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Memiors of an old Assassin

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida

Memiors of an old Assassin Latest?cb=20150111054224
Name: Silva Kaida
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Magician
Class: Magician
Age + Birthdate: 67, 5/27
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Assassin: While in the midst of a battle or hunting down his target Silva can be cold and calculating. He takes everything around him into calculation and he is will to sacrifice anything to assassinate his target, this included his allies and his self. However he does tend to go into a bloodlust on rare occasions where he only cares about shedding someone's blood.
Old Coot: While he is in public and outside of a mission he tends to act senile and mischievous to throw people off from guessing what he really is. He also tends to pulls pranks on the young folk including forgetting who they are and faking heart attacks to get out of paying for stuff.
Lady's Man: Silva is also quite into the ladies, preferably younger ones as he isn't interested in old wrinkled bags that are his age. He is interested in the young hot gals. He can often be seen flirting with and hitting one women, sometimes several at once.
Teacher Silva also enjoys teaching youngsters lessons and takes great joy making them look like fools for a few moments. But he mainly does this if he sees potential in said youngster and wants to help them improve.
Hermit: Due to his profession and life style Silva never really stay in one location as he feels that would make him vulnerable and so he is always moving as to stay on alert.
Young Women: Silva is attracted to young women and is constantly flirting and hitting on them.
Assassination: Silva, being a killer, loves nothing more then assassinating targets and seeing the color of their blood.
Genos Kaida: Silva loves his brother Genos who is his only living relative, who at the moment he has not memory of.
Needless killing: While Silva does enjoy killing he doesn't believe in needless killing such as that done by common murderers or thieves and he will kill them without second thought.
Genos Kaida: Do to a fight that the two brothers Genos ended up leaving Silva almost dead so he holds a grudge against him.
Finding his brother: Genos left Silva a couple decades ago and Silva hasn't heard from him since. So now after finally getting over it Silva has decided to search for his brother during his travels trying to gather what ever information on the old martial artist that he can. However Silva lost his memories and the only thing he knew came from a letter to Genos. So he is currently looking for Genos so that he may help him find out who he was.
Recovering his memory: A couple of years ago Silva lost his memory when he was fighting an assassination target. All he knew about himself was from a letter his brother Genos. So now he travels around the land trying to find anyone who can help him recover his memories.
Age:While Silva does not fear death he realizes he is not getting younger. He is afraid that one day his old age will catch up with him and he will no longer be able to do as he pleases.
Insects: Once when he was a child he slept outside and woke up covered in bugs. Ever since then he has a deep fear of all kinds of creepy crawlies.
Face-Claim: Zeno Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter
Hair Color:White
Eye Color:Silver
Height:161 cm (5ft 2.5in)
Weight:58kg (127.8 lbs)
Appearance: Silva wears kind of unique clothing that designates him as an assassin to those who have a trained eye. His tries to look relax and does a good job of hiding it but to the trained eyes his body will appear a bit stiff as if he is always on alert, as if someone is going to attack him. He rather walks with both of his hands behind his back or one behind his back and one on his staff. However when he is in the middle of a battle his body is loose and even sways a bit as if he is enjoying the fight and the thrill of life or death.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:Scars all over his body but are hidden by his clothes.
History: Silva and his twin brother Genos Kaida were born to two normal farmers who lived on a decent sized farm in the middle of the country. Silva and Genos both helped out their parents until the were both eighteen and old enough to head out into the world and make a name for themselves. After spending two years traveling together and gathering knowledge the two brothers decided to temporarily part ways and meet back at their home farm in five years time. During that time the brothers both exceled at the paths that they had chose. Genos had decided to dedicate his life to Martials Art and in the short five years had already became a master and was teaching his own school of martial arts. Silva however had decided to take a darker and more dangerous route. In the five years he was gone he had learned that he had to gift to use magic and that he had a love of killing. So soon Silva was a well known assassin who was sought out for contracts around the land. When the two brothers retuned to the farm after five years things did not go well. Genos was furious that his brother had decided to take up a life of killing. For hours the two brothers had argued saying that the other was wrong. This argument soon boiled into a fight with both brothers trying desperately to kill the other, one to stop his murderous brother and the other to show that his way was right. The battle lasted two straight days with a wounded Genos leaving his twin brother thinking he was dead. In the aftermath Silva ended up being saves by a traveling doctor. After he recovered Silva decided to never return and abandon his home and his brother. So for the next forty years Silva has created a name for himself as a world renowned assassin. He was feared by countless people both common folk and nobles alike. During that time he had finally forgiven his brother and he even tried to find him but Genos had seemed to completely disappear but Silva kept trying. Then a few years ago Silva was on a contract to kill a warrior. The contract had turned out to be a trap set up to kill Silva. There were two many even for him so he ended up escaping, but not unharmed. He ended up loosing all of his memory and no one knew who he was from just his face. All he had that gave him any information was a letter to someone name Genos. The letter was signed by Silva Kaida who he assumed was him. The letter revealed that he was a magician who used his skills to be an assassin but he knew nothing of his notoriety. Sense this was all he knew he decided to try finding this man named Genos while he restarted his career as an assassin.
Role-Play Sample: Silva was waiting on a rooftop of a mansion waiting for a noble to walking though the court yard. He was posed like a snake in the wait for its prey, stiff as if to pounce at a seconds moment. He was holding onto his staff which to most people would look like an elderly man's walking stick. Sounds of softs footsteps ring through the courtyard causing Silva to yank his head up grinning as his target appears. His target was a large, greasy noble who had pissed of a nearby merchant. As soon as he was close enough Silva jumps down landing with ease in front of the man. Before the noble could react Silva summons a bolt of lightning piercing the man through the heart. Before the noble hits the ground Silva was already gone.


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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida


  • Primary - Magician
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -

Muse physiology:
Loved by the rukh:
Herculean Physique:


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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida

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Harmonious Borg:

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Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida

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Essence of Dawn:
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Ieyasu Armor:
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creeping copper ghoul:
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