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Job: Timberz! Two:
Job Name: Timberz! Two
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Reward: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: Must Receive permission from SolomonxKing
Job Overview: The Village of Hakazé in the Jade Mountians is in need of some wood, for structures and as just general supplies. Go out to the mountains and help chop down trees. Just remember that Solomon himself does not like the idea of hunting of Cubs or any fully grown beasts.

Enemy Name: Tiger Cubs x4
Enemy Tier: D
Damage Required to Defeat: D
Description: Tiger Cubs deal D-tier damage with claws and teeth.
Abilities: Furry swipes - The cubs stand on their hind legs in an attempt to tear into your skin with their claws. To deal D-tier damage each claw.

The Sun bright on Solomon’s face was blinding as he awoke, it felt scorching and he was covered in sweat, hoping out of bed he would throw his blanket up to cover the window to keep more of the light out of his home. After eating he would open the door and see some of those were working while others were just trying to keep from getting too hot, Solomon would hop into the outdoor bath that he kept just at the back of his home. Solomon was never shy about others seeing him naked unless it there were children around but this time he was save to just undress and hop into the tub, the odd worker would see him but he was good looking and he knew it. Being an escort in the past was most likely what made him this way, however he wanted his people to feel comfortable around him, and him to feel comfortable with them. That is when a thought came to mind, an open bath house, where those could mix or have separate genders, it would take some time but it was definitely possible. After finishing with his bath he would hope out and throw on his clothing. Making his way over to Hiraku he would say, “It is all good for them to be working it will get more of the wall done however just make sure that they do not overwork, if this heat continues make sure they only work a half day and that they stay hydrated.” Hiraku would nod as he gathered some of the juicy fruit to feed them while they took breaks.

Leaving both Mamoru and Largo behind to assist with much of the work to move resources his people would need for the walls, Solomon would hop upon Garuda and take to the air with three large flaps electricity would bounce off the wings onto the ground, then diving downwards off the mountain he would head for the ground and tree’s below him. Solomon knew that his idea may take a fair while to come to pass however the initial part of his deal would benefit everyone that lived in the village, he would have to tap into springs that he would find or at least have some of the villagers tap into the underground springs that he could find, to supply the village with another source of water.

Gliding down onto the ground and hoping off of Garuda, Solomon immediately would grab his Howling Axe from his waist and begin to use it to chop into trees and fill the open beds. He would spend hours just filling each bed full of wood, and it was till just before dinner that he would begin to here the thumping of a something he heard before in the distance. Standing leaning on his axe he would then sigh as tiger cubs walked out from the tress once again, “Seriously, I gave you food and took you somewhere else that was just like this, I do not wish to kill you as you but cubs, however if you end up killing one of my people I will have to.” Solomon would take a moment to think, what he should do ... he valued these cubs as they could procreate and make more allowing his people to continue hunting here. On the other hand he valued the life of his people. As Solomon thought of these things the tiger cubs walked up to him, and would rub against him, they were just cubs and did not seem to be starving like last. Solomon would feel bad about it however; he would knock each unconscious once more, using a Basic Attack on each to do so. Slapping at each Solomon would be careful not to kill them then he would pile each onto a pile again. “Garuda, take them farther than last. And do NOT eat them.” Assisting with the ropes attaching to Garuda, it would then fly away. “If we meet once more, I will not reject you again.” Solomon would say as they flew away.

He felt bad sending away the cubs that had no aggression towards him, however if they were to grow properly and follow the correct path that would be the natural choice. He would then pick back up his axe and begin chopping at the trees again, filling different beds waiting for Garuda to arrive back. Once back Solomon would begin to bring the wood that he had chopped back up the mountain to stockpile in preparation. Arriving back in the village he noticed most of the villagers halted working, which was great since they seemed to accomplish a decent amount of work in that time. It would not be today that Solomon begun to work on his idea but it would be shortly, he first had to come up with the plans for the pipe work and where to bury them for easy access to work and to branch off of for additional needs.

It was not till the next day that that Solomon would beginning digging trenches out along the village, the people were curious what was going on however did not question him and would just step over anything that was dug out. He would borrow Largo to assist him in digging as the people continued to work on the walls, Hiraku would come over after some time it was likely about noon, “Solomon everyone is slightly curious about what you are doing.” He would ask with a puzzled look as he looked into the trenches. "I am setting up for another source of water, and thought that the people could use a bath house." Solomon would say with a giant smile on his face. Hiraku would laugh as Solomon face was covered in mud, as he smiled. But Hiraku would then just nod and left him to continue, he knew that it was something that would need to be done as the population grew, even if the current way worked.

Word Count: 1000/1000


Wood for the Bath [Solo/Job/Plot] [ Sk_sig10

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