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Wood for the Tavern [Solo/Job/Plot]

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Job Name: Timber!
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The Capitol is in dire need of wood to help rebuild after the damage done by a mysterious magician during the Kou-Reim conflict. Go out to the mountains and help chop down trees. Beware the dangerous wildlife!

Enemy Name: Tiger Cubs x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Tiger Cubs deal D-tier damage with claws and teeth.

After moments of silence, "Well that was somewhat scary, however it looks as is he is still alive at least." the chief would say after checking on his warrior. Solomon would nod, and the chief would say, "I am sorry for insisting on this." The chief would have another one of his men carried off for medical treatment and would over him another night of cheer as they exited the pit. However Solomon would politely decline him, "Sorry, I am due back at my own village." the chief would smile as he said, "Well have two of our kegs to take with you, and if you ever with to give my men a good practice session come on back as we can supply you with more." Solomon would shake the mans hand, "Sounds like a good deal to me." Solomon would tie both of the kegs onto Mamoru before parting ways with the village.

Just like it took hours to get their it now took hours to get back and with these kegs strapped to Mamoru he remembered what Hiraku had spoke to him about, and thought about what he could do for the people. As he and Mamoru returned it was nightfall once more, most of the people were relaxing inside their homes with the ones they cared about and have finished work for the day. Solomon would ride up to Hiraku's door and knock, "Hey, I am back from investigating the village. It was a village of warriors however they were kind enough to give us these two kegs." He would say as Hiraku opened the door. Walking over to Mamoru to unstrap the kegs he would continue, "I was thinking about what you said and thought that we could give the people a break tomorrow, and maybe they could have a drink to relax." Hiraku would reply, "That would be something they all would enjoy.". Throwing the Keg to the side of Hiraku's place Solomon continued, "I'll be back shortly, I want to make them something and need to go out and get some wood." Hiraku would start to say as Solomon mounted Mamoru once more and whistled for Largo to follow, "Why not just take some from over here?" Solomon would say as he left, "Because I do not wish to give our people more work then what is needed."

With that Solomon was now again heading down the mountain, but now also had Largo. Patting its back as it ran next to him he would say, "Were gonna build our people a tavern." He smiled as he noticed that this time Guarda had followed them as well, he got the pack all moving. Once down from the mountain Solomon would begin to cut down some tree's using his axe, using the first of what he cut down to make an additional beds that they could stock pile things onto and he would tie ropes to each end so that it could be lifted. It would only take Solomon a couple hours to get the lift filled before getting Gaurda to lift it up to the village ahead of him, as it was not something that himself and Largo and Mamoru could do on their own without the wagons. He would go ahead and cut down two more beds and leave them their for the people would have less work for when they needed more wood for construction.

It was not till Guarda came back to them that the predators that Solomon had heard for some time had come into sight, and it was only four tiger cubs, by the looks of it hunting for some food. Largo and Mamoru would growl at the cubs but oddly enough it did not seem to make them back away. Their bodies seemed frail they were most likely on the verge of starving, so Solomon would wave down Largo and Mamoru, Guarda kept to the skies. Usually Solomon would have just left them alone however if he did leave them there was a chance that those weaker of his people may get hurt so he walked towards them and they saw it as a chance for some food.

The cubs would surround Solomon like a proper pack should, and one would lead with a Basic Attack in a attempt to bring Solomon to the ground however the tiger would drop to the side as Solomon back handed it as a Basic Attack, he had no intention of killing these creatures. At the same time another one of the cubs attacked from the side digging its fangs and claws into him, however Solomon still stood, where that would have been enough damage to hurt on of his people he was Imuchakk and had the physiology of one so it did almost no damage. In a matter of moments it only took three more backhands as a Basic Attack to knock each out unconscious. Solomon would then empty one of the beds and place the cubs onto it, he would then place enough food on the bed for each of them and then ride Guarda and these  cubs far from their village.

Coming back both Mamoru and Largo still awaited him there, he would send Guarda ahead once more with a bit more wood and then ride Largo back up the mountain this time with Mamoru following behind. Solomon felt it was only fair to rely on each of them equally.

It was not till morning and when the people and Hiraku each slowly awoken to see what Solomon had made them, he spent all of his night awake and was sleeping on the deck he had made for them. It was first Hiraku that found Solomon as he attempted to build this as far away from the others so they could sleep but he was definitely proud of Solomon as help him up and gave him a shoulder to bed. Solomon did the best with what he had, and it would be good for now at least till he wished to upgrade all the building to brick and stones of sort.

Wood for the Tavern [Solo/Job/Plot] TzkWG

Word Count: 1000+/1000


Wood for the Tavern [Solo/Job/Plot] Sk_sig10

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