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Ronove's Anger Inside [Training/Solo/Plot]

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Awakening from a long night of discussion with Hiraku, Solomon would still feel extremely tired. Solomon knew if anything he would not travel far today, the fatigue of travel is beginning to catch up with him, and there were still many things to be done around the village. Coming out of his house he would see that some of them have already starting work, most however were still eating their breakfasts and waiting on those around them. "Good morning Solomon." Hiraku would say as he walked over. Solomon would immediately start, "Have construction on the last bridge halted for now, I wish to have all gates and walls to be completed first, I will assist with the foundation of each, so they are built strong. Of the extra few begin having them make armor and weapons from what we do have." then pausing with a smile, "Good morning to you as well Hiraku." He would say as he patted on his shoulder. Solomon could tell that Hiraku was almost just as tired as he when the pat almost knocked him of balance. "Obviously it will take a little while to move over to a new assignment, however if I am to take your advice and begin to seek trade with other countries and cities, I need to look the part and be able to defend off those who wish to push out out of this land and take what we have done for their own."

Solomon knew that he could not have the work he wished to be done be completed right away, it would definitely take some time, but now that he had his forges going and some resources on base he could use his Amulet of Construction to speed things along greatly. Walking over to the cliff side he would look over the land, it seemed in Hiraku's eyes that he was taking in the beauty of the land, and he was right. "We will leave the wall re-enforcement for after the gates are completed, at least we will be able to appreciate the view till then." Hiraku would just nod before leaving Solomon to look over the land. After some time Solomon would begin to see his men gather at the bridges with supplies and tools, that is when Solomon would go to them and begin instructing them on their task. There would be groups working on different gates however different sections as there was only one of Solomon to go around the group he would start with would begin with the foundation as that is when Solomon would use Origin Architecture from his amulet to help with the foundation, when the foundation was fully built he would have to sustain it for some time before he could release the skill. However in the end he knew it would be worth it he thought to himself as he moved to the next group and began to see how high his walls and gates could be. Each gate would take more and more out of him however, with a goal in mind Solomon would not think a second thought of it. When the foundations were complete that would be when he would call Mamoru and Largo over to assist his people in moving the larger stones and supplies. What ever Solomon could do to help he would do, today was for his people and solely his people.

They were able to complete two of the gates that day before Solomon dropped in his bed tired from work. On a usual day Solomon would be able to power through the night however already doing that previous and nights prior, and with all his traveling he needed to be able to get a good nights rest occasionally. Waking in the morning and looking around Solomon would admire the beauty of the work they had done, he could begin to imagine what this place would look like as the village became a city and a city a country. None of the others were up and working yet however motivated as he was Solomon would begin alone, and as others became ready they would come and assist him. they were easily able to power through another gate before Hiraku came over to say, "I can assist with the rest if you wish to start the walls." Solomon would rub sweat off his brow and face before nodding, he understood that he was the foundation of it all and he wasn't need to finish the gates.

Solomon would feed his magoi into the Origin Architecture once again, as the black light waved over the ground that was more then enough for the villagers to begin working. They were getting use to working with Solomon, he could only smile as he assisted them building this wall. There was still so much to do however at least it was progress. Coming to and end of a second day others would gather at the tavern and drink and celebrate that almost half of the work was completed. Solomon however sitting in his home was just happy that the foundation around the mountain was set, this would mean he would not have to use too much magoi to continue working, the rest would be on his strength and his strength alone.

Coming out of his house early morning once more and ready to work again would be met with Hiraku waiting for him, "Solomon." he would say as a greeting. "Hiraku,..." he would reply back, "Ready to start things off again?" grabbing his should as he began to walk to stop Solomon, he would begin "I was actually thinking you could appoint some supervisors and you could go train today." Solomon would look into the sky, "It is not too bad of a day to train, however usually my training take multiple days, possibly weeks to attain any results." Hiraku shrugged and smiled, "That is Ok, You seem to love training and I have not seen you have some time for that in some while, you have always been running around doing something for the sake of the village.... here.." Hiraku would hand him some papers, "pick four of these men to supervise the workers till this task is done, and go keep your self up, being strong is also something you do for the village."

After going through the files Hiraku gave him, he would seek each of the men out and asked them of their particular skills. Each seemed to stand out in a different way but that was ok, "After each of you complete your section I would like you to then trade sections and go over each others work. This way we can make sure there is no weak points or no work that was overlooked." Each of the men would nod before going to their respective positions.

Leaving this time Guarda and Largo atop the mountain to assist with the work, Mamoru would walk with Solomon looking over the cliff side once more to take in the beauty of the sights. That and Solomon had no idea what he was to train, most of his training sessions always involved thinking and planning ahead of time, and he rarely often trained without planning it.

Once down the mountain Solomon did not wish to travel too far, he looked at the surroundings around him and went to a tree, grabbing his Ronove's Howling Axe from his side he would then chop into the side of the side then rotate chopping into the other side of the tree, as he was doing this he thought to himself that it did not seem enough. He did this day in and day out for his people, and his physical strength yes should be maintained however that was not what invaders fear him for or those who have ever fought against him for. Looking down at his axe he would say, "What should I do." He stopped chopping and rested his back against the tree, and slowly slide down the tree as he held his axe.

He thought of everything that he had went through, he thought of his people, but then he began to think of different thoughts as he slowly nodded off. As he thought of his people being killed by his own hand, and the way the Kou army treated them his hand began to tightly wrap around the hilt of his howling axe. Furthering the dark thoughts he was now back in his tavern, bewildered he could smell the alcohol in the air. As he went to take a step he would suddenly hear his name screamed out, "Solomon!" Suddenly he was pinned to the floor watching his fiancee die once more, chanting "Djinn of Paralysis and Shock give me your power, paralyze those who stand against us and brighten the dark clouds above for those who await for us...electrify Ronove" Thrashing against the tree he rested on and chanting this, he would transform, "I can save you this time, I will save you this time." Solomon still pinned could watch as the blood gushed from his legs but did not move, until finally he would watch his wife die once more. "No!!" Solomon awakening would scream out using Ronove's Anger as he fed a large amount of Magoi into his axe. He was panicking however he would see arcs of lightning jumping off his body and clothing originating from the axe itself, the suddenly the tree would fall and he would be on his back.

It would take some time as he laid on his back and much breathing before he calmed himself down. He would place his hand on his face as if to stop tears from flowing, "Training, Training" he would say to himself forcing himself up and trying to force any thought to the back of his mind. "So hhooww to do that again I wonder." However he had a general idea, he just did not wish to revisit his dream so soon.

Come nightfall Solomon would return from training passing Hiraku without saying a thing, Hiraku would shrug it off and as morning came again he missed Solomon altogether as he was once again already training. This continued for many night before Solomon came back up to the mountain top, "Sorry for not saying anything." he would say to Hiraku as he entered the village. "It is just the way I get into my training."
Again Hiraku would shrug, "No worries, train however you train, but know if you ever need to talk I am here for you as technically you are my son in law remember." "It was nothing like that to bug you about.." Solomon would say as it was a blatant lie, "However I was able to attain a new skill, hopefully it will be something I can use to help when needed."

Magoi: 220/260

Stamina: 420/420

Training Word Count: 1500+/1500

Ronove's Anger:

Name: Ronove's Anger
Tier: A-Tier
Djinn: Ronove
Theme: Lightning
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be holding Axe, can also damage allies around him. Draw back is even if a ally touches him he can not stop it.
Scaling:  Each additional 5 magoi given this can extend off off Solomon into a sphere around him by 5 meters.
Sustain: 1
Cool Down:  4
Cost: 40 Magoi

    Arcs of lightning would be seen jumping off Solomon's body and clothing originating from the axe itself,when something conductive connects to either the axe or Solomon himself this will deal A-Tier shock damage on anything connected to that conductive object or person.

Appearance Expanded:

Ronove's Anger Inside [Training/Solo/Plot] Bakurai

Amulet of Construction -->A-Tier:

Ronove's Anger Inside [Training/Solo/Plot] Vdmc2UH

Name: Amulet of Construction
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Foundation Magic [Life + Strength]
Appearance: This silver magic amulet is 10 centimeters in diameter. A combination of a special jewel and a master painting upon the surface of the object creates a realistic depiction of a planets core. The magic circle is engraved upon the bottom side of the metal that directly holds the crystal.

    Origin Architecture - By feeding magoi into the magic tool, the user may touch the ground producing a black light that spread across the ground in the 5cm tall wave. The wave covers a 40 meter diameter circle around the user. Within this sphere influence, the user can create reinforce foundation used in the construction large building. Structures made by this ability can be up to 5 stories tall. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


Ronove's Anger Inside [Training/Solo/Plot] Sk_sig10

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