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CENTRAL TEMPLE OF RA 2000px-Eye_of_Horus.svg
Affiliation: HELIOHAPT
Status: INVITE

  • Entry:Priests must be handpicked by the clergy and trained from young ages.
  • Departure:???
  • Activity: Must complete 1 faction related job.


The Central Temple of Ra practices a complex system of polytheistic deity based worship. This religion is centered around the interaction between Heliohaptian's and their Gods. Formal practices centered around the Pharaoh who is believed to have divine power or virtue by their position. In Theory the Pharaoh acts as intermediary between the gods, and is obligated to sustain them through rituals, worship and offering.

In Honor of Ra the Priests regularly hold prayer and ritual in coordination with the sun. Prayer sessions are going on near all times of day. There are always a group prayer done in the Morning, Noon, Afternoon & Sunset.  
The stars are heavily integral in practices the Central Temple has for divinity. Clairvoyance is a critical tool for the clergy. The Priests may conduct magical rituals and studies to detect natural disasters and tragedies. When in the state of war it is common for the Temple to be pressed for divination to give strategic advantage and information to the state. It is often used to detect sandstorms, droughts, floods and plagues.
The Funerary Process
Funerary practices is also an important aspect of Heliohaptan religion. There is a complex system to the afterlife, in which they must be prepared to continue their paths in the next life. Heliohaptan's may go through great lengths to preserve their souls in the next phase of life. There are several steps to the funerary process, which are:

  • Before the embalming mourners often cover their faces in ink made from red flower petals.
  • Mourners offer prayers and hymns for the recently deceased before the embalming
  • Before the procession a Priest would bathe the body with oil and honey
  • The priest performs rituals to aid the deceased soul reintegrate with the rukh

The Central Temple of Ra is a temple in dedication to the deity Ra. The Central Temple is considered a home to the God Ra, and within it his offerings, prayer and veneration are constructed. The Interior of the Central Temple is a palatial property. The Building is flooded with Halls line with rooms for  study and rituals. There is a amphitheater within the temple for prayers and concert. In the last wing of the theatre is a library which holds secret knowledge, magic and rituals.


Ra is believed to be the Supreme ruler of both the Sky and the Earth. Ra is a representation of the manifestation of the force of the Sun and Light. He is also symbolized by the Falcon. Ra is especially associated with the Noon Sun.


For the most part Citizens have little role in the Temple of Ra. However their presence is not completely devoid. While formal Religious practice involved the rituals performed by The Pharaoh and Priest. Citizens may come to the temple for:

  • Aid and Divinity from a Priest
  • Occasional Festivals
  • Musicians who play music within Temple Halls
  • Artisans and Merchants who sell the Temple supplies



Within the halls and studies of the temple are many priests which operate the facility.The Priests are responsible for the spiritual development and well being of a nation. There is a small population of Priests in Heliohapt, as to be a Priest you must be able to perform magical rituals.To ensure such growth and stability within their culture they offer their knowledge and spiritual guidance as a service to the community. Such as the following:

  • The priests will lead in scheduled prayer, and ritual sun-worship to their god Ra.
  • The priests assist in veneration, a ritualistic process in which offerings are given to assist the dead in passing on to higher realities.
  • The priests will assist in the preparing the dead for the afterlife.
  • Priests will offer divinity to the community to prevent disasters (Flooding, Plague, Sandstorm, Drought)
  • The priests will pass their knowledge, teachings and beliefs down to the next generation. Ensuring that their culture survives many decades.

The High Priests are extremely capable and have much knowledge and understanding of the world through their practice and belief system. The High Priests are responsible for managing the Temple and its role in the communities around it. As well the High Priests being responsible for the Funerary Processes of the Pharaoh. The High Priests are also important Public figures who aid the community through their spiritual practice.
The roles of the High Priests are as follows:

  • The Funerary Process & Embalming of the Pharaoh | Mummification
  • Management of the Temple to detect natural disasters in the nation such as plagues, droughts, sandstorms and flooding.
  • Management of the Temple to
  • Doing Divination for nobility.

The Temple Chanters are young magicians conscripted to the temple for the honorable sake of sustaining Ra. The chanters are students and apprentices to the priests. They live studious lives within the temples but they do receive time off. Chanters have a variety of minor yet critical responsibilities such as:

  • Being studious and learning the rituals, prayers and teachings in order to mature into Priesthood.
  • Chanting hymns and prayers in unison for group sessions
  • Supporting Priests in performing magical rituals and prayer
  • Completing Household chores around the temple
  • Giving small offerings to Ra to sustain the universe



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