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Rima Fahim

Rima Fahim

Billows | Kokketsu - [WIP] YoipYfk

Name: Billows - "The Root of Depravity"
Tier: D
Type: Symbiote
Species: Kokketsu
Appearance: Kokketsu takes form of shapeless black ooze; it can vary from size to size due to it not being a solid. However, it is rarely ever seen in this form due to it almost always being inside of it's host. There are plenty of signs that it is inside of someone, though. For example: The host will sometimes have black veins appear from under their skin, occasional wriggling from under the skin, and even physical transformations. These transformations typically appear once the host has reached a certain threshold of power from the kokketsu.

Billows is a unique kokketsu that has personified itself into something new. It typically remains in a shapeless state, but has a white mask covering where its face should be. It has also been shown to be capable of creating boney-golden appendages from itself, and unveiling multiple rows of teeth upon its body.  

Even though Billows' primary goal is to aid Rima through life, usage of this specific kokketsu comes at a heavy price if used without breaks. By harnessing too much power from black-blood mutation, the user will slowly but surely go insane and transform. For every post black-blood mutation is used in combat, the user will be docked with 10% madness. The percentage will lower by 10% for every post that user doesn't use black-blood mutation in combat. Below is a list of side-effects upon reaching a specific madness threshold. This drawback is combat-only, but can be used as non-combat fluff.

  • 10% - The host's black sclera begins to spread from their right eye, leaving jagged black veins crossing on over into their skin. (Purely aesthetic.)
  • 20% - The host's mental fortitude has been damaged slightly. People are a bit harder to trust than before. A weak, but gnawing headache begins to form in the back of their head.
  • 30% - The host's nails and teeth will begin to change, becoming longer and more beast-like. (Purely aesthetic.)
  • 40% - The host will begin experiencing minor hallucinations, small alterations to the world, and possibly seeing fictional entities. This has the potential to disrupt attention.
  • 50% - Black veins will begin spreading throughout their entire body, wriggling and moving underneath the skin. (Purely aesthetic.)
  • 60% - The host's mental fortitude has been damaged further. Paranoia has kicked in full force, and it is now much harder for the host to put their trust in others. The gnawing headache has also spread and become worse.
  • 70% - Patches of the host's skin will turn pitch black and slowly begin spreading across their body, wriggling underneath, as if something was trying to escape. (Purely aesthetic.)
  • 80% - The host's mental fortitude is broken at this point, forcing out the most chaotic-side of them. While they are still able to abstain from attacking certain people, their concept of allies has diminished greatly. This is an extremely volatile state for the host.
  • 90% - The host's skin that has turned black will begin to twist and become more tree-like. Strange mouths with teeth will have appeared on the transformed areas, along with eyes, both seeming to move on their own. (Purely aesthetic.)
  • 100% - The host is incapable of acting rationally and will attack anyone in sight / within range. Just about everything appears as a threat to them, appearing as monstrous-beings out to kill them. The world has become twisted and violent for the host. The right intervention from another is capable of breaking the host from this trance, bringing them back to 90% madness. -- The prior transformations will keep spreading throughout the host, continuing to change their physical form. (Purely aesthetic.)

Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Black-Blood Mutation I
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Kokketsu: Billows
Trait Description: Upon fusing with the kokketsu; Billows - "The Root of Depravity", and bodily experiments, the host is now capable of manifesting appendages through black-blood mutation. Billows itself can even temporarily come out through this method.
Trait Effect: Allows the host to manifest black or golden appendages anywhere on their body. These appendages are supplementary / defensive only, unless utilized offensively via body manipulation or magic. A total of 1, 5-meter appendage(s) can be created at this current tier at any one given time. Each appendage has a total of D-Tier durability. (Allows the symbiote to register appendange-manifestation abilities.)

Trait Name: Omni-Dexterity
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Kokketsu: Billows | Body Manipulation | Black-Blood Mutation I
Trait Description: Upon fusing with the kokketsu; Billows - "The Root of Depravity", Billows has granted their host the knowledge to manipulate any appendages they may create from their black-blood to a certain extent.
Trait Effect: Allows the host to perform basic actions with their manifested appendages without the use of abilities. Simple things, such as; being able to grip and lift objects of the user's natural strength.

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