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Woe's of a False Pharaoh [Plot]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
"My young Pharaoh, this is a business proposition you can't pass up, especially at a time like this" Gilbert said trying to persuade the young Ramses. The young man contemplated for a second, he looked over the balcony as the sun was setting on Heliohapt. As his feelings were swirling around, his thoughts conflicting. His chest puffed out, followed by a heavy sigh. Gilbert had brought forth a proposal from a man named Remus Roma; the man owned the world's most powerful slave organization, or so he claimed. He had provided slaves through off hand markets before, but now he was talking about shipping a massive quantity in which they had never seen all at once. It was tempting, the deal was surely beneficial to them. He had to take everything into account before accepting the deal.

Gilbert paced over towards the young pharaoh, resting his hand on his shoulder. He gripped it tightly, giving a kind but misleading smile. This was the perfect chance to take advantage of the false pharaohs kind and naive nature. His words came out sweetly, the nectar in which was needed to sway the leader. "My Lord, you know our country can't afford to miss an opportunity like this. Moments like this you must act decisively, show the people that you can do what is needed for this country. I urge you, accept his offer. it will boost our economy tenfold if we take his offer, and it'll allow us to reassure our dominance in the country."

He made good points, their country was in quite the pickle. During the dungeon that popped up nearly a year ago many of people came to Helio. Many of them had attacked compounds, interrupted slave trade and freed large amounts of them. It was small enough to were individuals wouldn't get noticed, yet it eventually built up. More slaves had started to rebel, trade was absolutely atrocious too. The only stable government to trade with was Balbadd, and they didn't have strong enough relations to support another. Directly trading through a Balbadd company could beneficial in the long run.

The king pondered a bit more, giving a hesitant answer to his adviser "You're right Gilbert, I can't rule over a nation that is crumbling, I'm sure this is strictly business. I just feel uneasy, trading directly seems like it could be dangerous."

He had taken the bait, it was now time to secure his points to disperse the leader's doubts "Sire, trading directly will cost us less money plus it will allow us to have better management over the product. Once the Spiders start supplying us regularly we can get the country back to glory in no time."

His aide had never misguided him before, and there was no reason to believe now was any different. "Okay, you may let Remus know we accept his deal, hopefully he gets the news soon."

"As you command, I shall be back soon after writing up a letter" he replied to the young pharaoh. While walking out of the throne room a sly smile appeared. Ramses would never know of the true plan, something more was going to arrive with the upcoming cargo. An air of malevolence oozed forth, something sinister was afoot.

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