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Decent into Depravity (Travel/Dark Rukh transfer)

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With her family name stripped from her and her honor tarnished, the girl known as Nahvi Elumin delos Corvus was no more. Her name would be forgotten in the tides of time. Broken beyond repair. The Girl's past was no longer hers, it was someone different... someone who died! The nameless red headed girl would stand at her sisters final resting place where she buried her. The winter wind was brisk and nipped at her ears but her body was warm wrapped around her animal companion, Zakad. The girl was bandaged heavily but looked upon the field in sorrow. Her hair was cut into a spiky long mane. Over all her change was similar but still all too different to recognize her.

"This is where it all ended Zakad. Take a good look, we won't be coming back! We have to find a new home to..." She sighed heavily and pet the Echo Wolf. She was reminded of Diana's words, the tears that were shed here, the heartbreak she felt. Diana sparing her was out of an act of love and kinship which she wouldn't grant another member of her family. Black Rukh would start to swarm as she pulled upon these memories. Here is where she was abandoned. Here was where she lost, here is where she died, here... here... here.  Tears had begun to follow, Zakad could feel the ever growing Malice in the air coming from Nahvi as she looked upon these memorie with tears coming from her darkened eyes. She'd have to survive on her own. She no longer had her families asset. She'd have to rely on thievery and lying! Two things she hated doing but, whatever she had to in order to survive. Zakad would knock the girl out of her depravity with a howl, that would catch her attention.

She shook her head and patted her face, and took a deep breath. "Let's go boy! We've spent enough time here dallying we're going to Balbadd!" With a nod she walked away from the clearing, never to return to her sisters burial grounds, ever again...

The road to Balbadd would be arduous and frustrating None to say the least. They would have to travel to the port in order to take a boat but the boat hadn't reached the dock yet so they were stuck in this port town for weeks until finally the boat would arrive. Now Nahvi didn't have any money to pay for the trip, so she offered her services as a cut throat Mercenary With her animal comanion. The ship would reluctantly accept and they were off.

The journey on the seas were actually smooth sailing, not a storm cloud the first, nor a pirate ship in sight. What a trip to be a mercenary on. It was a good thing however. The nameless girl would have to change her name eventually but she needed to go by something for now. Nadine? nope! Luna? nuh uh! Tyra? Didn't fit! She'd just need a name that none had come up with before. Lumiere... that... that could work... and thats the name that she would go by from now on. Lumiere. After a couple months at sea she finally arrived in Balbadd. After thanking the sailor for the free ride, she would have to begin fending for herself as a rouge. It was night by the time they arrived at the Port town in balbadd. She had no money to pay an inn keeper so she'd find a dark alleyway with Zakad cuddled around her and fall asleep.

WC: 610 words Travel from Kou to Balbadd

and White Rukh transfer to Black Rukh

Also Name change Imma put the edits in for this soon don't you worry about it!


Decent into Depravity (Travel/Dark Rukh transfer) JmUQbUB

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