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Escorting the rich...[Job/Solo]

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Bass Mikiaru

Bass Mikiaru
@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: A Merchant Strife
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A traveling merchant has asked for the assistance of someone brave to help him out. There are several bandits that have been after his treasures, and he needs you to help him cross through Balbadd safely. In return, he will give you a nice little reward. The bandits are a group of 5 men that are clad in black and white attire. Protect the merchant and his goods, and take down the bandits to receive your reward!


Enemy Name: Bandit x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Bandits deal D-tier damage with a small dagger.

While walking throughout the town to sell his latest pelts, Bass overheard this traveling merchant ask these group of men for an escort due to the rise in bandit activity within the country. It sounded like a good way to make some extra money, keeping that within his head the young male walked down to the stand where this older man name Al'do would buy his pelts. The man used the pelts to make blankets and rugs.  It was a good process but something that took time which is why Bass never messed with it. After all, all he spent his money on was hunting equipment and things to keep his bow in tip-top shape.

After collecting his payment he noticed that traveling merchant hadn't yet left, it seemed those men weren't the sort to stick their necks out against bandits or they didn't think they pay was enough. He felt sorry for the older gentleman and walked over to him with a warming smile.  "Um, excuse me, sir, I heard you early talking to those guys if you are still looking for help my day is clear. I would be happy to see you through to your next location. " The elder man looked down at the boy from the back of his cart, what use would a young man like him be in a battle.  He looked barely old enough to even use that large bow on his back.  "I'm sorry lad, but your help isn't needed, I don't need the death of a young man like yourself on my conscious " He went back to loading his cart.

Bass would look down and shake his head. "And how do you think I would feel if I allowed an innocent man to ride out alone and die because he was too stubborn to take a helping hand? Besides I don't see anyone else standing here to take your offer." The man stopped taking a moment to heed the words of the young man, he was respectful and kind, perhaps he had something to him after all? "Alright alright, Name is Jimbo, you can ride in front of the cart with me.  

Bass would give the man a smile and a nod, then assisted with the loading.  Several minutes later they were heading out, his bow was drawn already, its black color catching the eyes of the man while the magic circle laid in perfect sight.   The two set out on their travels, sure enough about an hour into the ride 5 men were standing in front of the cart path, black mask, with layers of white and black cloths covering their bodies.   Bass held his hand up making the man stop a ways back, about 20 meters.  Standing to his feet he called out to the men in front of them. "Please move from the path and no one has to get hurt this is your only chance..." He hoped they took his words seriously, though he knew their kind, the same who had rapped his mother.  His right hand started to make a fist at the thought as he waited for their answer.

The bandits drew their blades and started to walk toward the carts, "Like hell, we will boy, now how's about you step down from there and give us all your stuff and maybe we won't capture you and sell ya off huh." Their choice had been made.  Bass reached over his shoulder with his right arm grabbing a large steel arrow from his quiver. The man's face sitting near him was shocked a boy of his size was able to use such a large arrow and bow, but there was no way he would be accurate would he? They were going to die he just knew it. He closed his eyes as he started to pray to his god, meanwhile the sound a body hitting the ground was heard.

Bass had drawn his bow back and fired the stell arrow downrange at the man who was just talking, the steel arrow pludnged right in the center of his forehead as his body was taken back a meter from the weight of the arrow. His body slammed into the ground and before anyone had known what had happened bass reached again for another arrow before firing that one too, this arrow  hit one of the guys on the far right side hitting him in the throat, forcing him to drown in his own blood, a slow but painful death. Even if the arrow was pulled from his throat he would still bleed out.

The man on the side of Bass looked up, Jimbo had a look of panic, not from the bandits but from Bass, who was this kid and what the hell was he!?  The answer was an angry young man who wasn't ever going to hold back against evil men.  Before Bass could pull another arrow out the three remaining bandits began to run at them, they were running cross patterns trying to confuse him, however, he was a hunter, nothing new here.  Instead of drawing an arrow, he closed his eyes  channeling his magoi into the bow, as he did the magic circle would awake with a purple-black smoke, those who could see Ruhk would notice a flurry of them gathering around the bow as it's strength magic was being activated.

Smoke began to eat from the bow surrounding him while the glow of the circle would now be seen. Opening his eyes he pulled back on the drawstring as a black arrow would form.   The black arrow would fly with great force, as it hit the man in the front and caved his chest in before blood hurled out his mouth. A second black arrow formed, Bass fired it but it missed landing in front of the new guys in front, there were now 10 meters away. When the arrow hit the ground, the path caved in making a small crater.   Again he fired another arrow this time catching one of them in the legs as it blew off under the pressure of the strongest magic arrow.  

He could feel the bow taking its toll on his body, he needed to end this fast. The smoke had covered most of the cart by now, the only thing that was seen was Bass, it was due to his arrows launching.  There was only one left now, and he was closing in, 5 meters away from them. Bass would jump forward as he drew back the strong and another arrow was created, he fired it, 3 meters away from the last bandit having a near point-blank shot on him, his head was blow from his body as it fell to the ground backwards.  Bass sighed as he landed on his feet. Looking back to the man Jimbo he gave him a thumbs up. "I'll move the bodies then we can get going." The glow and smoke from the bow faded, he had spent a good amount of his magoi in this fight, but he needed the man to know he was going to be alright.  

After moving the bodies he got back onto the cart, everything had gone well from that point on, reaching the next location the two men got off the cart, Bass helped the man unload his goods and took his payment. "Thanks lad for the help, sorry I underestimated you. I'll be leaving here in a few days if you care to earn your way to another country that is. " Bass nodded, it was time to set out in the world anyway. Might as well earn some money doing it.

WC 1338/500
Stamina: 100
Magoi: 70/100
Ammo: 3/5


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