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The Web Starts to Spread [Plot]

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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
The scent of the sea had found its way to the manor. The light glistened across the white marble, going through the balcony and past the pillars to illuminate the office. A bronze brazier sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by some chairs and a couch. The walls held paintings, skins of animals, and intricate carvings. The salty air and gentle sunlight set a warm atmosphere with the beautiful setting was astounding. Well, at least it was to the four slaves, who upon entering the room looked starstruck. The light in their eyes contrasted the dark rings that surrounded them.They were a small amount of a new shipment of slaves that were to be sold globally.  "Pitiful," snickered Remus as he looked at the products before letting it hit the market.

Heliohapt had been suffering, Kou was at war with itself, the rebellions threatened the camps' control over the plains, and the slave market in Reim was nearly non-existent now. The only area that hadn't faced relentless challenges was Balbadd, the nest of the Black Spiders. Oh what a cruel mistress fate was, toying ever so with the desires of Remus. Yet the challenge was thrilling. It was another chance to show fate that he was crueler than it. He looked at the paper. A total of 50,000 slaves were being shipped to camps all around the world. This time the camps would be bolstered, his innumerable funds would allow him to reinforce his compounds tenfold.

"You know why I brought you here - so that you could see one last moment of what happiness is. I hope you can remember it well enough to tell the others. It would be a shame if there was nothing for them to hold onto. I promise you the ride won't be too bad."

His gray hair whisked in the wind, a smile appeared on his face. Rising from his desk chair he walked over to them with a excellent posture. He tried to seem kind, approaching them with a smile. Leaning over he peered at the smallest slave. A young girl at the age of seven. She was a Fanalis, one of his favorites. With a tense body and a tear-filled face, she looked down, shaking while trying to avoid eye contact. The rest were quiet, exhaustion affecting them. As the young redhead cried with vigor the magician put his cane up to her face brushing her hair aside.

"It's okay sweetie. You will get to stay here. You Fanalis are so wonderful - I could never send someone as pretty as you away. Your hair is gorgeous, the way your people fight is amazing, and your tenacity is so thrilling. But do you know what I love most about your species? The one thing that I think makes them so more beautiful than any other race?"

The shaking started to worsen, becoming violent within seconds. Her eye's quivered, filling up with all of her emotions, swelling up inside. It vibrated through her entire body, every single cell was screaming yet she could only muster the weakest response, "No-o."

"It's your screams," he replied ever so sweetly. As his staff glowed, dark clouds swirling around all of the captives. Nightmares flowed into their minds, creating horrific visions never thought possible. Soon, oh so very soon would the world see the pain that spiders could inflict. Misery would soon come. It was the time for alliances. A massive melancholic scheme was in the works. The blue sky ringed with the shrill sounds of bloodcurdling pleas for help.

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