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Lavan Malka [ v.1 ] [ wip ]

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Notes: You may think I'm preparing quite early for my Legendary Beast. And you're probably right. But nonetheless, my reasoning for creating Lavan Malka now is simple: Plot. Specifically, Lavan Malka is a creature whom Matthew tamed in the past (before he lost his memories). When he traveled to Kou, he left Lavan Malka behind in Ariel's care. Probably once Matthew reaches C-Tier / B-Tier, Lavan Malka will fly to him. I may have her reach him when he is around B-Tier, but given he won't be an A-Tier he wouldn't actually be able to carry her into combat given Beast Tamers can only carry as many beasts as their tier. Until then, she's technically a combative beast, yes, but nobody can actually use her.

Lavan Malka [ v.1 ] [ wip ] Detail_primal_05
Name: Lavan Malka
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Beast
Species: Magnus Cetus
Appearance: Lavan Malka - more commonly known as 'Leviathan' from folklore - is a beautiful, opalescent dragon with blue hues. Her body, though slim for what is generally thought of as 'typical' for a dragon, is 1.17m in diameter - or the measurement of a medium-sized horse's back. From the length of her neck to the base of her tail measures 79.34m. Her tail fin is quite long, spanning 56.6m - making up almost half her entire length. She also has large, bat-like wings almost the size of her tail fin. She has three other smaller pairs of flippers which, while she may use on land, are considerably ineffective outside of water.

Beast Traits:

Trait Name:
Trait Tier: Ω-Tier
Trait Requirement: This trait is one of only a Legendary Beast may possess.
Trait Description:
Trait Effect:

Trait Name: Blessed Heart
Trait Tier: A-Tier
Trait Requirement: The creature must possess the qualities of an especially efficient cardiovascular system.
Trait Description: The Leviathan, Lavan Malka, was born as a creature with an especially efficient cardiovascular system. Such cardiovascular system allows the Leviathan to flap her webbed wings/fins more rapidly for greater periods of time. With faster flapping movement, Lavan Malka may push away more fluids with each powerful flap.
Trait Effect: Grants A-Tier speeds in fluids while relying on her bat-like wings/fins.
Note: This does not apply when flopping on land.

Trait Name: Hell's Breath
Trait Tier: A-Tier
Trait Requirement: The creature must possess the capacity to store and release heat.
Trait Description: As a creature who hunts in the sea, the Leviathan learned to use her natural ability to produce intense heat from her breath to easily kill the surrounding sea creatures. Such a skill can easily be utilized in a fight as well.
Trait Effect: Allows the registration of heat-based breath abilities. Any heat-based breath abilities registered and used may also deal additional A-Tier burn damage.

Trait Name: Reflective Beauty
Trait Tier: B-Tier
Trait Requirement: The creature must have reflective scales.
Trait Description: Reflective scales adorn her body. While certainly pretty, they also have their practical function thanks to their ability to reflect light.
Trait Effect: Any incoming light may harmlessly reflect off her body. Since the light does not lose all its properties in the process, should it hit someone, it may deal damage half to the tier of the ability (ie, a B-Tier attack would bounce off her scales and should it hit someone/thing in the process, it would deal C-Tier damage). This trait may bounce away up to B-Tier light abilities.

Trait Name: Shining Scales
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: The creature must possess scale-like skin.
Trait Description: As a type of dragon, Lavan Malka proudly wears stunning scales on her body. They possess a strength which many would envy. Yet they are also versatile, allowing many uses.
Trait Effect: Allows abilities involving the semi-manipulation of her own scales. This may involve dislodging her scales or using her scales as a defense, although the usages of her scales are not limited to these two options.
Note: The beast may not cause the scales to float or any sort of manner of usage which involves magic or hints of magic unexplained by logic.

Trait Name: Undaunted Lungs
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: The creature must possess both gills and lungs.
Trait Description: Like a salamander and a lungfish, the Leviathan possesses the ability to breathe both air and water.
Trait Effect: She may survive in both water and air thanks to lungs and gills allowing her to take in oxygen in either environment.


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