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Hungry Wolves[Solo|Job]

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After his home burned down, Zion found it hard to sleep on the cold stone floor of the towers interior. One night he found himself unable to drift off at all and so he opened the door and  headed out into the night air for a walk. His first stop was the modest garden nearby where a stone slab was centered. It was the place his father's body had been turned to ash and taken by the wind. Recalling that scene, Zion remembered that the winds had taken Mikael's ashes eastward into the great plains.

The young magician felt slightly compelled to wander in the direction his father's ashes had taken. Under the full moon Zion's casual steps carried him away from his lab tower and out into the wide sea of land known as the Great Plains. This was his first time really exploring into these lands but Zion felt peaceful as he strolled into the night.

Serenity was broken when a shriek sounded off in the darkness somewhere to Zion's left.  The young magician stopped for a moment but Zion couldn't just stand around frozen if he were to learn what greatness was.  Staff in hand, Zion ran in the direction of the voice. The screaming had continued as well making it easier for Zion to trace where it was coming from.

Though there was a full moon there had been quite a bit of overcast in the night sky casting dark shadows. But a break in the clouds arrived just in time to illuminate a scene just ahead of Zion. There was a woman screaming, running through the plains with a hyena growling as it chased after her. The beast seemed to be enjoying the chase rather than going in for the kill.

The "right" thing to do was evident and Zion rushed towards the girl shouting, "Over here!" This caught her attention and she stopped screaming before looking over to see the robed young man carrying a staff. A magician! The relief that someone had actually appeared to save her so close to the edge of the great plains was overwhelming. The change in pace caused her to trip and fall screaming once more.

The Hyena had also noticed the newly arrived Zion and decided it needed to finish this pray off quickly. It moved towards the girl viciously aiming to Bite her neck. But Zion interceded and with two waves of his staff the air between the beast and the beauty compressed into a pair of solid walls. The creature broke through the first wall shattering the compressed air but the second wall held against its diminished force.


Zion spoke his next spell aloud with force to intimidate the creature as he waved his staff and then tapped the air with its head. A fist sized ball of compressed air formed and then fired at the canine slamming into it's side. The Hyena made a yelp of pain before making a quick retreat off into the distance whilst limping on the leg closest to where it had been struck. The beast wouldn't be chasing down anybody any time soon.

The woman was grateful to Zion after she calmed down from the incident and politely introduced herself. The magician accepted an invitation to follow her back to her tribe that she had wandered off from. There the girl and her family were joyously reunited before offering a reward to Zion for his help.

[Job WC: 500+/500]
[Magoi: 225/260]
Abilities Used:

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Short/Medium(3m-10m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The magician must gently wave their staff/wand before tapping the air or object with their staff/wand or fingertip. The size of the staff/wand/fingertip determines the size and range of the bullet.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 20 Magoi(Scaled to C-tier Damage)

    The caster gathers magoi at the tip of their staff/wand or fingertip. The rukh are given the command to gather at the origin point creating a lump of strength magic equal to the size of the medium up to a maximum of 10cm in diameter. The lump is created upon tapping the air or an object. The blob of strength magi will apply force in the direction of the tap sending compressed air or small objects flying. When using ones finger or wand with a tip smaller than 5cm the bullet will travel 10m. When using a staff that exceeds 5cm the range will be reduced to 5m. When using a staff that meets the max size of 10cm the range will drop to 3m. The force applied to the target will cause it to impact against anything in its effective range for D-tier damage or higher if scaled.

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Defensive
Range: Medium(0m-5m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The magician must swipe their staff/wand or hand in the direction the wall is being created while channeling magoi through their staff/wand. The wall always forms based on which way the magician swipes(I.E. Sweeping left to right causes the wall to start forming on the left before expanding rightward.)
Scaling: Amount
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 15 Magoi(Sustained once)

    The magician swipes through the air releasing a wave of magoi which commands rukh of the 7th type to form a solid wall of force. The wall isn't very large with a maximum possible size of 1.5mx2m with a thickness of 3cm. This wall can manifest up to 5m away. By scaling this spell the magician can create additional walls but only by swiping once more.


Hungry Wolves[Solo|Job] Latest?cb=20120712143949
Name: Communion Rod
Tier: Basic[D]
Material: Steel|Gold|Quartz
A somewhat flashy, yet simple staff. 1.5m from the base of the shaft to the top of the crystal orb fastened between four pointy gold plated prongs. The staff tapers to a narrow 2cm  diameter circular face and increases in girth to a more comfortable size for gripping becoming comparable to a broom handle in size. The crystal atop the staff is a clear quartz with few inclusions and has a diameter of 7.5cm.


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