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Guardians of the Peaks [WIP]

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Guardians of the Peaks

Guardians of the Peaks [WIP] 58aNizN

Guardians of the Peaks [WIP] Throne_room_by_zoriy-d4qp2wi

Guardians of the Peaks [WIP] 350x350 LOGO IMAGE HERE

Affiliation: Hakazè
Type: Military & Political
Status: Invite Only

  • Entry: In order to join, you must declare Citizenship to Hakazè. And declare your intent to join the Guardians of the Peaks faction with 1000 Word Count interaction with Solomon King which may be combined count with job or plot.

  • Departure: Being Removed by SolomonxKing or 500 word Count stating reason of leaving with Solomon King which may be combined count with job or plot.

  • Activity: You must participate in monthly activity checks or you will be put at risk of being temporarily removed from the faction until you are active. 5000 Huang each Activity Check to be deposited in Vault or 1500 Words in a topic to better Hakazè which may be combined count with job or plot.


This faction is a group of those chosen by Solomon King to defend and better Hakazè.

Leader: Solomon King


  • [†Head†] -  King the Final Decision and Judgement of All

    Solomon King

  • [†Heart†] - Those who advise the King the type of advisory would vary. Those of this title are usually those that are closest to the King or a household member.

    Hiraku Juro: Head Advisor & Representation of the People in the Capital

  • [†The Axe†] - This title is for his strongest or his sneakiest. Those of this title are either known for their strength or not known at all, the king does not share to anyone who those are within this group. Rarely would Solomon wish to have use of this group as it would mean those in this group are either in direct combat with other nations or enemies, and or have infiltrated and dedicated their life to the destruction of another. Must be Household Member Those of this title may be exempt from having citizen tattoo.

    Name here

  • [†Right Hand†] - Those given this title are usually given the position of champion or general in the armies. They may often be given a squad of their own and can have respect among the people. However they have no say in that of the politics or economics.

    Name here

  • [†Left Hand†] - Having this title generally means you would be a emissary sending and receiving messages to the King. To be of this title one would have to understand social etiquette greatly and to be able to read the atmosphere or cultural norm around them as they would generally be in the middle of great leaders.
    Must be Household Member

    Name here

  • [†Flag-Bearers†] - Those of this title are those who tend to wander and are hard to keep in one place but keep Hakazè in mind and heart. They have very little influence in politics or military but wish to support there home and have the strength to do so.

    Name here

Threads: (List at least two or more of the related threads backing up this faction here.)


Guardians of the Peaks [WIP] Sk_sig10

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