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The clock had ever so slowly begun ticking since the end of his battle, the great battle where he had gone up against a legend of a man known as Chen. That day of his battle against Chen, a lot of events had gone down. To this day, Trently still keeps his dad and Chen in memory.

As he'd go about traversing the barren, wartorn, and beaten up lands of Kou, he'd time to time find some nicely kept towns and some still bustling cities, yet he'd just hope that he had been able to catch the eye of a few more amidst his travels. It looked as if Kou itself had begun dwindling down to ash, surely but slowly. Trently would always help the innocent people of Kou he'd come across but sometimes it'd just bring him to tears. Whenever he sees the types of things many of these people have to go through and endure, he can't help it but break down. Trently had to change it, change the lives of these people, no, change the lives of his people. Grandpa Chien would only want the very best for his nation, the great and grand nation of Kou. So, in name of Granpa Chien, Trently would do just that, change the lives of his people.

However, there would be one thing that always manages to return to his train of thought when it came to these types of things. During his battle, the battle against his father and Chen, he recalls his father speaking a word about people and war as a whole. Apparently, based on what his dad had said back then, war is needed in order to correct the errors mankind has made. Yet, Trently had a much different outlook on war as a whole which over time, ever since his battle, would begin to shift slightly.

"Bloodshed is one of the very unwanted effects war tends to have, yet it still must be done to correct the​ ​errors​ ​mankind​ ​has​ ​made. Yoshiro​ ​is​ ​a man​ ​of​ ​truth,​ ​someone​ ​I​ ​can​ ​entrust​ ​this country​ ​unto.​ ​I’m​ ​truly​ ​sorry​ ​if​ ​you’re​ ​so​ ​stubborn​ ​that​ ​you can’t​ ​see​ ​that.”

Today was an actually gloomy day for Trently, clouds overhead would block the sun and heavy downpour would occur just as the boy had begun reaching a new destination. The young lad's arrival to his new destination would prompt him to rip his top shirt off and dive into what seemed to be a waterfall. For most people, diving into a waterfall would be certain death, yet for Trently, it was just the beginning of his training as a Body Manipulator.

If only Trently knew Body Manipulation, maybe he could have done something to stop his arm from exploding. However, Trently had to begin to put that past him. A new era was about to usher in and Trently wouldn't want to not be apart of that.

Anyhow, back to what Trently had been doing. Trently would have dove into this waterfall to test his endurance. The rapid waters of nature would push Trently to his absolute limit and would start to make him feel like a helpless tadpole. Blubbing under the waterfall with his hand reaching out of the rushing waters, Trently would fail horribly his first day trying to overcome the obstacle set forth.

The very next day, Trently returned. With a blade in hand to catch fish this time. A village nearby was in dire need of food due to a group of bandits always taking their food, so Trently would take the time out his day to hunt some fish for them. Then, once he had caught all the fish he can catch, go beat those bandit's asses.

Diving into this waterfall yet again today, Trently''d try to climb his way up from the bottom once more via climbing any rocks or ledges poking out. Oh and also, as Trently would do this, he'd be sure to try and net a fish or two every ledge or rock he moves up. It would certainly prove quite hard at first, especially since he had to, first of all, have enough oxygen to even be able to continue moving up. Without oxygen, he'd simply drown in the waterfall. However, using Lion's Pride ability, Trently would fly out the waterfall for a short moment and catch a breath, then proceed to delve back into the waterfall. This large usage of magoi had begun to become a large toll on Trently's body as he'd be training, so, Trently would have to think of a different method.

The method that he'd come to start using would be one that many of us use, in our daily lives, whenever you take in a bad smell and don't want to breathe it in whatsoever. Yep, Trently would simply just try to hold his breath for longer to preserve his magoi for as long as possible, to get only the best results out of his trainings.

Hm, yet maybe what he's doing is not so much training but more so of conditioning perhaps. It would be a long and grueling process, but, a truly worth it one. Yet at long last, Trently would be fully capable of climbing the waterfall.

It would take a month or so in order to do so but in Trently's eyes, it was worth it. This waterfall had finally been overcome and now, Trently could move on to bigger and better things.

A whole month's worth of fishing would be quite the helping hand to this village nearby in need of food but now Trently would have to take care of the true root of the problem.

Departing in search of this group of bandits, pain would begin to shoot through Trently's body. It would seem that the training had left the lad's body aching sore. Yet, despite this fact, he'd continue onward.

The skirmish between Trently and these bandits wouldn't last quite long, as Trently would far beyond the level any of these bandits could even dream of but the bandits would, however, put up an actual somewhat fun fight, to say the least.

Upon confronting the base of operations of these bandits, it being an abandoned military fort used by a past emperor long ago, Trently would begin to stretch.

"Heheh~! Aye! Come out dumb FUCKS! You want to take what isn't YOURS? Then let me take what is MINE! Your ASSES!" The beyond angered youth would scream, at the very top of his lungs. With one heavy and hefty punch, Trently would topple down the walls of the fort. Dust and debris in the way of the bandit's sights, Trently would act fast.

"Orya~!" Trently would shout out as he'd start cutting down his foes one by one as if they were mere ants. Once done with his foes, he'd sheath his katana and proceed on his way.

The strain put on his body by just even swinging his blade was enough to make him collapse right there on the ground, but out of sheer will not to, he wouldn't. Come the next day though, Trently would be in a straight up sleep, a deep sleep. The lad's body had pushed itself to the very brink of over-exhaustion and overtraining, which most of the time would be bad but in this case, it'd only help him improve.

About a week later, Trently was already back on his feet and training yet again. The toll he had put on his body still slightly lingering in his everyday activities, he'd decide to take a break and do some meditation. A grassy cliffside overlooking a bustling city is where Trently sat down to meditate. Grandpa Chien had always used to meditate and would always warn Trently of the need to meditate after training. Yet, Trently had never actually taken up Grandpa Chien's advice until now.

As Trently would meditate, the bustling of the city in front of him would provide not music to his ears but horror instead. Trently had not a clue how he did it but, he was somehow, someway able to discern noises from inside the bustling city, albeit very faint noises at that. Men and women arguing over oppositions in the war and soldiers bickering with rebels would slowly drive the young boy mad, truly mad.

Tired of meditating right next to a city, Trently would take to a more rural area in Kou. A farm is where the young lad would set foot in, it seemed to be a quite peaceful farm actually. There were some windmills and some cottages close by too. Here in these farmlands is where Trently would decide to resume his harsh training and body conditioning.

The sun above his very head, shining ever so brightly, Trently would begin training. As a way to improve his body as well as helping out the locals around him, he'd take up normal everyday farm tasks and multiply the intensity of them by tons. So take for example; sending horses back into their stables, sometimes when you try to do that, the horses headbutt you in your stomach out of annoyance. In order to avoid being hurt by minuscule forces as such, Trently would brace his body for impacts of that caliber and harden his body accordingly. This applies perfectly when it comes to the farm tasks he helps out with as when he's taking the horses back into their stables, they tend to try and headbutt him in his stomach, usually all the time. The number of times that Trently was hit in his stomach by those horses was pure hell, so, a move in which hardened his body was quite needed. Also, in case you ask why he can't just use Hikari Tori for that, it was way too much of a toll on his magoi supply to use so freely and on such a small attack.

On the topic of horses, that brings us to the next technique Trently would come to learn due to those damned horses. Even when the boy would harden his body to avoid receiving damage from the horse's headbutts, he'd still be flung back by the force pushing on his hardened body into the mud. So, as the days progressed, Trently would take the time to learn exactly how to stop himself from being hit in the first place.

After much trial and error within the span of about a month, Trently had got the hang of it. Slowly but surely the boy had begun to dodge the headbutts of the horse. Indeed there were occasions he wasn't able to dodge it so swiftly but plunging his state of being into a zen type state, Trently was able to work his way around these headbutts. This technique would come to be a love child of both meditation and dodging, what Trently would dub a Zenful Dodge. Scientifically, this phenomenon would be explained by the removing of the delay between cognition and action.

The last job Trently would be tasked to do would be watering crops. Luckily, in only a span of a week or two, he was able to grasp this one. Trent had got some good experience in when it came to water as prior to helping out on this farm, Trently was training and conditioning his body under a waterfall a couple months ago.

Secreting a mass amount of water from his mouth was the first step to his new technique and would show to be a difficult hurdle to overcome yet not impossible. Absorbing and chugging down tons of water, Trently would then secrete the water from his pores and mouth. When secreting the water out from his mouth, he was able to shoot it out like a giant seed and in fact harm whatever he was shooting at. Trently would use this new skill to water the crops at a faster pace and without needing a watering can.

By the end of all of this high-intensity body training, Trently would have learned a brand new set of moves to keep up his sleeve and hone to the best of his capabilities.



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