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For Hopes of his People [Solo/Job/Plot]

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Job Name: Secure the Path
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Since Emperor Yoshiro has taken over, several small pockets of resistance have risen up and are trying to strangle the trade routes. Take care of the Rebels.

Enemy Name: Rebels x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Rebels deal D-tier damage with their daggers.
Jab – Rebel jabs their blade forward to inflict D-tier damage.

After finding that mining town of Kou's was taken over from Thugs and meeting Trently, Solomon could only keep thinking about his ties with the other countries. What if in time of need no one came to his assistance, but they all watched and hoped for his people to be cleaned off the slate. All his people would be doomed just because Solomon had not sought out diplomatic solutions. Solomon sat at his desk and he thought, he thought for hours of who he would wish to talk to, how they could have influence on each other, who would he treat as a ally or neutral or who would he have to be in a state of war with. Solomon would begin to write a letter, it was short and sweet then Solomon would leave his home and hope on top of Mamoru and take off down the mountain before anyone could speak to him.

Solomon would travel back to the Mining Town that he discovered prior, there were still no more thugs in it. However he would notice that there wasn't any of the Kou workers there either, and it seemed almost abandoned. Since that was the case Solomon would go into the town and begin scavenging what he could for his own people, more alcohol, food, and some of the simpler tools of life. However the most important things that he took would be all the tools that he could use for his mining operation. When Kou people would return they would just assume that it was the thugs that had looted them in the first place. After filling bags onto Mamoru the most that could be filled anyway, and he would then make his way back to the entrance of the town. As he came to the entrance he then saw four men that walked away from the city along the road, Solomon curious would begin to follow the group of men down the road.

He would trail them to the point he could barely see them as he could easily keep track of them with his Enhanced Hearing he would listen to them as they walked, and listening to what they discussed Solomon would be able to determine that they were heading for one of the Kou trade routes. Solomon would stand and begin to walk away from the group, there was no reason for him to assist those who have hurt him so. However after a few steps he would stop and think of  this morning and how the choices he makes could affect him and his people. He turn once again to follow them, he did not believe they needed his help however if it would change the already dangerous relationship they have into something for the better he would do so for his people.

Once they arrived at the trade route they would each begin setting up blockages in the road, coming out behind the group of men would give the men nothing they could do the prepare as they did not even realize they were being followed. Using his Sapling Pistol x4 he would feed magoi into the pistol allow him to fire a seed at each of them the first two would be caught unaware however it did give time for the other two to begin running however they would still take a seed to their back.  Each taking C-tier damage and thorny vines would wrap around each of them pinning them in place. Each of them badly hurt he would tie them up with a rope from his pack and tie them to the barricade they were making their selves, and he would treat each one just so they would not die.

After each was treated Solomon would stab a knife far out of their reach into the barricade into a letter he had wrote up. "Rebels captured, Solomon King provides them to Kou." Again unsure if this would do anything at all, he still felt the need to try for his people.

Mounting Mamoru once more Solomon would then begin his journey back to Hakazé. The overall trip took much longer then usual as now he had pack up Mamoru with supplies from the town, so he could not mount and ride him all the way back without tiring it out. Once returned Solomon would find Hiraku at the tavern, he must have seen him enter the village as there was a plate of food there and ready for him as he sat with Hiraku. Thanking him for the food Hiraku would then reply, "Well you said you would return by dinner." Solomon would nod as he ate and once he took a moment from his food he would go on, "I brought some more supplies back from that Mining Town I told you about, it was still abandoned so I figured if we can use it they wont miss it." They talked for some time about the town, and the rebels that were around it. Hiraku would try to tell Solomon as much as he knew about the Civil war that was taking place and some of the battles that he had heard about. It was not much of stories however as their village was quite a ways from Kou and they were a secluded bunch.

"Im thinking I should probably meet with who ever reigns over Kou and see if we can try and put some of the things behind us. We wouldn't forgive the group that did this to us, however at least try to rid us of the fear of being found and over run by Kou's armies." Hiraku would just nod as he listened interested in what Solomon has thought up,  there was not much input he could give to Solomon as they were not discussing any terms but just thought of starting. It seemed as if he wished to try and secure trades with almost all the countries however he wished to Ally with Reim where a man named Lagi was and the country of Magno for a women named Noir, and also his birth home even though no one knows of him from there and he has not been home for some time.

Magoi: 220/260
Stamina: 420/420

Word Counter: 1000+/1000

Trait Name: Enhanced Hearing
Trait Tier: B-Tier
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: Through training and/or good genes or a error, the character possesses an enhanced hearing over others. The hearing is compared to that of a great gray owl.
Trait Effect: Can hear a beetle running through grass a 100 feet away or a mouse squeaking at a distance of half a mile. These are examples of his sharpened hearing.

Sapling Pistol:

For Hopes of his People [Solo/Job/Plot] I6u4SU0

Name: Sapling Pistol
Tier:  C
Type: Magic Weapon - Pistol
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: An ancient gun that appears to be made almost entirely of wood. It is roughly 45cm long and has a magic circle carved into the butt of the handle.

  • Seedling Shot - Feeding magoi into the pistol allows the user to fire a single seed which travels up to 20m. The seedling will produce a tangle of thorny vines on impact which deal C-tier damage to the target. These vines grow to be 3m long and require C-tier damage to be fully cut or destroyed. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.



For Hopes of his People [Solo/Job/Plot] Sk_sig10

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