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New Primary and Updating Secondary Proffesion

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Primary Profession
Related Class: Warrior
Profession Title: The Warden-Queen of Meridia
Description: Using the skills gained leading a military and uniting people the leader of Meridia commands both army and people as a protector. Guiding as a warrior to inspire people, to fight for them, a warden of her lands.
Profession Perks:

  • Queen's Command~ Merrze can give commands out to her military and people in order to quickly spread her word throughout her territory to her followers. This could be to gain information from, spread out official news or even a call to arms for her people.

  • Warden's Lessons~ As the commander of the military Merrze can spread her combat knowledge to her members of the Meridian Guard faction, teaching them up to three skills. 1 C-tier, 1 B-tier and 1 A-tier ability. accessibility to these abilities will be rank and tier based, with only the highest officials learning the A-tier ability.

  • Emergency Skywhale Call~ Meridian Citizens/Followers B-tier or higher will have the chance to learn a special call in order to summon Merrze's skywhale to come defend the citizens or lands of Meridia in time's of need.

New Primary, will be posting a big procession chain to accompany this profession and gain access to these perks. Leading to Merrze earning this title from her people, and stepping stone to leading to country founding plot.

Secondary Profession
Profession Title: Inventor
Description: Working with various machine and items the inventor is able to figure out how things work and try to craft new ones. Pushing forward ideas in order to advance science and warcraft
Profession Perks:

  • Reverse Engineering~ Merrze can take things apart in order to figure out how they function and work. In order to use their functions, use of materials and etc to invent new things.

  • Invention!~By experimenting, studying and attempting to craft new things. Crafting new items, weapons and tools in order to assist people's daily lives or contribute to warfare. In order to craft something new a job chain equivalent to the tier of the item must be made, in order to gather materials, make functions or work on the new ideas along with finishing the product.

Updating my inventor profession so that perks fit with the new system and so that I can still invent the things Merrze has worked on.


New Primary and Updating Secondary Proffesion BB2kzwq
New Primary and Updating Secondary Proffesion TXTx1qB
Merrze's Vault of Wonders

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