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[Solo/Job/Plot] Getting into the Mining Trade

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Job Mining Problems:
Job Name: Mining Problems
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: The Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
Due to the growing demand for iron and other ore, both Kouvian armies have begun to reopen closed mines within the mountains to gather more material. But, there has been a problem with mining in one specific tunnel, with miners being attacked by mysterious monsters. In order to help, go in and clear out the monsters so mining can resume somewhat safely.

Enemy Name: Young Mine Guardian x3
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: The Mine Guardian is a strange creature that secretes a sticky substance on the outer part of its body. A young Mine Guardian is known to roll about in the rocks of a mine, collecting such rocks on its body. As time passes, these rocks fuse together through the sticky substance and create a hard shell on the outside of the beast. Depending on the age of the Mine Guardian, it could become difficult to fight. Its fists deal C-tier damage.
Double Smash: The Old Mine Guardian raises its hands in the air, slamming them down one after another in order to impart 2 D-Tier damage on its target, possible 1 C-Tier if both strikes hit the same target.
Rock Throw: The Old Mine Guardian picks up a 5 meter large rock and throws it at an opponent, which imparts C-Tier damage if it hits that opponent.

Enemy Name: Old Mine Guardian
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: An older Mine Guardian, easily told by his hulking body. His fists are the size of the average human head that deal B-tier damage when struck. Due to his size, he is extremely slow, with age weakening the sticky substance holding his body together.
Handclap Slam: The Old Mine Guardian claps his hands together with his opponent between the two hands, imparting B-Tier damage to any opponent who was caught within the clap.
Double Smash: The Old Mine Guardian raises its hands in the air, slamming them down one after another in order to impart 2 C-Tier damage on its target.
Rock Throw: The Old Mine Guardian picks up a 5 meter large rock and throws it at an opponent, which imparts B-Tier damage if it hits that opponent.

The morning seemed dim from his hut not much light traveled through the windows, and as he woke and moved aside the cloth covering he could see why. Not only was it cloudy but there was a large fog covering most of the area, Solomon rubbed his face before heading over to wash his face. A knocking on the door would then make Solomon drop his wash cloth to then grab and throw on his red robe, opening the door he would say “Good morning Hiraku.” without having the door even opened all the way.

This has become routine, every morning the first thing Solomon would see would be Hiraku.  “Do we have to do this so early every morning?” Solomon would ask Hiraku as he walked away from the door leaving it opened for him. “Morning, and if I do not you will be busy and gone before I get a chance too.” Solomon would just shrug slightly in agreement, Hiraku would continue, “So the development of the city is coming only nicely it has been greatly accelerated with the use of the amulet of construction, we have only one more bridge to finish connecting to the city as you planned before we start on the walls and gates.” Solomon would sigh before he spoke, “Yes, that is good progress is always good ... but still so much work to do we have yet to create paths on the other side of those bridges leading down from these mountains, and I still have to look into a way for us to begin trade for currency here.” That was Solomon’s plan today to just scout out the farther area’s around them as he wished to have a detailed map of what is around them, plus to see what resources would be best suited for them.

“About that,” Hiraku would reply, “There was a report made last night by one of the hunters that he discovered a mine, still seemed to be active as there were others there... but I would suggest going to take a look at it and see if they are too close to us and who they represent... most likely Kou.” Solomon would rub his chin as he thought out loud, “I was thinking that mining or forestry might be one of our best options since the water is quite a trip away from us. But now thinking again as long as we do not use the mountain we are on, mining would most likely be the best as it would be easier to control from our point, however we would need to have the goal of becoming the primary trade for mining over Kou without inciting a war against us. Regretfully we are not in a position for political speaking or trade with Kou...” Not that Solomon himself would want to be, “the people would be enraged if we were just to act as if nothing happened.” Hiraku said nothing in return to the end statement as he knew it was not only the people that would be enraged but it did give a reply to the mining statement, “We currently have no ties to sell whatever we mine or forge, however we have more than enough space to stockpile and collect for when we do. That will be something very important that will have to be dealt with somewhat soon though. We need to start getting in more supplies as the people are getting tired of not having some of the simpler things they use to have and it would be nice if your could create some sort of entertainment for the people to relax after working so hard.” Solomon just nodded, “I’ll do so, but it is time for me to head out and check out this mine, and before I go I will help get our forge going, have the assigned blacksmith come meet me there shortly please.” Hiraku would then just nod and catch a fruit that Solomon tossed to him before leaving. That is when something hit him, he remembered Lagi, he could have many ties or at least some advice that could be given to him. “Oi!!!! WAIT!!!, Solomon would shout out to Hiraku fetch me a messenger, someone who knows how to address someone that is of royalty properly and that of my friend.”

Knowing that Hiraku heard him, he would throw on some of his clothing, just the regular pants and then a red cape over his shoulder, and the belt that holds both his axes at each side and the pistol at his back. Then stepping outside he noticed that some of his people were already hard at work as he saw Largo hauling some of heavy materials for the workers.  Garuda would already be in flight towards Solomon as it was perched in wait for him in the distance. Once arriving it would land in front of him sparking electricity off her wings as she landed and lowered her head. “Good morning.” Solomon would say as he rubbed the side of her head. “Should we go see them today?” it was not often Solomon brought it up but he spoke of his wife and child. Which was hidden away from his own people even Hiraku her father, the only person that knew of such place was that of the hired magician and most likely Lagi if the Magician still reported to him. He thought to himself what Hayato said that night as he pet Garuda, it ringed in his head so often he could never forget. “... if you can become a King I'll come to you with two choices, I'll either allow you to take my head without a fuss on the spot or I'll offer you something of much greater value... let us see what you choose..”One of the only reasons why Solomon was personally broke all the time was that he has to keep paying this magician to keep them preserved and was not even sure if there was such thing to bring them back.

Snapping back to reality as the messenger ran up to the two of them and Garuda’s head turned towards him moving away from his hand, “Sir you asked for me?” Solomon nodded, “Yes, I need you to find a man, and give him a message for me and only to him. I want you to tell him of this place, and...” the messenger looked a bit shocked but calmed himself. “I want you to tell him that I seek for his assistance and meeting. Last I seen he was in Reim, however he does tend to travel, so if you post or state or looking to meet a man named Lagi along the way he may find you.”  After giving descriptions of the power he used and what he looked like at the time he allowed the man to gather his supplies and lent him Guarda to get down the mountain, but to be returned right afterwards.

This gave Solomon time to head over to their make shift Forge, it was previously built with a combination of his amulet of construction and his Heart of the Mountain, most of the things that Solomon assisted with was made of Onyx which gave things a unique appearance but it was study and strong due to the magic of his amulet. “I wish for you to make sure everything is prepped and ready for next week, we will begin mining and I need for this place to not only be able to begin forging weapons and armor for people but I need for it to be able to smelt things as well. When I get back I will help create more irons and forges however for now just prep this one with the tools needed when complete you can begin the others.” The man nodded and looked past Solomon as Guarda returned behind him. Looking around himself, “Now where did Mamoru go?” he asked himself out loud. The man not knowing this would reply, “I saw him over by Hiraku’s not too long ago.” Solomon nodded assuming he just most likely followed him after he left Solomon’s. “If he starts to look for me just tell him I will be back shortly.” He would say to the man before mounting Guarda and taking off into the air.

Directing Guarda to the location of the mine as in the report show to him he thought for a moment while in the air, It would have been handy if Diana or Tenma had both stayed for a little while longer. They could have handled things like this while I try to make political connections and influences. Guarda would circle the mine once before going to land as a way to see what is around them, there were people there that seemed to be slightly hostile when only seeing a giant bird flapping lighting flying in the skies above them, however after landing and seeing a man rode upon it they calmed down slightly still hands at weapons though as was still a stranger. “I mean no harm just coming to inspect to see what is going on.” Solomon would say with his hands up as he dismounted Guarda and it took back to the skies to look for a perch it could watch from.

After a moment a man would run to one of the men staring Solomon down and whisper in his ear. The men would drop their weapons some began to run away as the leader opened his palms and faced them upwards in show of no hostility. “We are from Kou and we have heard of you.” Solomon nodded slightly as he watched the ones running away before saying, “It is true I mean no one here harm, I cannot have this started something unwanted, I have avoided most of the civil war going on and do not want another war to start out here.” The man nodded himself and began to back away from him slowly and away from the mine, “Before you go can you tell me what is going on with the mine?” Solomon asked. “The mine is unusable in its current state; we have been trying to figure out a way to solve our issue but cannot and were just about to give up on it anyway. There are creatures attacking anyone that goes in, we advise that most people now avoid this mine and were going to block it off.” Solomon would then tilt his head up as a signal to the man that is free to leave. Surprisingly Solomon did not hold much anger towards this man as he knew he had nothing to do with the slaughter of his people but he did think he would show some hostility towards them.

If they asked he most likely would have not helped them but he would not just slaughter them either, he still had some morals at least he would like to believe he does. Being scared off though worked greatly in Solomon’s favor though as now if he could just clear off the creatures this man spoke of he could take control of this mine for his people. He had one already pretty close to the location of his people however he would not let anyone else use it and he had already made it hidden, as that is where he keeps his family frozen. Until there city is more developed and then he would have them moved.

Solomon would make his way to the front of the cave and look in before entering, he would see that it goes pretty deep but thankfully they still had it laminated as they planned on trying something. He would take a step into the cave and then use Heart of the Mountain behind him to block the cave entrance which appeared to only be 5 meters wide and maybe only 2 meters tall, he could not have people coming back to claim it as he was clearing it out. As he walked he was happy to observe all the supplies that were left behind, so much mining equipment and even the carts to move around with. He could so far see that this cave was primarily used for mining Iron ore but with how large it was it probably held more than just one kind of ore.  He was surprised not to be attacked yet, and the cave as he walked looked as if no one else was attacked either. It wasn’t till he came to a crossroad that he could see that down one of them everything was destroyed and there was blood along the walls. “Hmmm ... only one tunnel people are being attacked in?” he asked himself.

The only issue was there was a bend in the tunnel so he could not see all the way to the end and currently he saw no creatures. If he knew how long the tunnel was around the bend it would tell him how he would approach but he doesn’t and he cannot use anything that could make the mine collapse, it would not be a problem to redo the work to get it back out however it was just something Solomon did not want to take the time to do. However he also was not just going to sit there and wait forever, this is the first time and some while that he has been alone and not having to worry about those around him, and so he felt he should let go a bit.

As he took his first steps into the damaged tunnel he would immediately hear movement from around the corner, things crashing as if shot from one side of the cave to the other. He would not hesitate as he moved forward and coming the the corner he would immediately see a large rock creature that seemed to pick up more rocks as it rolled among them. Hearing a crunching then above him he looked up to see one more, which as he looked up would immediately fall down upon him using Double Smash. Solomon would smile however he did not have enough time to dodge, he would just plant his feet in farther and when the creature fell without distance he would reach out to grab it with both hands and use Castle Toss. He would attempt to toss the one creature at the other but it was no good he was not expecting such a weight from the one creature that he could only turn his hips enough to smash it into the wall next to him dealing it seemed neither of the took any damage however now it was already in his grasps, he would then using his opposite hand to swing at it with a Basic Attack to deal B-tier damage. The creature would give out a large moan as the rocks shifted under the pressure of Solomon’s fist hitting its chest, the rock its self that was hit with his fist would crack in half. Leaving only one other creature Solomon would look over as it picked up a rock to use Rock Throw the rock was 5 meters large but Solomon would just plant his feet down and use Fortress Wall Stance by flexing his arms out and inwards to bulge his chest and abdomen. He wasn’t worried that is why he gave the creature enough time to attack, judging by the previous creature that he killed he knew this creature would not be strong enough to deal much damage to him either. Taking the rock, to his chest it would slightly push him backwards but then would just drop to the ground in front of him. This would usually deal C-tier damage however being blocked by a B-tier skill would reduce this, and using this skill would usually leave residual damage however with Solomon’s Imuchakk Physiology it would leave nothing as their large bodies make them capable of taking more damage than the other races. B-tier damage and under received is reduced in severity by one tier.

Looking past the rock now he would see the back of the creature running away from him, he was surprised that he had the instinct to run from him. However Solomon knew if it was running away from him down the tunnel it would most likely lead him either to something or maybe more of them. He would move around the boulder in front of him and begin to walk down the tunnel to follow the creature, he was not in any rush to he would just steadily walk, especially as this was not a familiar place and he wished to take in his surroundings. He would then spot some copper ore within the tunnel as he went downwards and he would make a mental mark of that so he can decide on different things to tell his blacksmith to make.

The cave quite long he could hear the crashing steps of the creature still running from him, it curved downwards leading them both deeper into the mine, he noticed that stalagmites began to form above him and the moisture level had increased as the walls felt as if they were leaking water. Coming to a opening he would see the creature once more, the walls in this room were much wider and open the ground itself was covered in water above a foot deep.  Appearing in the middle of the cavern he would see a larger creature just like the last that kept still but was now in front of the smaller creature as he hid behind the large one. Solomon stood on the spot to inspect the opening area and the creature now in front on him, it still did not move and it looked much older than the originals.

The rocks that covered its body seemed to have moss growing off of it, and its fist was almost the size of Solomon’s head alone. By the looks of it this creature was most likely the oldest of the bunch, and most definitely he would have weight behind his punches, but actual strength Solomon was still not worried. Before doing anything else Solomon would reach around to his bank and pull out his Sapling Pistol to his side, he knew the damage from the gun might not be able to pierce the rocks surrounding their bodies however he did know that it would be enough to slow them down. Not that he was fearful of his life however he knew that his people still relied on him to do much of the work to build up the city, and he could not afford to be out of commission.  

As Solomon took his first steps towards the creatures that his when his body began to shift, you could see the dust and grinds of rock fly into the air as it shifted its arms and legs as it was the first time it has moved in some years most likely. Solomon would continue to walk towards it as it arched its back backwards and made itself much taller then it appeared originally, and it was not till Solomon was about fifteen feet away that the creature would begin its slow charge towards Solomon. However it was not the only one charging as the original creature would appear at its side and there was also one other creature of same size on the opposite side.  Still walking towards the towering creature that charged towards him Solomon would lift his arm and shoot Seedling Shot at the creature on the left, and this seed would hit the creature’s arm but would then grow thorny vines tangling in and out of the rocks around its body. The creature would fall to the ground the vines would then dig into the ground around it becoming pinned.  

One of the creatures have been dealt with but there was still two more, Solomon would drop his pistol for now as it seemed pointless to use at this point and just really unnecessary. Now in range of the large creature the creature would attempt to crush Solomon with a Basic Attack lifting its large fist above its head and the smashing downwards towards him, Solomon would only meet it with his own fist as a Basic Attack to clash with the creature, the creatures fist would come to a immediate halt onto Solomon’s fist. The smaller creature would then attempt to attack from the side using Double Smash raising both its separate hands in the air to swing down towards Solomon and in one quick movement from the large creature to the smaller one he would quickly use Show Back to parry the smaller creatures attack and to push off of its first to put the smaller creature in between of him and the larger creature.

Solomon felt a wave of sadness fall over him as he drew his Rampaging Axe from his side, he would use a Basic Attack from his axe to clash with a Basic Attack from the smaller creature as he thought for all he knew he could be extinguishing the last of this kind and he did not think of it before now. All for a mine he could have made or found elsewhere. Regretting this but too late to stop Solomon would decide to finish them quickly rather then extending their demise, he would swing his axe back behind him to meet with his other and and swing it forward once more using Intimidating Strength swinging it in a crescent motion into the small creature to deal A-Tier damage. The creature would attempt to clash with the Solomon with Double Smash, however it was not even enough to even stop the motion of the axe as the creature went flying and smashed into the far cave wall. Then in one swift motion Solomon would use Intimidating Strength again in a consecutive strike to cleave the larger creature into two. "I'm sorry.." Solomon would say as the creature crumbled.

He would search their corpses for anything worth while in keeping and then as he walked over to the creature pinned to the ground by his vines he would check to see for life before releasing his vines and just like they crumbled away so did the creature. He would begin to make his way back of the tunnel but before completely exiting he would fill one of the carts half with cooper and half with iron. As he came the the entrance of the cave he would allow his onyx wall to crumble, which also cued Guarda to fly over to him. Awaiting for it to land Solomon would wrap and tie a rope he found in the cave around the cart, then as it landed he would say, "I want you to fly this back ahead of me, I will find my own way back this time." Solomon would wave as it flew away, he wished to take the proper time to rethink a many things, he remembered how he use to cherish the unique creatures and he wished to attempt to get back to that point.

Plus he still needed to make one more stop, he wished to visit his family and the magician that kept them preserved is due for payment. He would also wish to discuss the plans of moving them to the city he is creating shortly and how it would be done in secret with all the citizens around. To tell the truth Solomon had no idea currently in how to do that, but the walk there may give him time to think of something and until the main headquarters is to be built he did not plan on having them moved just yet anyway. Plus he couldn't have any of the visitors or not even Hiraku to learn of the plans he had.

Word Count: 4000/4000

Magoi: 240/260

Stamina: 260/420

Heart of the Mountain -->C-Tier:

[Solo/Job/Plot] Getting into the Mining Trade 65bXpBl

Name: Heart of the Mountain
Tier: C
Type: Ring (Magic Tool)
Magic Type: Lava [Heat + Strength]
Appearance: This ring is silver, inlaid with glowing rubies. The face is approximately 1.5 cm tall. The magic circle can be found on the inside of the ring.

  • Onyx Wall – Feeding magoi into the ring and touching the ground, causes the earth to form a molten strip 5m wide and 30cm thick. A wall of onyx quickly rises from the molten strip becoming 3m tall. The wall can be formed anywhere at any orientation from the earth within 10m of the user. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Castle Toss:
Name: Castle Toss
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must grab target with both arms. Must be on the ground. Must have sufficient strength to lift target.
Scaling: Adding 10 Stamina to this would double its' distance.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30

  • Reaching out grabbing the target he would then tosses the target 10 meters in any direction, this would deal C-tier damage on impact if the target is unable to use an ability to recover in midair.

Fortress Wall Stance:
Name: Fortress Wall Stance
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Defense
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Unable to walk, still takes C-tier damage. Must be on the ground. Only protects chest and abdomin.
Scaling: Damage. For every 10 stamina, the amount blocked is increased by one tier.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30

  • He would plant his feet taking a stance with his arms out flexing inwards to bulge his muscle which would allow his chest and abdomen to take up to B-Tier damage.

Sapling Pistol:

[Solo/Job/Plot] Getting into the Mining Trade I6u4SU0

Name: Sapling Pistol
Tier:  C
Type: Magic Weapon - Pistol
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: An ancient gun that appears to be made almost entirely of wood. It is roughly 45cm long and has a magic circle carved into the butt of the handle.

  • Seedling Shot - Feeding magoi into the pistol allows the user to fire a single seed which travels up to 20m. The seedling will produce a tangle of thorny vines on impact which deal C-tier damage to the target. These vines grow to be 3m long and require C-tier damage to be fully cut or destroyed. 10 magoi to activate | 5 magoi to sustain.

Show Back:
Name: Show Back
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Solid Footing
Scaling: Amount of Damage Blocked
Sustain: 1
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20

  • Solomon moves his arms or legs or body and may parry incoming damage with his body up to C-Tier using more stamina allows him to put more force behind his parry.

Intimidating Strength:
Name: Intimidating Strength
Tier: A
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must use an axe. Axe must be held by both hands. Axe must be held behind the user.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40 Stamina

  • Solomon would swing his axe in a crescent motion and smash it down upon his target dealing A-tier damage. Bringing the axe upwards in the same motion for consecutive strikes.


[Solo/Job/Plot] Getting into the Mining Trade Sk_sig10

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