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Altair Loros

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Altair Loros

Altair Loros
Altair Loros Ryo_takatsuki_43542

Altair Loros AladdinTab_zps506e3ebb
Name: Altair Loros
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age + Birthdate:21, April 19th
Nationality: Wanderer
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

Altair Loros JudalTab_zpsa330a902
Personality:Altair is very gifted when it comes to interacting with people. He could turn a complete stranger into a best friend in a single conversation. He is naturally friendly and has a very peaceful aura about him. That said, he can be very forceful with his words and body when he needs to be, enforcing the rules and keeping the peace. When Altair is alone, he likes to spend his time in quiet meditation, taking a moment for himself in total peace and quiet. Being a Shepherd requires constant vigilance, so when he gets time off he spends it relaxing. Even though he is a village leader, he actively spends time tending sheep. He thinks that if he can't get sheep to follow him, how can he expect people too? He cares for people in the same way as he does sheep: with a watchful eye and a loving heart. But should anything actively attempt to harm his flock, he is merciless in getting rid of the threat. Through any means necessary. There have been times, although few, where Altair has lost all sense of humanity and mercy when defending someone. If you are going to get in his way, you better have a very good reason.

Likes: Altair enjoys the simple things in life the most, such as the smell of grass after a fresh rain, or the bleat of a newborn lamb.

Dislikes: There isn't much that Altair can't see the good in, but there are three things he absolutely cannot stand. The first is any form of slavery. The second is letting the guilty go unpunished. And the third is senseless violence.

Phobias: The only thing that Altair is afraid of is becoming someone heartless. His own self-destruction or the twisting of his good nature into something that would hurt others is something that he can't allow to happen. He would rather die than let himself become corrupted and used to bring harm to others.

Aspirations: Altair has a few goals in life, but one stands above the others. Altair wants to abolish slavery in every country. To him, it isn't right to have one person be completely subjugated by another. Being a ruler is one thing, but that comes with a responsibility to look out for your subjects and have their best interest in mind. Slavery is a corruption of this, seeking to give easy power over others to those who are "born in a higher status" than others.

Altair Loros ScheTab_zps4f77e3b6
Face-Claim: Ryo Takatsuki, Project Arms
Weight:180 lbs.
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:Hazel
Rukh Alignment:White
Special Traits:Altair has a tattoo of a black crown encircling his right bicep that marks him as the rightful heir to the Uriaa Clan's leadership
Appearance:Altair is tall and lithe. He has the strength of a seasoned warrior but is not quite as broad. His brown hair is allowed to grow freely, with no attempt to style it, but is kept relatively short. His skin is moderately tanned from being out in the hot sun all day. He has Hazel eyes that hide specks of emerald green in them. Altair wears simple clothes, usually just his tunic, trousers, and shepherd cloak. When he needs to dress up however, he has a special set of clothes stored away for special occasions. These consist of a black tunic and nice trousers with gold trimmings, as well as a gold, silver, and black brooch in the shape of a falcon’s head.

Altair Loros YunanTab_zpsba28a063
History:Altair was born into the head branch of the Uriaa tribe. As the firstborn of the current patriarch, he was destined to become the next leader of the tribe. However, some political trouble involving one of the branch families caused his succession to be disrupted, causing him to give up leadership to the branch family's son. While he is still the rightful leader, he will not be able to take control until the problem is resolved.

Most of Altair's childhood was learning the history, functions, and politics of the various branches of the tribe, as well as literacy and mathematics tutoring. While he excelled in his studies, he wasn't happy. That was until he turned 10 years old and learned to tend sheep. This became a passion of his; tending and protecting the sheep became his one true love. As he grew older, he learned that he could extend that happiness to tending to the business of the tribe and its people. He would tend them the same way as he would sheep, with a firm but gentle hand.

The first test of his conviction came when he was only 12 years old. His small flock of sheep was attacked by a Lion, and one of the lambs was in danger of being eaten. Quick as the wind, Altair was on top of the Lion attacking it with his Rod to distract it and then leading it away from the flock with the Hit and Run technique of his tribe's fighting style. When he was a safe distance away from his flock, but still not out of site, he changed tactics and began to actively attack the lion, bashing its skull with his rod while remaining out of range of its claws. The fight lasted for only 3 minutes, but it felt like hours to Altair. When he was running out of energy, the lion was still going strong. It launched one final attack, a swipe with its giant claw aimed at Altair's head. But Altair saw it coming. He ducked under the paw, and took one final upward swing at the jaw of the lion. It connects, and shatters its skull. The lion died on the spot, leaving Altair exhausted, but alive. But his job is not over. He walks back to his flock and continues to tend to them until he is relieved 3 hours later. When he arrived back at camp that night, he was greeted with a hero's welcome and a well-deserved rest.

As he grew older, he learned more and more about what his responsibilities would be when he finally took control of his tribe. But at the age of 20, he learned that that would never be. The branch tribe that had usurped power years ago had solidified their reign, and officially banished him from the tribe. Using his knowledge of the trade routes he had been forced to memorize, he found his way to Balbadd, where he took up work as, what else, a shepherd.

Role-Play Sample:The road was a long one, but Altair had finally made it to Balbadd. The city was a hive of activity that day, but that didn’t seem unusual for a trade city like this one. The city’s name is Ysil, a city on the south-eastern edge of the country’s border. From the looks of things, there appeared to be something going on deeper in town today; something that attracted most of the city. Altair decided to follow the crowd into the city’s square and finally saw what all the commotion was about.

In the center of town, there was a sale going on; a sale of exotic and beautiful women apparently. Altair sighed. This always bothered him about the rest of the world. Slavery was a brutal, archaic system of repayment that followed ones debt through the generations. Being an indentured servant by your own doing was one thing, but forcing that life on their children was another. Not to mention the raids that he had heard about going on in this and other countries by slavers. They would kidnap those who looked like they could be useful and break them so that they wouldn’t fight back. It was truly a terrible thing. Altair picked up his staff and turned to leave. He couldn’t watch people being subjugated like this.

But before he had even taken a step he heard a scream. He whirled to see one of the women from the auction being beaten by her master. He heard the whispers of the crowd, ”she only said goodbye to her child, why punish her?” Altair’s blood boiled. ”Fuck. Here I go again.” He said, his rod in hand. He walked forwards out of the crowd and right up to the man doing the beating. ”I’ll give you exactly three seconds before I get involved.” The man stopped for a second, before laughing and pulling the woman by her hair. "Oh? And what are you going to do, boy? Herd me to greener pastures? Ahahahaha!"

The rod flew through the air so fast it whistled. It connected with the man's skull and sent him flying a full five feet backwards. The man began to rise, shakily at first but then fell back to the ground, clutching his now heavily bleeding head. The crowd was completely silent. Altair extended his staff to touch the mans chin and lifted his head to face him. he spoke to the man with absolute conviction. "If you ever touch a woman like that again, i'll make sure not to hold back next time." The man's face went white, maybe from fear, maybe from blood loss, but he began to call for the guards. "Don't bother. I'll head there myself." He said. Altair then turned to help the woman to her feet. he brushed her off, and kissed her upon her brow. "Peace. Hopefully next time we meet it will be under fairer conditions." Altair then turned, and began to walk towards the jailhouse. His trip just got a lot longer.

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hmm looks fine I guess. My only concern is the village thing bu its not a big deal since there are shown smaller nomatic like tribes in the manga so I'll allow it.

Congrats and enjoy your time here.


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