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The Test of Strength [Solo/Job/Plot]

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Job Name: Warrior’s Way
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Deep in the Jade Dragon Mountains is a village which is home to a rather large group of warriors which undergo harsh treatments and training to perfect their martial art skills. They constantly ask people from the empire to come and test their warriors. This is one of those moments. Go there and take on the three training members and win.

Enemy Name: Training Warriors x3
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: Training Warriors move at 10 m/s and deal B-tier damage with their bodies. They do not carry a weapon.
Shattering Strike – Training Warrior strikes out at 20 m/s to inflict B-tier damage to an opponent.
Blocking Blow – Training Warrior, through sheer force of will, uses a punch moving at 20 m/s to block an incoming attack of A-tier or lower.
Devastating Kick – Training Warrior kicks out at 20 m/s to inflict B-tier damage.

Awaking in the cave Solomon opened his eyes slowly, "ahh" he was dreary from his previous trip from the mine to here and must have fallen asleep after paying his magician. How the light struck the cave ice was beautiful in the morning it brightened the dark cave revealing all inside, pushing off of the stalagmite that he slept on to life him self up he would take a better look at the space around him. He would take a minute before walking over to the large glacier like mass in the center of the cave, and then placing his hand onto it, "Ill be back, I love you both." Staring for a moment at the ice he would then drop his hand from it to exit the cave.

The Test of Strength [Solo/Job/Plot] Ice_cave_by_zen_master

After making his way back to the village which took him till about noon, he would meet with Hiraku to discuss what he had found and where to find it themselves to begin mining. Walking past Mamoru which just looked at him as he passed by, most likely grumpy for being left behind Solomon would raise his hand and wave to Hiraku in the distance that was already at work with the bridge. "Did you guys receive the supplies I sent yesterday?" Hiraku nodded, "Yes, I already have most of it being forged into something that could assist us with the development of the city." Solomon would only reply, "Good." "So the location of the cave is not far from us, it was exactly where the hunter said it would be... I advise that we send some people to start mining it. And begin having a large amount of people to make Caravan wagons, so they can shortly begin having it moved here, and I do not mind if we have to take some people off the bridge construction, the resource is more important at this point." Hiraku would just nod as he listened to Solomon.

Solomon would begin to walk away for Hiraku to begin doing his own thing and that would be when Hiraku would ask, "Where are you going?" Solomon would just wave and say, "To check out a village someone told me about." Solomon would whistle to Mamoru to call him over, Mamoru realizing now they were leaving he was no longer angry with Solomon but ran to him the fastest he could being happy that he was not going to be left behind this time.

Mounting Mamoru it would then take off, and now that almost all the bridges were complete it made it much easier for Mamoru to get up and down from the mountain without help even though the roads and paths have yet to be made. Solomon thought to himself as he directed Mamoru, "These paths will be last to be made, this way it would make it difficult for others to attack us while we are still building city." As the trees flew by him and Mamoru jumped from my small edge to another Solomon would keep his eyes peeled for any other possible caves that could be found. It saved much time to just take already started caves however he would also have to be careful as he did not wish to take more then what Kou would allow before seeing him as a threat. He knew he would have to start some however those would be at the bottom of the mountains around his city, and would not have any access points near the city or into the mountain the city rested on.

The journey to this village was far indeed, Solomon's city was deep into the jade mountains however it was deep in the opposite direction of this village.  This made it much longer of a journey they would not arrive till after the sun had set and the moon was high in the sky. Solomon would halt Mamoru as they came to the village, "I seek to test the strength of your Warriors!" Solomon would yell out to the guards posted at the gates. After a few moments the gates would open, Solomon could see that many warriors stood to the sides as if inviting him in. They were not dumb however the still held there hands near their weapons as he was just a stranger to them.

Solomon would begin to walk through the middle of them atop of Mamoru and would see a large man, not larger then himself though with his arms raised in a welcoming fashion. When he got closer to the man he would the dismount from Mamoru, "Thank you for welcoming me." Solomon would say as the man came over to embrace him. He felt it odd to be embraced by a stranger however he allowed it, "No, thank you for coming you look like a great test for my warriors and since the civil war began there has not been any visitors at all... would you be interested in some food or drink?" Solomon nodded in agreement, "Only after my first test however so we can get a look at how this will go." The man would cheer out loud as he patted Solomon's back and the others would join him in  the cheer. He would be directed to the middle of their village where he would see a 10 ft deep pit that he would be asked to climb down into. "Stay here Mamoru." he would say as he patted his back and then climbed down.

The only can be assumed chief at this point would point to one of his men on the other side of the pit and he would nod then climb down into the pit with Solomon. He would stand in a fighting stance in which his right leg would be forward and awaited to be attack, and looking at the man he carried no weapons he only planned on using his fists. "One moment." he would say as he flung both of the axes on his sides off of him and to the far side of the pit. Reaching behind him he would also throw his pistol with his axes before saying, "Ok, now were good." As he flex his shoulders back and forwards to take a stance of his own were both of his feet would be planted. The man would slowly begin to creep forward by sliding his right foot along the ground, Solomon would just hold his stance with both arms to his side awaiting for the man to come into range. Just as he thought the man would go to strike him with Shattering Strike already awaiting this Solomon was already prepared to use Fortress Wall Stance. The strike was strong Solomon could tell that it was better than average, however with his Imuchakk Physiology that would not even be close to enough. As the mans fist his Solomon's chest the man could tell he did almost nothing to him, going to back off but too late Solomon was already reaching for the man to use Castle Toss, but as he reached out his hands would be met with the mans fist using Blocking Blow to smack Solomon's hands away from him. Solomon would smile as he continued his offence, "Your not too bad." Thowing Basic Attack after Basic Attack each would be met with Blocking Blow the man was struggling and everyone around the pit knew it, however cheered on either way. They did not watch for their man to win they watched for the enjoyment of watching each mans skill. As the man began to stumble as he was being forced backwards that is when Solomon would reach out with his left hand and grab the mans head and use Wardens Grasp to knock the man out before tossing him to the side of the pit. Regretfully he still had to hold back as he did not wish to crush the mans skull in front of his people.

Solomon would walk over to the man after the fight had been determined and slung him over his should lifting the man out of the pit. "Treat him, while I treat this man." the chief would say as he sent off the opponent to get medical attention. "I never did get your name did I?" Solomon would take a drink that was brought over to him before saying, "My name is Solomon King." He bowed slightly before replying, "Well that was a spectacle to watch, however it seemed as if you had to hold back, would you like more of a challenge tomorrow?" Solomon would shake his head in disagreement, "I do not mean to insult or turn down such a kind gesture however If I went all out I would most likely hurt more people here then I intended."

Solomon could tell that he almost immediately took it as a insult, sighing before he said in response, "How about you and two other men gets into the pit with me and I can show you what I mean."
The men around them would all cheer out loud at such a sound. "Well my people seem to think that is a good idea so drink and eat your fill tonight and tomorrow at noon is when we shall battle." A giant keg of mead would be slammed down next to them and another for the people around them. The night was filled with cheers and the warm air of stale booze. However it was something that Solomon had not felt is some time that he could not help but smile and enjoy himself.

At least till his eyes opened the next morn and he could feel his head pounding. "Uhggg" he would say as he spun over. "Drank a bit too much did ya?" Solomon would turn to see the face of the chief all up and ready to go."It is just about time for the men's entertainment get on up and wash the booze smell off of ya." Solomon would only turn his head to see a wash basin next to him and would drop his body so his face would land in the basin.

After a few moments Solomon would walk over to the pit and see that everyone waited for him, he did not mind drinking much today as he knew he would not have to do much this would be more of a demonstration if that. However the crowed did not see that as they continue to cheer. Again all the men at the bottom of the pit would be weaponless, but this time Solomon did not bother taking off his weapons and began to chant, "Djinn of Paralysis and Shock give me your power, paralyze those who stand against us and brighten the dark clouds above for those who await for us...electrify Ronove." the crowd began to subside with cheers as they all watched as Solomon's blue hair turned white, and bones began to appear as his wardrobe. The chief almost looked stunned however the other two men were still prepared to fight. Holding his axe at his side he would then use Ronove's Tears arcs of lightning would be seen jumping off Solomon's body and clothing originating from the axe itself. This man farthest from the chief would go in to attack and on contact he would instantly drop the the ground as Solomon did not move a muscle. The next man would go to attack however the chief would stop him, "Were done, and I understand now what you meant." Solomon sustained the ability which would have easily been enough to take out the second man but then released everything all together when the chief had said he was done.

Word Count: 1500+/1500

Magoi: 200/260

Stamina: 330/420

Fortress Wall Stance:
Name: Fortress Wall Stance
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Defense
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Unable to walk, still takes C-tier damage. Must be on the ground. Only protects chest and abdomin.
Scaling: Damage. For every 10 stamina, the amount blocked is increased by one tier.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30

  • He would plant his feet taking a stance with his arms out flexing inwards to bulge his muscle which would allow his chest and abdomen to take up to B-Tier damage.

Castle Toss:
Name: Castle Toss
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must grab target with both arms. Must be on the ground. Must have sufficient strength to lift target.
Scaling: Adding 10 Stamina to this would double its' distance.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30

  • Reaching out grabbing the target he would then tosses the target 10 meters in any direction, this would deal C-tier damage on impact if the target is unable to use an ability to recover in midair.

Wardens Grasp:
Name: Wardens Grasp
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Target must be able to fit within his hand. Cannot run. Must be on the ground.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30

Solomon reaches out either of his hands and grasps the target and using his grip strength to deal B-Tier damage. Easily breaking any bone and tearing muscle he comes in contact with.

Ronove's Tears:

Name: Ronove's Tears
Tier: B-Tier
Djinn: Ronove
Theme: Lightning
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Drawback is that it would harm teammates if they come in contact with it.
Scaling: When adding more magoi it can increase in range. 5 Magoi per 1 meter.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 Posts
Cost: 15 Magoi

Solomon would give off a light blue glow on use of this ability. Hundreds of tiny blue strands of arcing lightning would come off of Solomon and arc downwards towards the ground. This would surround him in a circle of 3 meters, on contact with a target the target would take B-tier electric damage.


The Test of Strength [Solo/Job/Plot] Sk_sig10

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