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The Corvus Clan [ WIP ]

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1The Corvus Clan [ WIP ] Empty The Corvus Clan [ WIP ] on 13/02/18, 11:10 pm

Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus
The Corvus Clan

The Corvus Clan [ WIP ] UQYjsO5

Affiliation: Self
Type: Military / Social
Status: Invite Only


  • Entry: In order to enter, you must complete your trial with a clan member serving as a witness and someone to write the encounters in your trial. Alternatively, you may create a character or marry into the clan. Other options of joining may be discussed with the leader.

  • Departure: In order to leave, you must type at least 1,000 words detailing your reasoning for severing ties with the clan. Once excommunicated, you will be marked for death and may be subject to be hunted by other members.

  • Activity: All positions secured within the clan are permanent even if the character is inactive.

Description: The Corvus are a family made up of mostly Fanalis with deep roots in the country of Reim. They specialize in taming canines as life long companions and combat partners. Each member is included within a very tight knit family structure that have rules and strict principles.

Leader: Diana Corvus


Legend: [ ✧ ] PC | [ ✦ ] NPC | [ † ] Deceased | [ ✗ ] Marked for Death
[ ✦ ] Apollo Corvus

He is the son of Aidoneus and Varda Corvus as well as the brother of Diana and Luna Corvus. Apollo is the former leader and current beta of the clan. He is a proud coliseum fighter, following in his father's footsteps.

[ ✧ ] Rima Fahim [ † ]
20 | F | Magician

A close friend of Diana Corvus. She is the first Magician to ever join the clan and complete their trial. Rima has gained a high amount of respect due to this as her beast is fiercer than one would expect her to have tamed.

She is presumed dead.

[ ✦ ] Aidoneus Corvus [ † ]
53 | M | Fanalis

The former alpha of the Corvus Clan. Aidoneus was an esteemed fighter within the coliseum and one of the greatest alphas of their clan history. He passed away a few years back within the coliseum facing a ferocious opponent. His body was desecrated by his foe and all evidence left of his body has been missing since.

Some believe he survived his ordeal yet most know it to be unlikely.

[ ✦ ] Hebe Corvus
43 | F | Human

The widow of Aidoneus Corvus. Hebe was a human that worked at a pleasure house to earn her keep before meeting and becoming mated with her husband. Unlike many clan members ushered in by marriage, she was never required completed her trial. After the death of her husband, she was mentally broken by the trauma and fell ill because of this.

[ ✦ ] Rhea Corvus
8 | F | Human / Fanalis

The youngest daughter of Aidoneus and Hebe Corvus. Out of her siblings, she is the only child who carries primarily human genes, making her weaker than her siblings.

[ ✦ ] Minerva Corvus
38 | F | Fanalis

The younger sister of Aidoneus Corvus. Minerva is a profound hunter and an even more extraordinary breeder. Whist inhumane in some of her practices, she has discovered ways to breed different animals together that produces terrifying beasts such as Pluto. She is a valuable member of her hunting party and the clan as a whole.

[ ✦ ] Phobos Corvus

The adopted son of Diana Corvus. He was forced into her care when she saved him from Gao Yuan Zu, a former emperor of Kou who drugged him and other Fanalis children into mindless machines to fight for him in the civil war. Now, he is a happy, healthy teenager under her care. He was the youngest to complete his trial making him somewhat of a prodigy within the clan.

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