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Nice day to work[Solo job]

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Job Name: Mhmmm, Fruits!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: Everyone loves fruits! They are healthy, delicious and...hard to get? You will start out your day normally and maybe enter the market place where you meet a merchant. This merchant will ask you for help. He has a big food plantation not far away from here but he has no one to gather all the fruits from there! Could you do that for him? Of course he will reward you generously! And you can have some fruits for free as well. (Make sure you get at least 4 different kinds of fruits for him!)

Aulus would stretch as he left out of his home,"Man, today is really beautiful!"He says as he begins to walk the great streets of the Reim empire.Usually on days like this he would want to sit in a bar, outside, or a brothel and relax but he felt different today. Aulus would first make his way to the coliseum, wanting to see if any interesting fights would be going on.But none of them interested him so he went to were all of the members of the fanalis corps trained. But since there wasn't many their Aulus decided he would help the people of Reim. Aulus wanted to help anyone or everyone who had a probably to ease his boredom ;even though it seemed he did that all the time but that was only to get payed. Aulus would find himself in the market place, knowing at least someone here would needed assistance. But sadly the first seven people Aulus volunteered his assistance to refused because they either had it handled or didn't need any. Finally Aulus would meet a guy who wanted help, happily Aulus would listen to what the guy said he needed help with. Aulus would then leave the market place heading to the man's food plantation. Aulus made his way out of the gates and was becoming closer and closer to the food plantation, a smile on his face as he made his way there. After traveling for about twenty minutes he came to the massive plantation,".......O my goodness...." Aulus would say to himself as he looked at the plantation, seeing only many rows of one type of fruit. Maybe he should have thought about what kind of job he would take then want every someone needed. Aulus was thinking of turning around and heading back home not wanting to deal with all the work he was going to have to do to find four different types of fruit. But he couldn't it wasn't in his nature to go back on a job he took, no matter what it was. "Sigh, sometimes I think I am to helpful..."Aulus would say as he plucked the first fruit and began to walk down the row, hoping to find a different one. But things didn't seem to turn out lie he wanted as he didn't find another type of fruit for about twenty minutes. Maybe he should start running till he found a new fruit, but decided that would be a bad idea. He could miss one of the fruits and be unable to finish this job. Aulus would sigh again not really liking the fact that this food plantation was so massive. After this was finished Aulus had to ask the guy why he had no one working here. After an hour Aulus had gathered four different fruits and made his way back to the market place, and gave the fruit to the man."So I have to ask. Why isn't no one working at your food plantation?" The man would turn to Aulus with a smile."Because I let everyone have the day off." And with that answer Aulus would hurry back home confused on why the guy had Aulus do that for him.

Word 535/500


Nice day to work[Solo job] Tumblr_mfz5mxMzYw1r9az4fo1_r1_500

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