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Clearing the Path from Thieves

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Yuurei had left the city of Zou right now, but it was to do a job right now. He had moved along the path that his job required him to be at right now. He couldn’t believe that there were people like that outside of a big city like this. He just knew money was involved, and he was happy to jump to it. He couldn’t help himself, but make himself a rich man. He just kept moving along the path as he was wondering how strong these guys were. He knew if he could take on a dungeon, then these guys wouldn’t be a problem now would they?

He just kept walking as it seemed like a big deal. A trade path being blocked off meant things were not moving smoothly in such a big city. Yuurei had gotten on the mountain side of things as he figured that he would get there, and surprised the men who were doing such a thing. He had kept moving along the mountain side as he was getting close to where the river was. He could only wonder why he didn’t bring his friends along, but shrugged his shoulders as he was a bit too late on doing that. He had made his way to the area as he could see a couple of men just moving around as if they were waiting for something.

It seemed like these were the guys who had been robbing people, and stopping merchants from getting to the city. That was no good, and he sighed because they were a lot, but he didn’t really mind. ”Well let’s start the surprise with taking two of them out real quick,” he thought to himself. He shot one arrow as it flew towards one of the robbers, and another one close to the man he shot at first. They both were hit, and they shouted from the shocking pain, and hit the ground seconds after that, which left four more to go.



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Yuurei’s plan was to take them from range, and hopefully they wouldn’t be able to get close to him. He didn’t think they would be able to shoot arrows at him either. The other four had moved around and appeared as they saw their friends go down. He looked at them as they looked at him, and blinked a few times before waving at them. ”Kill that bastard!” one of them shouted as they took their bows out, and shot arrows at him. He was surprised about that, but he jumped to the side as he had his carpet dash in to catch him.

They were surprised that a man would be crazy enough to jump and do something like that, but it was Yuurei. He had ridden on his carpet without a second though. It was something he had obtained, and he made sure that he could use anytime he could. He moved around the place as he figured that shooting regular arrows at them wouldn’t really do much anymore. Still he figured he would try for now before he decided to use any of his stronger arrows. He had shot another one of his arrows at one of the guy, and it was quickly shot at with another arrow.

He grinded his teeth together when he saw this as it seemed like they were smart on what they were doing. It seemed like they were protecting each other, but that wasn’t all they did. He noticed a few more arrows coming his way. He dodged all of them except one, and he was quick to block it with one of his own arrows. He sighed as he just looked down at them as he figured he would have to get rid of them with one well technique. It was something they probably wouldn’t see coming, and he was sure it would leave them down for the count.



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Yuurei had been moving around the air nonstop. He wasn’t going to give them a good opportunity to hit him. He was even changing his patterns on how he was moving around the area. He just smiled at them as it seemed like they were getting frustrated on what he was doing. He stopped at one point, and shot an arrow to the man in the middle of the group. They had all shot an arrow at it to destroy it completely, but nothing happen to the arrow. He could only smile as it seemed like they had weakened the arrow though, which was what he was hoping they would do.

”Explosion,” he whispered. The radius of the blast was the same, but it didn’t do that much damage as it would have. It was good enough to take them out, and it was what he wanted. The group of four was all on the floor, and burnt from the attack. He just sighed as he was glad that was over with. He had took all of their bodies, and place them on his carpet as they had gone off back to the city. This time he was on the carpet to make sure that they knew he had finished his job. He made his way to the city and nobody could do anything about it. He had made his way to his client with a smile on his face.

He had slowed down, and lowered his carpet as he jumped off his friend, and the carpet had dropped the bodies on the floor. ”I got rid of the six robbers. They won’t be bothering your trades anymore,” he said with a smile on his face. The man was surprised that he was able to do this, and he gave Yuurei his reward. He was glad that he had done this, and grabbed the bag, and threw it up in the air a couple of times with a bigger smile on his face. He had walked into the streets of Zou with no intentions wasting his money today.


Name: Explosion
Tier: A
Cost: 40
Weapon Type: Bow
Class: Offensive
Range: 60 Meters
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 7 Post
Description: The user is quick to take out an arrow and shoot it towards their target. The arrow is embedded with higher quality of explosive powder that is set off on impact with anything its hit against. If one just grabs the arrow it would not explode due to the fact that there needs to be force and velocity on the arrow (If you grab it after being shot it will explode). If the arrow hits another attack and it doesn’t cancel it, then it will pierce through it and continue to its intended target. The arrow moves at 30 meters per second and goes as far as 60 meters. When the arrow impacts on their target it will do A-tier damage, and explode as well. Anything within the 25 meter radius will be caught in the blast, and suffer 3rd degree burn from the attack. That is not the only thing they would happen because of the explosion. The people hit will be on fire from the explosive for 3 Post. The arrows being used are about 30 inches long from the shaft. The fetching on the back of the arrow is that of a Blood Red color.


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