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The Trade Routes [Solo/Job/Plot]

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Job Name: Securing Another Path!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: SolomonxKings Approval
Job Overview: Since SolomonxKing has entered Kou territory, several small pockets of resistance have risen up and are trying to strangle the trade routes for Hakazé. Take care of the Rebels.

Enemy Name: Rebels x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Rebels deal D-tier damage with their daggers.
Jab – Rebel jabs their blade forward to inflict D-tier damage.

Solomon already down from the mountain it was early morning and he was circling the mountain as he was scouting the area for possible locations for more crops or caves to begin mining. However he and Mamoru would come to a sudden stop and begin to listen. He could hear two men speaking to one another in the distance, and Solomon knew it was not his own people, as they seemed to be going away from the mountain. "Why do we need to set up camp over here?" the one man would ask the other. "Because we are here to make sure that the man occupying this area hasn't started trading negotiations yet... now stop asking so many questions were probably going to be the last ones there." Solomon would immediately begin charging towards the two of them atop of Mamoru, he did not even attempt to be silent. As the two of them turned to he what was coming at them, Solomon would jump off of Mamoru while it was running to use a Basic Attack driving his fist and his body weight into the less knowledgeable man immediately the man would drop to the ground. The other man was taken by surprise as he was definitely not expecting to be attacked and did not even have time to reach for his weapon before Mamoru was already pinning him to the ground.

Leaving the limp unconscious body of his mate, "So you are going to tell me what is going on here right?" Solomon would say as he walked over and stood above of the man being pinned , Mamoru's face inches from his the man would even hesitate to reply. "Please, we are only here to watch and see if you have began trades with anyone." Solomon would tap his foot and Mamoru's face would get slightly closer before Solomon would ask, "And where about are the others you spoke of." The man would nod before saying, "About 10 minutes in the direction we were going by foot. Probably take you much less time."
Solomon would nod before saying, "Assuming your with Kou let them know I spared everyone not because I am weak but I am hoping you and they stay away and stop trying to hurt my people and only this time I will need a messenger."

After giving a moment for the words to sink in Solomon would kick the man as a Basic Attack to knock him out. After tieing both men up and taking their weapons from them he would sling them over Mamoru's back and begin to head for the others. It would take Solomon just over ten minutes before he saw a tent, as he wished to leave Mamoru slightly behind him as not to disturb them before he wished too. Listening for a moment he would try to get what information out of them what he could. Apparently this was not to be the only spot they planned to camp out, their would be more but this is just the first that they would attempt. After a moment to verify nothing else would be said Solomon would then pull on his Sapling Pistol from his back and aim it at the one man and using Seedling Shot he would feed Magoi into it before shooting a seed at his arm. This would be more then enough to take the man to the ground and pin him leaving him unconscious due to the pressure.. The other man panicking would attempt to rip the thorns off his friend as they grew deeper into the earth pinning him, but it wasn't enough. "I will not kill you this time." Solomon would say as he walked out to immediately knock out the last opponent with a Basic Attack. As they both laid there Solomon would look at them, "Why do they always send the weakest first."

Solomon would disarm these too men as well before slinging them over Mamoru, if one was about to wake Solomon would then slap him unconscious once more. Now the travel back, Solomon knew that his people would have finished quite a bit of the wall. He was even thinking they may be able to start the final bridge once again shortly. As Solomon got closer to the mountain he would stop Mamoru, even if they were unconscious he would not have them anywhere near or around his village, one slip up with these men could give him a disadvantage in the times to come, he was not about to let them get a idea yet if they haven't had one yet. Going ahead he would whistle and wait a moment, Garuda would be seen soaring over the cliff side before rushing down to Solomon. Walking back towards Mamoru now having Garuda he would say to it, "Take one at a time back towards their home, do not get close enough to anyone or anything that could endanger you. And when you come back for the next I'll be waiting here till you are done. When you take each drop them at different locations around their home but stay out of any villages or cities, I do not mind if you drop them from a height as long as it does not permanently hurt them." Tying each to Garuda as it went back and forth, and coming to the last Solomon would attach a note. "Stop this." It was now about night fall, Solomon did not feel as he accomplished much however at least these men one who look almost that of a boy yet to be a man, at least they lived.

Given Garuda a break he would send him back up the cliff side alone he just had him go quite a distance back and forth and Mamoru and him sat as it did work. They would climb back up the cliff alone and Solomon would do it next to Mamoru, it was difficult enough to be physical training which now a days Solomon did not get to come by often. Plus he would get to see what it would put others through and what improvements Solomon could come to to make things easier for those of traders and such.

Job Word Count:  1000+/1000

Magoi: 250/260
Stamina: 420/420

Sapling Pistol:

The Trade Routes [Solo/Job/Plot] I6u4SU0

Name: Sapling Pistol
Tier:  C
Type: Magic Weapon - Pistol
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: An ancient gun that appears to be made almost entirely of wood. It is roughly 45cm long and has a magic circle carved into the butt of the handle.

  • Seedling Shot - Feeding magoi into the pistol allows the user to fire a single seed which travels up to 20m. The seedling will produce a tangle of thorny vines on impact which deal C-tier damage to the target. These vines grow to be 3m long and require C-tier damage to be fully cut or destroyed. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.


The Trade Routes [Solo/Job/Plot] Sk_sig10

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