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Oph [ v.1 ] [ wip ]

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1Oph [ v.1 ] [ wip ] Empty Oph [ v.1 ] [ wip ] 28/01/18, 04:37 pm



Yes. I named my chicken 'Chicken'. Except in Hebrew. I have no regrets.
I also have no regrets about basically ripping off BotW's crazy cucoos.

Name: Oph
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Swarm
Species: Gallus Gallus Domesticus
Appearance: Gallus Gallus Domesticus, or, more commonly known as the 'Chicken'
Beast Traits: (See the Trait Systems for more info.)

Trait Name:
Trait Tier:
Trait Requirement:
Trait Description:
Trait Effect:


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