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Job Name: Recapture of the cazy chickens!
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang + 50 Exp
Job Overview: You will meet a farmer in Reim who needs your help! He has a big farm with a lot of animals but for some reasons his chickens (20 of them!) have escaped from their cages! If you help him to catch them and bring them back to their cages he will reward you generously. However you cannot kill or even harm the chicken. You have to treat them carefully. The farm is very big and they could be anywhere. Have fun searching for them and beware, they are fast and some of them can fly a bit as well!

Aulus scratched the back of his head confused ,"Where the hell are they!?!"He says to himself as he scans the area. Aulus had  offered his assistance to a farm who needed help gathering his chickens; at the time it seemed easy but Aulus couldn't find any of them. One of the captains of the fanalis corps who wasn't able to capture some chickens is shame was the thought Aulus had in his head as he would being walking around the farm. Finally he spotted one it walking right in front of him as if he wasn't there. Aulus would quickly pick it up by it's legs and held it close to his face."Take me to your friends!"He would say but would be pecked in the face by the bird, dropping it from the shock of being peck in the face. The chicken would lend safety on the ground and would run away from Aulus. He had finally found one but it got away."..This will be harder then I thought.."Aulus says rubbing the part of his face the chicken pecked him. He would slam his fist on the ground irritated,"I'm goign to have to take this seriously!'He says as he begins to search for the chickens, this time with a one of their cages in hand. Quickly he was successful in finding four chickens who were sleeping next to each other and put them into their cages. Four down six to go. Aulus for awhile couldn't find anymore, not knowing were they could be at. But that didn't discourage him he still had places in this huge farm to look. Aulus would stop as he spotted a chicken pecking at the ground,he would never forget that chicken. That chicken was the one who pecked him in the face."Gotcha!"Aulus would say as he jumped up attempting to pounce on the chicken, but it would fly into the air and Aulus would fall face first into the ground. When Aulus lifted his head up the chicken was gone, he couldn't believe he had lost the same chicken twice. Only logical thing he could think of at that moment of why that chicken got away twice was that it must be some type of higher being, Aulus vowed right there he wouldn't let that chicken get away a third time. After an hour of searching on the farm Aulus was able to catch fifteen more chickens,but not the one that pecked him in this face. Aulus was able to corner the bird by the barn, knowing there was no way he could fail a third time. Cracking his knuckles he would slowly approach the bird a crazed look in his eyes and with a quick motion Aulus had the bird. Holding it by it's legs and gently putting it within it's cage. Aulus was successful in capturing all of the chickens as he brought the last caged chicken to the farmer. Aulus was exhausted after this so he headed home after receiving his reward.



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