. She wears a two meter long length of cloth, with a metal ball tied to one end, around her waist, that deals C-Tier damage when struck. She moves at 6 m/s and sprints up to 12 m/s.

Parry: Using her fan, the Silver Fox parries one ability that deals up to B-Tier damage away at 15 m/s.

Paper-cut: The Silver fox aims a twenty meter per second diagonal slash with her fan at an opponent's tendons to disable them, dealing B-Tier damage.

Rapid-Spin: Spinning her body at 15 m/s the Silver Fox hits an opponent with the metal ball, dealing C-Tier damage.

Brave Fox: The Silver Fox dashes forward at 15 m/s to travel up to 10 meters away.

Caelus Valeria VS. Silver Fox HHbSBxm
Name: Valkyrie
Tier: A
Type: Sword/Lance
Material: Silver-Infused Steel
Appearance: From tip to pommel, the sword is 1.34 meters (4.4 feet) long.  The blade runs the entire length, with the hilt extending from a break 34 centimeters (1.4 feet) further in.  A ribbon extends from the end of the hilt for another 30 cm (1 foot).

Caelus Valeria VS. Silver Fox Dragon_crest_shield
Name: Hurricane's Crest
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Shield
Magic Type: Wind
Cost : 10 magoi | 5 magoi
Appearance: A 90-centimeter tall and 60-centimeter wide cobalt kite shield, sporting the sign of a dragon painted in gold on the front. The shield is a total of 15-centimeters thick, not encumbering the user too much from weight.

  • Roar of the Storm - By feeding magoi into the shield, a powerful veil of wind magic will begin to envelop it. By simply thrusting it in any direction, a veil of destructive  wind will be released from it in the form of a cone. Anything considered intangible (fire, gasses, ect), or a projectile will be completely repelled by this powerful magic. Additionally, anything caught within this cone of wind will also take C-Tier damage in the form of multiple scratches. The size of the wind cone is 1-meter wide at the start, increasing to 5-meters as it spreads outward. The entire length of the cone is 10-meters long.

Caelus sat in the barracks with a worried look on his face. His last appearance in the Colosseum had turned the crowd against him, the result of a dirty trick that only he bore witness to. It had been some time since then, almost a year, but apparently the event had only just started to fade from the peoples memories when he signed up for another match. This sparked new outrage at his return, and turnout was likely to be much smaller as a result. His anxiety wouldn't do him any good however, and he tried to focus on the match.

Telleus was thrilled to see Caelus return, and had bombarded him with questions about his time in Kou. He replied as best he could, making sure not to name Ban or Shu so as to keep their secret, instead claiming to have joined some random monastery in the mountains for seclusion training. This seemed to satisfy him, and the two went back to business as usual. Right on cue, Telleus entered the room with a folder in hand. "Its the best i could do on short notice, but you'll be fighting Silver Fox today. She's an ex-assassin, supposedly from Balbadd."

"I've seen her fight before. She's good, but unsuited to straight combat. If i fought her in the street she'd be much more dangerous." Caelus mused. Assassins tended to have mediocre runs in the Colosseum. Their reliance on sneak attacks and subterfuge was often their undoing, as the wide open Colosseum had very little room to hide.

Telleus nodded. "Indeed. But Caelus, you know you can't just win todays match. If you want to get the crowd back on your side, you need to trounce her. Your victory must be completely one-sided, but without being boring. That will get people interested again.

"Always easier said than done." Caelus grimaced.

Ready to go, Caelus picked up his blade and shield and walked into the arena to muted applause. He even heard a few boos. Silver Fox on the other hand was loudly cheered, and chants of "kick his ass!" followed behind her. She appeared to revel in the glory.

"Caelus, is it? Don't worry, i don't believe the rumors." She called.

"Thats nice of you to say-" Caelus started, but was interrupted as Silver Fox spoke again.

"After all, you couldn't win a match even if you did cheat! Ahahaha!"

Caelus' blood boiled. Any doubt he had before the match went out the window. He wouldn't just win, he'd destroy her. In response he stabbed Valkyrie into the tile floor where it held fast, and hung his shield on top of it. He walked the rest of the way forward with no weapons or other equipment. He'd resolved to beat her with his bare hands.

When the starting bell was struck, Silver Fox dashed forward with Brave Fox and slashed at Caelus' legs with Paper Cut. But Caelus had seen this coming. As soon as the bell had sounded, he front-flipped a meter into the air, and brought his foot down like a hammer to the back of Silver Fox's head. She dropped face first into the tile, cracking it. Caelus landed and backed up two meters, bouncing back and forth on his toes. "Must have been a fluke." He taunted. The crowd gasped.

The Silver Fox rose and wiped the blood from her nose. She was pissed. Caelus didn't give her a chance to recover, and pushed his advantage with a flurry of punches. To her credit, she deflected them with her fans Parry. She performed a rapid-spin, causing the ball in her sash to come flying towards Caelus. With his Reflexive Armorskin he nullified the damage as he caught the ball bare-handed. He then yanked hard, pulling her towards him and kicking out with his left foot at her stomach. Silver Fox gasped for air, but was quickly dispatched with a three-hit combo: a jab right, a cross left, and quick instep followed by a powerful right uppercut.

Silver Fox flew backwards almost two meters before landing sprawled on the tile, unconscious. There was a beat, and then cheers erupted from the audience.

Caelus smiled wide. With a shout he proclaimed, "Your boy is back! And i'm going all the way to the top!" This elicited even more cheers as he challenged any and all opponents with his cry. He jogged back to grab his blade and shield before returning to the barracks, where an elated Telleus was waiting for him. "You never fail to impress me, Caelus! Four wins under your belt, and nothing but blue skies ahead. Lets get to work!"

Reflexive Armorskin (20 Stamina)
Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary
Range: Self
Requirements/Drawbacks: This ability can only affect one limb at a time, and can only affect 1 attack.
Scaling: For every 10 Stamina invested, the damage the ability can block is increased by 1 tier.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina

The user flash hardens an area of skin to block a surprise attack. This technique can prevent a D-tier of damage, or more if scaled.

Magoi: 180/180
Stamina: 270/290

WC: 805/800


Caelus Valeria VS. Silver Fox TEMcyWS

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