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Emergency Investigation Request UC (10)

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Lagi was back again in the same place, as usual, sending letters to the Unity Corps organization all in order to make sure that was able to continue to keep tabs on things. At the moment things were a bit confusing, and due to Lagi's association with a few individuals, he was taking too many detours. The thing about Reim having a corrupt government of some kind was something that Lagi had to handle immediately, with the transition going on, the politics itself had to be free from any doubt until later on in the rule of the republic itself. Right now, Lagi was weary, and what Sara said to him prompted Lagi to return home in order to manage his state of affairs. However, Lagi couldn't, which left him to do the next best thing.

"Alright, maybe I should send word to Kohai about how things are going? "

Looking at the letter that he started to write, Lagi groaned at the idea that such a trivial thing would take days to reach the man he was trying to contact, which made Lagi feel like he should have bought a journey book along the way so that the covert operations could happen a lot more smoothly. Either way, it was important for Lagi to write to the unity corps about a looming threat that could potentially be around without him being there to protect it. However, it also made him wonder how Sara managed to get ahold of this information in the first place.

"I'll ask her later...but right now..."

It took a bit of time in order to formulate a detailed letter to be sent on over to the unity corps, but it mostly centered around the fact that there was the possible threat of political corruption that the unity corps had to handle immediately. Hopefully, the leads would start to appear if they poke their head in the right places. Since Lagi wasn't there himself, he couldn't give any specific targets. However, Lagi was able to look into the rumor of a few people trying to use his absence as a way to take Lagi's council seat That could be the catalyst of potential corruption that these individuals could be fighting over.

"Well, hopefully, this gets to their hands. "

Stamped with the unity corps insignia on the letter envelope, as well as the el nagi compass on the lower right side of the letter, it was the two main indicators that those close to lagi and his clan can recognize the authenticity. Kohai knew better than to make sure that these secret letters were easily reachable, but making sure that Lagi didn't have to blow his cover soon and stop his dark hand activity for another sting operation was key. If this was a jobe that they could handle on their own, Lagi would be happy that he could trust the Unity corps to be in capable hands.

"For now, all I have to do is wait..."

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