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Emperor JaJa

Emperor JaJa
Job Name: When in New Heights
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Reward: 200 XP | 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: JAHAN | DIANA | PHOBOS
Job Overview: Jahan, Diana, and Phobos travel the Kou countryside, they approach a settlement that is mostly unaffected by the civil war. The citizens still live in relative wealth despite the wars toll on the economy. Bandit camps begin finding the village to be a perfect target. Outside the left wall of the village a battle upstarts, with bandit invaders attempting to sack the city. Defeat the bandit camp leader in order to gain favor of the nobility in the area.

Guardians DIANA | JAHAN FFXIV-Warriro

Enemy Name: Bandit Chief
Enemy Tier: B
Damage Required to Defeat: A + B
Description: A bandit chieftain.

  • A Tier Blade
  • B Tier Strength
  • Bandits Parry: Is able to parry basic weapon attacks by redirecting them in any directions up to A tier damage in one turn.
  • Roll: Dodges up to A tier damage by rolling in any direction once a turn
  • Ace Cleave: A horizontal 180 degree axe swipe that deals A tier damage.
  • Axe Throw: The chieftain throws the axe up to 5 m to deal A tier damage.

Enemy Name: Bandits
Enemy Tier: C
Damage Required to Defeat: C
Description: Low class bandits; not very skilled but good in numbers.

  • B tier Swords
  • Surrounding!: All 15 bandits deliver a single D Tier attack simultaneously.
  • Slash: A bandit slashes his sword Vertically dealing C tier damage.


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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus
Approved. I'll post it up shortly.

(I made a lil bit of cosmetic edits and fixed the rewards section.)


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